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2 thoughts on “Money Grubbing Rony Denis Leader of the House of Prayer/ The Place of Help Cult In His Own Words

  1. Jimmy you talking abt Angelina and Retana’s pics that you altered? Please shut up already we all know you are a master manipulator and we all know you altered everybody’s pics from facebook. And what are you and your minions doing on facebook anyways? You tell everybody to stay off of Facebook but your minions can go on there, you bunch of hypocrite and liars!! Then you say John called you buck teeth??? that’s a good one John???So the only preacher that’s right for the whole world can’t forgive or forget? Wow! Jesus went through the worse thing ever done to a man and he still said God forgive them for they know not what they do. But you Jimmy can’t forgive or can’t stand John? What a false prophet that you are. Jimmy speak clear what’s with all the this and that and this and that. You can’t speak the truth because its not in you. And No Jimmy, God will Not choose you over the people.

  2. What a money hungry devil! Rent gonna have to go up $100, $50, a hundred people that should do it, What??? How about you sell your 3 rolls royce, your 3 beach houses and move into a cheaper house yourself and do like Zacheus did in the bible. You will restore all the people fourfold because you have stole what you have from God and the people to build your empire. But nooo that’s not you Jimmy, you want everyone else to be humble and give while ur fat cat self is collecting everything you can get from the people to make yourself rich. And you call yourself humble? Give me a break. People stop being fooled and manipulated by this evil man Denis. Your giving is NOT going to God, is going in Jimmy’s pocket. The man lives better than all of you but he gives you the excuse of…well if the wordly preachers can have it why not him all while you are going and are in debt for this evil man. Why can’t you people see this? Jimmy is all for himself and no one else. He does not care about you people or the children or his own family. He is Evil just like his father the devil. STOP giving to this man!!

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