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No Dogs Allowed in Rony Denis’ Cult!


Eatie Rodriguez survived a brutal onslaught by Rony Denis and escaped to freedom when his owners fled the cult. Just like King Herod who ordered the massacre of children to eliminate Jesus, Rony Denis has ordered that none have dogs in his cult because all affection must be for him, the big dog.

At one time in the cult Eatie Rodriguez got terribly sick. Ironically Denis called the Rodriguez’s over to his compound and began teaching on people missing church because their dogs are sick. When they got home Eatie was violently sick vomiting blood, no control of his bowels which also had blood, and liver damage per a veterinarian visit. The first thought was that Eatie must have eaten a poisonous mushroom, which he normally didn’t mess with before. The next conclusion after further research was that Eatie must have been deliberately poisoned. The only one who would fit as a possible suspect would be Anthony Oloans. Tony, as he is called, lived with the Rodriguez’s under what he called the “Homeless Ministry” program. It was actually a hiding place for his illegal activities. While he lived with the Rodriguez’s he showed and expressed visible disdain for their dog, Eatie. Oloans even expressed that where he is from they eat dogs!

So, Denis possibly ordered Oloans to poison the dog. Denis already had the dog on his radar when he ordered the owners to keep him on the outside. A little house dog kicked out to brave the elements of the outside in Hinesville, GA. Even Darnell Emanuel told them that Eatie would not survive on the outside.

Through out all that came against him Eatie was able to out maneuver Rony Denis. Prayer was made for his recovery from his sickness and he recovered. He escaped Denis’ trap and survived and so can you!

Now he can be a happy dog again!

Instead of throwing the dog out throw Rony Denis out! Throw Jimmy out so that your dog will be happy again!

8 thoughts on “No Dogs Allowed in Rony Denis’ Cult!

  1. Glad we can finally talk about rev Ashmore. It was a huuuuuuge blessing to stay with the Rods and visit with the Ashmore family once we escaped the cult. There is not one single hint of a doubt in my mind that we made the best choice in escaping.

  2. The crazy thing about all of this is, Jimmy double minded Denis baught the dog for my son. He even gave us money to buy him a cage so that he could sleep in Josiah’s room. Then all of a sudden, he was using the dog as a point of contention. This is how a crazy cult leader operates. They give you things they can use to condemn you later. Why would he do this to a little boy. My son would have been another long time brain washed victim had we not acted quickly to get out of their. My Pastor, Pastor Ashmore ( the pastor that helped me escape the cult without prophet Jimmy knowing we were in contact) loves animals, and loves see to see Josiah happy with him. One time, Denis admitted that in Haiti he would through rocks at cats and knock thier eyes out. He thought this was funny. My brother ( the man without a back bone) actually told him that that’s how most serial killers started out, that is torturing animals. Jimmy Denis just thought it was funny. My brothers pastor is a mental serial killer. He enjoys hurting people. Thank God for a real pastor that actually has a ministry backed by divine healing. NO JIMMY, not airplanes, u blaspheming mystic! We don’t don’t see miracles here by calling on 2’9. We only call on Jesus here. That’s why this ministry is called Jesus Revival Ministries.

    1. I thank God that Rev. JR Ashmore is still preaching the full gospel! Wow what a contrast to Rony Denis! He is so much more Godly than that crazy lunatic that we were following.
      He doesn’t demand all these accolades! He’s not constantly hounding us with I am a man of God foolishness. He’s not belittling anyone trashing them and making them feel like Garbage but rather has a Christlike Spirit! What a blessing.
      I thank God for the Grace Preachers!
      Good Bye Rony with your Old Testament Theology you can keep it.
      Praise God for his Mercy and his Grace!!!

    2. Bro Rodriguez
      One thing did stick out to me, Jimmy had no healing ministry he was supposed to be like Jesus and the prophets of old but could not heal the lame and the sick, what a false prophet!!

      1. I recall yrs ago under Rev Denis ministry while at NTCc when he prayed for healing of someone’s child. Realizing it now, how i see that God is exposing his wickedness today, this man was never operating in the gifts of healing, unfortunately the child didn’t receive healing and he accused this poor parent of having some type of unrepentant sin when in all actuality he never had the goods to begin with as far as a healing ministry. I also recall when Rev Ashmore came to preach revival at our location at that time, believers flooded the altar for prayer for healing of certain ailments, they were instantly healed. I remember these things like it were yesterday, the mighty works of God in full operation! God indeed is no respecter of persons but he operates within HIS anointing using ‘clean’ vessels, not through the proud, unrepentant, wicked and defiled. Thank the Lord for the true unadulterated Word of God that still has authority and power to save, to heal, etc . Denis only has a certain level of authority (in terms of control over people) and a platform because those people continue to give it to him on a silver platter. I will continue to pray that God pierces through the hearts of sincere people that they would leave that dreadful place.

  3. I remember one time my husband and I went on a trip to Washington DC which was about 6hrs from where we lived at the time, so like a normal person that owns a dog I went out and purchased a crate for him to ride in while we were in our car traveling. Jimmy being the strange person that he is made this into a huge story about how unspiritual I was for even considering to do such a thing. And how my husband had to put up with such foolishness of bringing our dog on a trip! I thought that’s what responsible adults do. You either board your dog or take them with you.

  4. Jimmy was always weird when it came to animals, if you liked animals he would make you out to have inordinate affections especially dogs. When he was under the 2’9 spirits he was so happy and telling everyone that they could get a dog and all these people went out purchasing dogs, and because he is double minded in all his ways of course along came a new revelation and this one was now you are no longer allowed to have a dog because people will miss church because they are strokinging and petting there dogs ? Seriously??? Who is missing a service because you are petting your dog? So there goes the dog holocaust everyone gets rid of there dog.
    Well Eatie I’m glad you escaped the animal holocaust of Hopcc and made it out alive as one of Gods precious creatures! God cared enough about the animals that he put them here on earth, why such a hatred for Gods creation? I think because he is angry at God and when your angry at God you began to despise his creation including people.

  5. We used to have a dog early on in Denis’ cult. When we didn’t have the dog anymore, Denis made a big deal of us having the dog as if it hindered our spirituality or some made up thing he was using to test how he could influence his control over us in matters where he had no business. I remember asking Jim Benton about some scars that he had on his face. He said that it was from a rabbit cage that he was trying to put together and how it ended up scratching him on the face. Later I asked him about his rabbit and he said that when Denis found out about the rabbit that he got as a pet for his little boy (we had a rabbit for a pet as well) he was told get rid of it. Benton then said that some people can have things and some people can’t. This is how you justify things in your mind when you are in a cult. When a man becomes a god.

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