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The Man Who Invited Rony Denis To Church In NTCC

Rony Denis tells a story of how Rev. C.J. Annis invited him out church in NTCC and the rest is history. Of course Denis was already “saved” before he came to NTCC. We want to show you how he repays his old friend by using his Facebook account to somehow link him with people off of Twitter with pornographic pictures. We tried to clean it up with cropping and marking out the lewd pictures Denis showed his ministers and members. I can only imagine the people he has caused to stumble by offering them pornography right in the church!

With friends like Denis, who you brought to church, who needs enemies?

2 thoughts on “The Man Who Invited Rony Denis To Church In NTCC

  1. Poor Brother, I know I would feel terrible if I were the one that introduced this wacko man to the church. That is so awful.

  2. It is so amazing how these people can lie like this. Joe Fryar must be totally given over to porn by hunting down these pictures for this weirdo church. I wonder what Annis would say about Denis now? What kind of church does this? It screams cult 100%!

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