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3 thoughts on “These Two Guys Appear To Have A Lot In Common!

  1. Have you heard in the news about the popular singer R. Kelley!
    Who’s been in the news lately for running a cult with young girls, he tricks them into believing he is there to help them, and then they abandon there families and friends and he controls them: he confiscates there cell phones, and he he gives them a new phone that can only contact him. Jimmy does this also there are some preachers that have a phone only for him.
    He controls when these girls eat, sleep, when they are supposed to have sexual relations with him.
    Jimmy also has young girls staying with him and he controls everything they do as well.
    R. Kelly is a known pervert and when you ask the girls are they being held against there will, there response is the same as all people that are held against there will, they are fine and they chose to be there and R. Kelly is not making them say this.
    So sad.

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