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Bait and Switch!!!

Puppet Master, Rony Denis, is at it again! Denis had Gerard Roberston driving a brand new QX80:

But now since Robertson has proven himself to be a huge disappointment to Denis, he has punished him by taking away his QX80 and has given him a Ford Focus:


Look at old man Robertson and his down grade to an old Focus. This is the game that Rony Denis plays with these “ministers.”  They are rewarded or punished based on material things.  What a sad life to live.

To Rony Denis the “ministers” are like his children. Any of you that are parents know that children love rewards, and rewards keeps the child motivated to continue pleasing their  parents.

Well since the “ministers” in HOPCC have not done like I Corinthians 13 tells us to do, put away childish things, they are 40 and 50 yr old children trying to please there daddy, Rony Denis. If they succeed in deceiving as many people as they can, Rony rewards them with a Infiniti QX80, now note this reward is different  because this one does not actually belong to you and can be taken away at moments notice.

If Rony Denis feels the need to punish his adult children for either  not being humble enough or if he has caught them in a grave sin, like not brown nosing him enough, or he feels you are costing the church too much money, he gladly steps up and takes the keys away! And throws them in someone else’s hands and they are the new owners of your vehicle! But remember this was not really your gift or reward because it didn’t have your name on it.

So as you can see, Robertson has been demoted more than likely for those reasons above or one of the reasons here: too proud, disrespect to their daddy Rony Denis,  they were caught in a sin that he himself set up, he showed too much compassion to the people who escaped from the cult, or they are made to be humble to so call save the church money while their father Rony Denis drives happily in his Rolls Royce or Bentley on Vacations and in his Infiniti QX80 for church in order to keep deceiving and fleecing the flock.

6 thoughts on “Bait and Switch!!!

  1. Wow so glad I didn’t come to Hopcc, I see everyone had a miserable life, and then those like Robertsons I see that there life is just fake and phony, that’s a big drop an Infiniti to a Focus!!!

  2. Poor Robertson, I thought he was a real Christian. He turned out to be be a just a hireling who cares nothing for the people of God, the sheep. The big bad wolf, Jimmy Denis, is slaughtering the sheep and Robertson is helping him. Denis has done a horrific job of emasculating these preachers. It was said that when Jimmy came over to Robertson’s house unexpectedly that his whole family fell down to their knees worshipping him but Denis’ spun it by saying that they had a prayer meeting and he was honored. Robertson, Robertson, Robertson you sir are so messed up right now that words can not describe your condition, how about you’re just lost and you need to get saved, and that’s putting it mildly.

  3. Its all built on lies lies lies lies lies, no truth, no righteousness, no God, no Holy Ghost…….Rony Denis has built it all on the sinking sand of religion and lies,………and it will all come crashing down!!!!!!

  4. I am so glad that I didn’t get caught up in driving a car that was controlled by Denis. These clowns would have loved to have come to take my vehicle away but they couldn’t. Denis drives around in Florida with his Rolls Royce and Bentley cars trying to be like Creflo Dollar. He used to talk about getting a jet. This guy is so crazy. Life has got to be miserable for those cult members over there. It was so bad over there that I was hoping that the false prophecy was true about the rapture so that I would be through with the likes of Rony Denis.

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