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How Does This Happen?


Calling all cars! Nut job on the loose!


Do you remember this wack job? This is the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002. His name is Brian David Mitchell. He was a religious nut job of the Mormon persuasion who claimed to be God’s “special” prophet. Sound familiar? He called himself Emanuel (God with us). He obviously had a combination of evil and mental illness working within him.

Thank God Elizabeth was finally rescued but can you imagine the mental abuse and brainwashing she endured? The self proclaimed false prophet,Rony Denis, is holding your children, family, and friends the  same way in plain sight before the world!

2 thoughts on “How Does This Happen?

  1. How about all the girls he has coming to his house at a moment’s call? They have to be ready for when that call comes from Jimmy, they all (the selected ones) have to go to his house no matter the time or where they’re at. Their moms have to drop whatever they are doing to bring their daughters to Jimmy’s house. Then he keeps them girls at his house till late at night. What a sick man,OMG! This is getting worse and worse. I hope the Feds are on this page reading all this and Jimmy comes crashing down soon. Jimmy I know you’re on this site 24/7 and I know you are burning evidence left and right but know this….you’re going against the Almighty God! and He says Vengeance is Mine!! You can NOT hide from the All seeing eye! You are coming Down!!

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