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No Excuses!!!

We want to encourage everyone who have left Denis‘ cult or who are contemplating leaving Denis‘ cult.



The Devil will give us many excuses of why we need to give up and quit living for God. But we need to tell the Devil:

Denis and others may have done us wrong but God has never done us wrong. God is good! If we are honest we would have to admit that some of our experiences, not all but at least some, in HOPCC were not good because of our own making. We blame everything on the cult leader but in all honesty we need to take some the blame as well.

Rony Denis, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, was bad and the ministers still over there are certainly without excuse but at the end of the day we made our own choices.

Denis got away with a lot of his foolishness because we made excuses for him. We didn’t have to be deceived, but thanks be to God and His grace we left!

Believe it or not you can serve God without Rony Denis or anyone looking over your shoulder. You can have victory and joy. If you’re married your marriage can be blessed despite Denis‘ devices! If you have children you can be a real mom and dad to them like God wants you to be.

Jesus still loves you! He didn’t quit on you. The Bible is still right no matter what Denis said. The Devil quotes scripture as well, albeit out of context.

Thank God Rony Denis and cult is not the final chapter of our lives! If you keep making excuses for why you can’t be faithful to God it will be, but if you lay aside your excuses and look to Jesus it won’t be!

16 thoughts on “No Excuses!!!

  1. Jimmy, aka Rony Denis, said we wouldn’t make it outside of his house of horrors cult. He said people who left would go into sin, leave God, and so on. I am so glad that we have proven him to be the liar that he is. Not only are we still in church not making excuses why we can’t attend a local church but we are also in the Word of God pressing toward the mark (not missing the mark like him) of the prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ! The Bible is still the inspiration of my life and it becomes more alive everyday that I have been delivered from Denis’ spiritual and physical death trap. Church is a blessing! Denis jumped down my throat one time because Rev. King wanted me to go visit a Pentecostal church with him. It was one I went to before. They gave me a cd of a message the preacher preached called “Grace that won’t let you go”, it blessed my soul. I let others hear it but Schmidtke and Boles didn’t seem much interested in such ministering at the time, now I see why. Boles however gave me a preaching cd of David Wilkerson preaching a sermon entitled “Wild donkeys”, it was very intense and revealing of the Rony Denis spirit. I have been blessed in church where the preacher was of the Baptist denomination and also of no denomination. Church is just a blessing especially when you remove your man made dividers and just go for the word of God. Jimmy took the Bible and changed it right before the people’s eyes. His church is not a church, it is a Jim Jones stlyed cult. A church doesn’t operate like Denis’ does but a cult that is bent on controlling your life does. Jesus trusted us to have common sense and His Spirit to discern the wolves in sheeps clothing. He said that we will know them by the fruit that they bear. Those of you that heard Denis say, “Confess your sins to me and I will take them to God and clear you”, have you ever read that in the Bible concerning a preacher of the gospel able to do such a thing? The man has MANY unbiblical and ungodly ways about him. He fails at the qualifications of being a bishop/pastor at every point. All of the so-called “compromised” preachers that Jimmy labeled can bless my soul with the simple word of God far above what Jimmy has ever done. So, when I go to church it blesses my soul that I hear about Jesus by the word of God and not about Jimmy, the “I couldn’t do anything without the man of God” hype. And if I am in a place like that out there, guess what, I’ll just go somewhere else because I’m not giving up. You can keep your religion but give me Jesus, the one who walks in the middle of the candlesticks, the churches.

    PS: Jimmy’s “church” is not the only one that’s right with God. That is a sure sign of a cult to make a statement like that and that’s what it is a cult and every body of believers who meet together to encourage one another as the Bible tells us to do is not a cult. It’s called love for your brothers and sisters in Christ.
    May God bless you!

    Bro. Ray Yorke

  2. Yes, I realize that with free will comes responsibility. God gives us a choice and we will answer to Him for it at the end. Thank God that we can still choose Jesus!

  3. The way I got peace on the outside was by knowing God on the inside. I had to face myself. Denis is definitely messed up and I guarantee you that he blames everyone else for his problems instead of himself.

  4. It is something how people will quickly receive lies and be headstrong with it, the lies of Hop’s phony standards, but when presented with truth resist and fight against it. If it is the truth which sets us free then it makes sense that you will always be bound if you keep resisting truth. Someone said that you can’t handle the truth but maybe that is because some really don’t want it. Isn’t easier to blame someone else for my problems instead of myself? If I blame myself I just might have to change! And no one likes change.

  5. This is different. Most people just jump on the bandwagon blaming everyone else for the problems they have instead of honesty blaming themselves.

  6. The hop people claimed to be the only church right with God because of their outward standards but their inward standards were trash! What a joke!

  7. I know many have suffered a lot through being a part of Denis’ cult especially the Hinesville people. Fathers ripped away from their children, financial ruin, marriages shattered, and demons unleashed in their mind. By God’s grace we were fortunate in Greensboro compared to what others have suffered under Rony’s tyranny.

  8. Fortunately my wife and I didn’t propagate all of the foolish teachings we heard from Denis or heard came from Denis. Like the not having pictures in your house garbage, it’s wrong for women not to wear stockings joke, and it’s wrong to use the internet on your phone in the house baloney.

  9. Yes this is true. The Bible gives us everything we need to be able to know the difference between the truth and lies. God equips us with everything and he is always good.

    Just a side note here: To the hopcc stalkers who scour this website looking for something to talk about, I just want to remind everyone that hopcc does not have my husband, his paycheck, or our children. ?. I do. Hahahaha. By the grace of God.

    1. Yes, I would like the stalkers ? to tell their god, Rony Denis, life has been good, good, good ? since I left. And for you stalker friend it will be for you as well if you leave to follow Jesus.

      1. Joe, I got your message. It is not posted because they will intercept it and try to thwart your plans. I can email you if you like or message you.

        1. You can remove it then – something is very sinister and evil! I recorded a conversation with a member the other day because it surprised me how hot headed this person is – I knew he was an ignorant fool, but wow, not to that extent. That close person to me is already heavily involved – there is definitely mental problems and some brainwashing – how does a grown man constantly talk about God and how God saved him, but turns around and call people stupid, and filthy? And get a laugh out of mocking people and other churches? It makes no sense to me.

  10. I know it’s hard to accept especially when you really trusted in Denis as the great I am. But the truth is we allowed it and believed it even though the Bible we carried to church said otherwise!

  11. Yes, even though Rony Denis turned out to be the biggest fraud I have ever met in my life, God has been still too good for me to give up living for Him. I have tasted of the heavenly gift and have been a partaker of the Holy Ghost, I can’t go back to the way I used to be or be conformed to the social system of this wicked world. I thank God that there is real joy, fullness of joy, and joy unspeakable and full of glory in and through Christ Jesus! Rony Denis was doing his best to take that away only because I allowed him to because he didn’t give it to me so he can’t take it away unless I allow him to do it. He has no legal right to do so unless I give it to him. Jesus gave this to me not him. Since I have left his cult I still will not allow him to steal my joy away. I expose him not out of bitterness but out of responsibility because I was there and even dumb enough to defend his cult when I was there. Now that I have been enlightened, how can I keep quiet when he is relentlessly destroying people’s lives? I at least must let people know where I stand because I let people know before where I stood when I ignorantly thought I was doing God’s service. If you leave hop pray ( it’s still right to pray believe it or not) and ask God to lead you to a church where you can be fed the word of God. (contrary to eroneous cult teaching, the church doesn’t have to be “perfect” or resemble hop) God still answers prayer. You don’t have to come to Greensboro, I don’t think I have even ever asked anyone to come here. You need to go where God wants you to go. It’s important to be apart of a local church. You need the fellowship, believe it or not, with those who will encourage you in the faith and you can encourage them. The members of the body of Christ are not perfect but Christ is. So, we need one another and we all need Christ. What you believe is very important. I refuse to believe Rony Denis is so powerful that he has ruined my life! And I choose to believe that God through Jesus and by His amazing grace has given me LIFE and that much more abundantly! Isn’t it a blessing that God has given us a choice to believe?

    May God bless you
    Ray Yorke

  12. Yes I blame myself because ultimately we had the Bible in our hand and it was our fault that we chose to neglect what the Bible said but instead we believed Rony Denis.
    There were many times that things would happen in HOPCC and I would turn a blind eye thinking that because he was the so called man of God he could not be corrected, there were times when his stories did not add up and instead of questioning him, we sat silent. There were times when I would see him do people wrong! And sit there and not say anything! And then justify it in my mind that God allowed Denis to be that way because that’s who we are supposed to be following. He would LIE, manipulate things that we knew deep down was not right! and we sat there and did not say a Word! God didn’t do me wrong for he gave me the Basic Instructions Before leaving Earth called the Bible and told me to watch for false prophets in the Last days and he told me that they would come as an angel of light, he also told me what to look for but I foolishly drowned out the convictions and simple prodding of the Holy Spirit and chose to believe Denis over the Bible. I am the sum total of all the desicions I made and didn’t make. God already declared in the Bible this was going to happen, but why did we choose to follow the man? To say that you had to is like saying the Bible was not good enough. Who in there right mind would say that?
    There is just no excuse.

  13. So, true! Many may not like to hear it but you can’t blame the devil for everything. Sometimes you need to blame yourself, get up off the ground and do what’s right. Denis got me once but he won’t get me again. I sure ain’t going to quit God and end up in the same hell he’s going to.

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