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Here we have the WEASEL BOARD, these are a group of men that are striving their best to earn their rite of passage to the SANHEDRIN BOARD.  Although they are not as accountable as the Sanhedrin Board, they have went out of their way to destroy and ruin peoples lives for their own profit, chasing the carrot stick and brown nosing trying to become something they are not and in Rev. Denis’ eyes never will be! They often are used to do a lot of dirty work. Here it goes…..

Here we have Joshua Heitzman, the pastor of the Savannah church in Georgia, a novice at best! He himself has tried to leave the CULT, and has often piped up about the crookedness of the church, but  unfortunately he has become one of Rony Denis’ greatest spokesmen despite hanging up the phone on Rony when he got angry with him. Rony Denis got over on Heitzmans with a BMW ponzi scheme and when Heitzman’s wife called him out on it Jimmy went through the roof! Suffering with a anger problem, you can often see a side of Heitzman that should not be displayed by a pastor, but as you see Rony Denis has elevated a novice again, he specializes in name calling, and false spirituality. Listen to a clip of his anti-family rhetoric:

Why do these people hate their families so much?


Here we have Joseph Fryar, the real toilet paper runner and boy does he run. He runs to facebook, and Twitter accounts to print off pictures of people and then deliver them to Rony Denis so he can look at the pictures and point out all the “sins and flaws” of the people while leaving his own sins intact and unrepentant of. He runs to every store in Georgia to purchase things for the cruel taskmaster. One time Joe Fryar tried to escape and RUN for his own life from this CULT as well!  He ran off to NC, unfortunately the brothers let the air of of his tires and later threw him in the back seat and drove him back to Denisville (Hinesville) where Rony Denis was happily waiting, and blessed him with the job of the toilet paper runner. He will always remind Joe of what he did to “him” (for it’s not about God anymore) seeing how he doesn’t forgive or forget. If you leave the cult Jimmy takes it personally.  Joe knows it’s corrupt in Hopcc. He told one minister he was going to call him about some “things” but the call never came.  After Denis put on one of his performances Joe told another ministerto disregard what Denis said.  There maybe some hope for ole Joe. Run Joe, Run!

Even though William Pilkington is a member of the awful Sanhedrin Board he also earned the rite of passage to be amongst the weasels.  Once thought of to be a compassionate, hospitable, and friendly guy has backslid into a Jimmy Jones assistant who answers to no one but Rony Denis. Pilkington has sadly turned from the one who would rescue you to the one who will administer the kook-aid to you.

Here we have Jeff Derby, Denis’ personal missionary.  Denis has used poor Jeff to call different ministers to harass them with foolish questions from Rony Denis. Anything Jeff deems to be anti-Denis will be reported immediately.  Jeff is the one who turned the brother in for supposedly calling Rony Denis “buck toothed”.  Rony was not happy about that report. Derby a true missionary at heart, is only allowed to do missions that Jimmy allows and only if he promises to give Jimmy all the honor and glory on everything that happened or did not happen on his missionary  endeavors. Once returning to the States Derby has be ready to give an answer to all of Jimmys set up questions, poor Derby because once he responded in the wrong way, and was banished to work for Jimmy on his premises to take care of the Precious birds that belong to Jimmy his nice vehicle was taken away, and was lowered to the status of a womanizer.

This is Gabriel Rodriguez.  He had planned on hiding his brother John Rodriguez from Rony Denis when his brother informed him of Denis’ occult practices.  Everything changed when Denis spoke to Gabe.  The weak minded military strongman was reduced to throwing his brother and his brother’ family under the bus.

This is the builder James (Jim) Benton.  A man who used to be sincere but after meeting Rony Denis has become as crooked as they come.

Don’t let the smile fool you, David Reip is a “good fella” mafia style.  A Denis loyalist from his beginning days in Woodbook, WA.  Once he was upset with Denis and spoke of poisoning him! What a great “church.” If you get on these people’s bad side look out.


Here we have Ramen Nesari. A former Afghani Muslim who converted to Christianity. It is a wonderful testimony, unfortunately it’s not how you start that counts the most but how you finish. To start with Christ and then to end with Denis as your lord is devastating. Nesari has been accused of being a woman hater and a Muslim dictator who mistreats females including his daughter.  Denis also uses Nesari’s wife to keep him inline like ratting him out from not taking a shower at night to spending time with his daughter.

14 thoughts on “THE ALL NEW WEASEL BOARD

  1. I seen the young REIP out at a local RESTAURANT- he waved. I knows there’s ppl that just want GOD in that place and you cannot convince them to be devilish.. . No matter what you say jimmy!

  2. Weasel Alert!

    Have you listened to the conversation with Rev Yorke and Plikington the weasel aka PW? It’s broken up into several parts but I believe it was part 5, where PW was saying that Rev Yorke told him denis has only changed in the last couple of months. Rev Yorke responded by saying he didn’t remember saying months but PW reiterated months. As if to insinuate that the people leaving were wrong because the change in denis was so recent. I listened to the entire conversation and Rev Yorke never one time mentioned months. PW has a serious problem with the truth aka lying spirit. I wonder who he got that spirit from! The funny thing is he seems to develop amnesia forgetting how the Bowers were kicked out of the church in 2012. Was denis messed up then? Did they give the Bowers their earnest money back that they put down on that house Heitzman purchased. Oh, I get it, you want people to forget the past deeds of denis the 3ft Jim Jones menace. You were his accomplice weren’t you? Your lies are beginning to come back at you just like that house Roscoe rented too low was coming back at denis the menace. It would be good if you could come to grips with the fact that you’re not even saved. The truth sir is denis has been messed up for a long time if he has ever been saved at all. I personally believe the later. One thing is for certain PW, you definitely know that you’re lying to cover for denis and we know where all unrepentant liars will have their part in eternity don’t we!

    1. The reason Pilkington’s mind was stuck on Jimmy just getting messed up in the past couple of months is because this no doubt was the lie/narrative Jimmy was feeding him. Even though Pilkington didn’t hear me say that the voice of Jimmy Denis in his mind drowns out the TRUTH.

  3. Wow, so Gabriel knew about the split and didn’t say anything until Rony called him first? Does Gabe really think Jimmy is a man of God? Didn’t Gabe try to leave before also? It seems like these guys don’t really believe in this stuff.

  4. That audio with Heitzman is so twisted. In no way is it true that if you want to be with your family you automatically don’t want God. Matter fact, it’s usually true that if you want to be true to your spouse & kids and love your parents that you want God. What heitzman is really trying to say is that if you don’t do what Dennis or the ministers say then you are not doing what God wants you to do– And we all know that’s a lie!!!

    1. Heitzman is a sad example of what Rony does to his followers. Rony is an example of Luke 11:52. Woe unto you Rony!

  5. on the tape the guy says they want their family more than they want God.
    This is where they manipulate people away from their families. This is why this does not make sense to me. God chose the family you were born into. So if God chose your family why would he want you to leave them? Seems to me if you leave them you are telling God his will is not good enough…
    Just something to think about…

    1. They are so mentally and spiritually confused when it comes to your family. Jim Jones was the same way. Rony Denis wants his followers to view him as their father and even their god. Any family member who questions the actions of the church will be ostracized. He arranges the marriages of his followers. One mom asked her son if he even loved the woman he was told to marry; his response was what difference does it make? We need to keep praying for these people to wake up and you families need to get involved with saving your loved ones. This place is a CULT!

  6. I really hope Reverand Heitzman does leave. He was my soulwinner who God sent to answer my prayer for deliverance in my barracks,and i beleive that he sincerely that he is serving God. I am constantly praying for him and his family.

      1. Bro Edwards?
        The one that was married. Had a son with your wife, while attending Tacoma Church? Under Virgo? Wife sang alter calls? If so it’s me, Damasio’s wife Gina!! If not oops! ??
        If so, I hope you and your family is doing great!! Well if not the Edwards I knew, still hope things are going great!!

  7. Heitzman the henchman is the one who purchased the home (900 Bellaire) from underneath us while under contract. He is also the one whose name that SUV was in that we got. Denis claimed God blessed us with it. So how did God bless us with it and then you send Dirty Derby to come and take it? Is God confused? I think not! These men are wicked. And Denis got them real good because he has made them purchase multiple houses and cars in their names so if they ever try to leave it will be impossible and if they do leave they won’t be able to do anything but file bankruptcy…the joke is on them. That house on Sherman the so called “Home” is in Fryar’s name.

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