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What Is Legalism???

Did  you know what legalism was when you first came to church on your own? Did this term come to your mind when you first stepped foot in Rony Denis’ House of Prayer church?

Are we supposed to be trusting in rules or in Jesus?

Legalism was definitely dealt with and taught against in the New Testament although Rony Denis promoted it.

The Pharisees and the wheels of legalism are still grinding in 2017.

So, why are so many people drawn to legalism? Is it because our pride wants us to feel like we are actually earning our salvation? Or could it be that we actually feel like we are better than others by keeping some rules that they don’t keep? Does it give us a sense of accomplishment even though on the cross Jesus said it is finished?

Are we saved by getting to work for God or are we saved by grace through faith in Him? The Bible actually teaches the latter.

After salvation then what? Are we not saved unto good works? Did Paul say that we should continue in sin that grace may abound? Of course not, but just like anything else people will pervert the truth. For example, there are perversions in the prosperity gospel message but does that mean that God does not want us to prosper? Just because some may pervert the message of God’s grace doesn’t mean it’s not real or that it condones lifestyles characterized by the works of the flesh. True faith in God produces or works love which enables us to obey God and it is not grievous. Is it fair to say that those in or used to be in the legalism circles have felt like someone will punch you in the face if you don’t obey their convictions or commandments?


 I don’t think a knuckle sandwich gospel is what Jesus had in mind when he gave us the Great Commission.  Did you know that Rony Denis has said that he wanted to punch people in the face?

I don’t think the desire of God’s relationship with us is one of fist to cuffs, or being shackled by man (Rony Denis) made rules.

The load of sin was enough to bear. Why do we need to add another burden of legalism. Can’t we just carry our cross?

How does this happen? The cross is not enough?

As you can see the Galatians fell for it as well!

Is this not a perfect picture of what Rony Denis is doing?

The wolf, Rony Denis, has led many people away with his false gospel of legalistic man worship.

 The truth is that you will go crazy trying to keep up with the ever changing winds of legalism!

When it’s all said and done I’ll choose grace. What about you?

Free at last, Free at last, thank God and His Amazing Grace through Jesus Christ, we are Free at last from “massa” Denis’ legalism!

9 thoughts on “What Is Legalism???

  1. “You know your in a legalistic church, when they tell you when to get married and when to get divorced!”

    Right? RW told my wife to divorce her “sinner” husband and then told her to ask me “when are we getting married.” We’re still married, but I’d be lying if I said we haven’t had to confront serious compatibility issues. These busybody preachers need to stay out of the matchmaking business. RW used to blow and go about how arranged marriages were biblical and preferable to allowing people to make their own free choices. But we can’t help but notice that no one coerced him into his marriages (yes, Verna was #2).

    1. -@Vic Johanson
      All Gerard Robertson could say is, “You wouldn’t do this to Rev. Davis”. Denis blamed the people for respecting RW more than him. He said it was because RW was white and Denis is black. He also got so crazy to say that God is prejudice against him and even calls him the N-word. Ha! This guy is NUTS!

  2. Congratulations on your escape from spiritual prison. I broke out of NTCC in 1995 after sixteen years of their bondage, and have never looked back. Rony Denis has certainly doubled down on the legalism, but NTCC wasn’t exactly a bastion of liberty either. The only legalism they railed against was silly stuff like red dresses and open toed shoes. But they definitely had their own brand of strict legalism and wielded it constantly to keep us under the thumb. RW liked to quote another legalistic blowhard, Jack Hyles, who said that if he didn’t have anything to preach against he’d preach against Hershey bars. Guys like these know they whole psychology of control and how a common enemy, real or imagined, is a potent tool to fiercely unite people and distract them from scrutinizing the real situation. If there isn’t a legitimate enemy, they’ll conjure up some Hershey bar or another to scare people into being their b*****.

    I never knew Denis; he came to St. Louis after we’d gone into the ministry and moved away. But we sure heard his legend; RW totally threw him in our face as proof that we weren’t doing what it took. It was like the dude walked on water. Kind of funny, too, because it was the same thing with Willie Gordon right before he left. Rony was just an apt student of RW, who was a charlatan himself. But Rony has far surpassed RW in the con business, even hoodwinking his mentor while he stole him blind (although pity is difficult to muster, it being such poetic justice).

    Escaping the control freaks produced immediate and sustained improvement in our lives, and that appears to be the universal experience. We felt light as air and laughed with joy on the ride home the day I told RW to his face that I was out of there. Our time isn’t monopolized by losers and their deranged schemes any more and we’re no longer mired in working poverty.

    I’d like to reassure those who are on the edge of leaving either of these cults to follow through, without hesitation. If fear is the only thing keeping you in, that itself is sufficient reason to flee.

  3. I just don’t see how Denis justifies in his mind making Jenkins divorce his wife and you know it was Denis because prior to Denis involvement Jenkins told his wife he wouldn’t divorce her, but then all of a sudden when she quit the church he can never come home! So they obviously had to brainwash the brother!
    My question is how is he telling people about a heaven that he’s not going to because he is living in adultery?

  4. I choose grace by God’s grace. It is sad but true that the legalist, Rony Denis, has shackled many people to his false religion and has given them his angry spirit of bitterness and hatred. A brother saw Eric Jenkins the other day in Walmart. Jenkins, who Denis forced to desert his wife, was with Athena Smithwhite and her children, the woman and children whom Denis made Jenkins marry after he unbiblically broke up Jenkins first marriage. The brother who saw Jenkins had known Jenkins very well and didn’t recognize him at first because when Jenkins saw the brother he started “mean mugging” him or giving him a mean dirty look. When the brother recognized who it was he yelled out, “Hey, Jenkins!”. Jenkins angrily replied, “LEAVE ME ALONE!”. The brother said that Jenkins brought the Devil with him. Knowing Eric Jenkins from before we escaped the cult, I know that this is not his character. He is an example of the fruit of Denis’ ministry. A young man who started out joyful and excited for God, ignorant of Denis’ plan of cult control and mind manipulation, and now shattered and shackled to a rigorous religious system designed to destroy you instead of edifying you, and finally sent to Greensboro, NC to pay for the property that Denis has failed to sell because not only is Denis a failed preacher but also a failed businessman. Success is not how much money you bragg about that you stole from the people, success is doing the right thing which Denis has not done. Think about it, if Jenkins and Denis have the truth and we are the wicked rebellious sinners then why don’t they witness to us about the love of Jesus? The fact is they can’t because they don’t have it. We would freely and have reached out and ministered to them. I surely will not disclose what goes on because I know that Denis has his Gestapo monitoring this site, or better yet his Tonton Macoutes. The truth is Denis doesn’t want his followers to know the truth because if they did they would be set free! I guarantee you that Jenkins was ordered not to talk to anyone in Greensboro who has left the cult, because if you do the “demons” will jump into your mind and mess you up. In reality Jenkins is already messed up by Denis and needs the truth of God’s word to set him free. God’s grace is so amazing that He can still help Eric Jenkins! Where sin did abound the grace of God did much more abound!

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