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Birds of a Feather


Al Capone and Rony Denis have more in common than you think. The FBI has investigated Denis and his criminal enterprise before and he got away! Everyone knows he is guilty just like everyone knew Capone was guilty. Al Capone had people on his payroll to help him get away with what he got away with, it’s the same way with Rony Denis.

Election fraud, real estate fraud, and banking fraud etc. and nothing happens. The local sheriffs are in his back pocket along with local city officials and lawyers. Denis says that money rules the world. I guess that may me true in this fallen world. Money can be used for good and we all know that it can be used for evil.

Is there anyone in the law enforcement community that is untouchable? Who can resist bribes and corruption? Denis said he gave “Papa” Reip a hundred thousand dollars and that he was going to stop buying people. We all know that he hasn’t stopped buying people. Who isn’t on Denis’ payroll. One person in Hinesville said that his money runs deep and international.

In this corrupt world hopefully someone will muster up the fortitude to take this evil crime boss down who cloaks himself in religion. In Al Capone’s day there was Eliot Ness among others who took it to Capone.

I am pretty sure there are at least a few good men and women left who could take people like Denis down.

3 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. It’s funny how people who don’t know what’s going on would defend such a lying money grubbing manipulator like Rony Denis. This man has torn up marriages, ripped away children from their fathers, placed people in adulterous relationships, shackled people to enormous debt, caused people to go into bankruptcy, and ruined the the lives of many individuals and you still have some ignorant religious folk who lift him up as some great example to follow. As the old saying goes birds of a feather flock together.

  2. The FBI I thought would be smarter than that, when they went around to people’s houses to investigate and to ask questions, Jimmy briefed the people on what to say when they came to the door, and the FBI actually believed them!! Don’t they know in all religious sects and cults they always force people to say things against there will??? Duh! I understand they are busy but he pulled the oldest trick in the book and as soon as they left he went on a screaming rampage telling the ones that work for him that they are going to jail not him! And he said it was there fault. He knew he was wrong and after that he tried to hide things more skillfully.

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