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Cult Reflections

Everyone has a story, of the abuse they suffered in the HOPCC cult. Part of the healing process is
being able to share things that you were forced to keep inside, and the amazing thing is you will find that you were not alone.

The Bible or Rony Denis, you decide?

Cult leaders dont forgive.
Does this sound like an apostle of God?
Can you imagine Paul the apostle speaking like this?
This man is a fraud. You don’t have to be afraid of him.

Luke 12:4-5

My Cult Reflections :

In my reflections of my time in this cult I recall and bring to your mind the blatant hypocrisy of cult master Denis. The rhetoric of the cult now and for quite some time has been that they are the only group that is right with God, that Rony Denis is the man God for the world, and that if you leave their “church” you will go crazy.

The Reverend Rony Denis knew that by his crafty devilish wisdom that he could not spue this venom out of his mouth right away. Look at what he wrote in his departure letter from the New Testament Christian Church (NTCC ):



Notice what he said back then, the underlined portion of the top paragraph states that NTCC has used a “blanket of fear” and would damn your soul to hell if you left. Sound familiar?

Notice also how he says that no single organization can reach the whole world in sufficient time, in other words another group could be right with God outside of the one you are leaving.

This is not what Mr. Denis is saying now. He has done a complete 360 degree turn in the worst way imaginable. He reminds me of a story called Animal Farm.

Rev. and Sis. King were in service in Fayetteville, NC when the Rev. Schmidtke behind the pulpit said that House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC ) was the only church right and that if you leave you will go crazy. Actually sir, the opposite is true. If you stay you will go crazy. I wonder how many people have Mr. Denis caused to be admitted into the mental ward.

House of prayer (HOPCC ) is a cult. I know I have been there since the early days.

My Cult Reflections:

Some of the people in this cult initially appear nice and friendly but inwardly they are ravining wolves. Especially if you speak against or disagree with their pastor, who has become their messiah. Listen to the Reverend Pilkington’s explanation for putting his hands on an elder minister.

Pilkington’s main excuse for putting his hands on this elder minister is because he touched the Lord’s anointed by calling him crazy.

Paul rebuked Peter. Can anyone rebuke Reverend Rony Denis for lying about knowing the date of the rapture? Does Pilkington have the right by God to do what he did because someone disagreed with his pastor.

These people are dangerous! Don’t just take my word for it listen their own words.

My Cult Reflections:

I have always heard that pride is a preacher killer. Listen to this man and judge for yourself.

Have you ever heard a real man of God refer to himself that way? Where is lifting up Jesus Christ?
Is Michael Jordan the one we Christians are to idolize? I do remember years ago seeing a Michael Jordan audio book in his house. Rony Denis also found fault with Rev. Kekel of NTCC for always comparing himself with Jimmy Hendrix, the worldly guitar player. What hypocrisy!

The Bible teaches that if any would be great among you let him be your servant. The man in the audio is the Reverend Rony Denis, he has become by far the proudest man I have known in the church. He has servants as he calls them slaving for him.

Over the past twelve years his bitterness and jealously toward NTCC has been chronic. In twelve short years of HOPCC this man has collapsed into utter foolishness. Pride goeth before destruction. I don’t see how anyone of any true sincerity of heart can remain in such a place and be saved.

That’s why I had to leave!

My Cult Reflections:

One aspect of a cult is for you to only have hope in them and not God. The cult wants you to feel condemned and to only trust in its leader for salvation.

One of HOPCC’s primed brainwashed ministers is the Reverend Pilkington. He came to the Greensboro church teaching us that God loves it when we feel like we are going to hell. This is condemnation. Cults do not want you to trust in the the Bible but in its leader.

Listen to Pilkington and keep in mind Romans 8:1

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.

These people who believe in what Pilkington is teaching from his pastor must not be in Christ Jesus and must be walking in the flesh.

Jesus said rejoice that your names are written in heaven.

Thank God for the hope of heaven. HOPCC tried to take it away but I got away just in time.

Please pray for the other cult members to make it out!

Here is a perfect description of the ones sold out to Rony Denis:


This is why the fuehrer Rony does what he does and actually has come to believe:


My Cult Reflections:

Some time ago I was listening to the news and the newscaster referred to someone as the “Haitian Sensation”. I could not help but to think of another man who may consider himself as the “Haitian Sensation, the greatest thing the world has ever known.

He brags about having so much money and he does because he stole it from the people using their credit and otherwise. I heard him bragging about his “Building crew”.

They make him a lot of money by their illegal activity. Since he has so much money, why not do the job right the first time.

I do remember years ago Jimmy Denis saying that he did have a problem with I Peter 2:13-14. The only ordinance he wants to follow is that which is in line with Kabbalah.

Here is evidence of how his crackpot “Building crew” does his bidding:


This is the HOPCC house in Greensboro, NC. Greed causes you to not do things right. Shame on you Rony Denis!

“No permits issued” And you sir are not permitted to do what you’re doing to God’s people.


During my time in HOPCC I have come to realize that Rev. Denis was playing games the whole time. I actually believed alot of his tactics, but as they continued it became obvious and repetitive that I could tell you what was coming next, it was seriously like a game of dominos, one preacher was getting crushed and then the next and then the next they were made to give false confessions! And get publicly humiliated and then he began to pick up the dominos again, and began the cycle again to knock them back down, and while you might be standing now, you can be assured your turn was coming next, the preachers where like a bunch of animals scrambeling to be able to stand up and pulling there brother/sister down as they try to get up.
Rev. Denis knew this tactic, so he would have some preachers he would not talk to, and say they were so wicked he couldnt talk to them. This preacher would then covet to be on the inside again, while the others that were on the inside would gloat and do whatever Rev. Denis wanted. He would pronounce judgement on you, and then shortly thereafter you would be cleared. This is when I acknowledged to myself that this was a mind control tactic, i could already tell you what was coming next.
What is strange to me is that the Preachers over there feel like it is so real! They are perfectly comfortable living on a roller coaster, thank God we got off and now we are living on a Solid Rock. Its a sad thing that they have allowed this man to play games with there lives!and he has lost pieces during the process, I pray that these pieces can be recovered, but the sad truth is some are never found. With the ones we find we pray that they wont continue to be part of a game, but delivered to not play games but to live the life God has instructed them to.

Sharita Yorke

Rony Denis said that no one could get saved or was getting saved unless he is traveling. He is not traveling as much as he used to but when he did we,the poor pastors, had to supply the millionaire cult leader with a few goodies to make his missionary trip tolerable amongst us savages. Check the list faxed to me by Denis loyalist, William,not my will but Denis will be done, Pilkington sent me:



The great missionary at heart, who hasn’t been anywhere can’t handle the ruff and tuff jungle of the American suite rooms without a little comfy comf. I don’t mind helping to be a blessing and making things easier but come on, this is a cult you did us wrong for years sir!

82 thoughts on “Cult Reflections

  1. Can you imagine what “ The List ” would look like today- with Julie Phoebe Ruth Mariah Joy Aigner Denis tagging along!!!!???!! Outta this 🌎 world, lol! 😯😮😲😲😳😳😩😫😢😖😣😭😡😡😡😡🤔

    Talk about fleecing the flock!!!…

    1. Did you know that Julie doesn’t spell Phoebe like it appears in the Bible? She actually spells it like this, Phebe, just like the Reip’s daughter. Denis’ daughter, Mariah, is supposedly a biblical name, but the name in the Bible is actually Mt. Moriah. These people are frauds!

  2. Meanwhile, in North Carolina on Fort Bragg: I was out walking from my barracks on fort bragg when I was approached by a man and his wife. He asked me if I wanted to join him for church the following day, and I looking for a church thought it was a great idea (given my location at the time, it’s obvious I’m new to the base). After some conversing, he gives me a card for the church and we briefly discuss how and when he may come get me. He gets into his decked-out, and I mean nice, truck, very expensive and drives off.

    The name of the church is the house of prayer Christian church.

    Name for name what this page is about, but in a different state. Circumstances seem similar (near a base, well-off inner-members, the same name, etc) and even the symbol on this card is like what I’m seeing from this church in GA. My question is, is it the same trap as in GA?

    1. Concerned Citizen, it is surely the same trap. Just ask them about Rony Denis or “pastor” Denis you will see for yourself. The Fayetteville pastor of House of Prayer there worships this man. His name is Schmidtke. Pray and God will lead you to the right church.

    2. Honestly, you can go and pray and have your fellowship with God – I always tell people, be grown up enough to know what to take in and what to throw out. I’ve been to this church for about 3 years (before the break from NTCC) – a lot were not what I was used to and after a while I left – just got tired of the gossip on stage. You have to pray at home, read and ask God to lead you to the “right” place. I go to Manna Church now – there are sermons on the site as well. Not recruiting, but that’s where I am comfortable with. It’s all about the person. To me, it’s a shame grown adults let a man direct their lives (what to wear, spend, etc…)

      My brother is heavily involved in that church you were invited to – he calls people homosexuals if they dress a certain way – addresses people as stupid – I wouldn’t want to involve myself in such a place. A lot of bitterness…he knows the bible well and uses it only for benefits against someone – not an environment I would want to be involved with. Always good to find out yourself, and if the comfort is not there, walk away, as I did.

  3. My Cult Reflections:

    In reflecting with my wife concerning our time in the cult, I find that Rony Denis as a mad scientist created an experiment called House of Prayer Christian Church and it turned into a disastrous cult. He would make fun of the preachers like Bercini and Khuns who thought that one day they would take over New Testament Christian Church but in reflection and research we realize that he was thinking that he would take over NTCC himself. Being a narcissist he blew his top when R.W. Davis did not do a foolish thing by turning the church over to this mad man.

    This man, Denis, has been bitter for so many years and has produced an army of bitter souls. I thank God we got out when we did. I have never been bitter at NTCC or even now at HOPCC. Denis is like an abusive husband who beats his wife. He is so abusive to the church and then acts like he loves them. You can’t be bitter and love at the same time. The unsuspecting souls are beguiled by Denis’ smooth lies and trust in his uncertain riches. One of their ministers who said Denis was messed up ran back to him because he needed a safety net for his shaky finances and shaky faith in the Almighty God.

    Pray for these people for they know not what they do!

    1. I spoke to someone who goes to HOPCC – he said NTCC was corrupt, they were a cult, and did real estate frauds, and etc… He said HOPCC broke away from that. Very weird conversation, the person was down talking my church and insulting me as well – very awkward. Not sure if you’re the same “Rev Yorke” – he stated these websites are created by filthy sinners, and that Yorke took money from the church and that his wife would walk around flirting….not my business, but the only thing I ask was “wow, you guys really talk about people a lot instead of uplifting them…”

      All this started from me turning down an invitation to the church – I gave him the name of muy church that I attend, and the comment is “yea I been to that church, theres no spirit there….the pastor saw a video one day and opened a church for the business.” Awkward people – very bull headed. And apparently everyone who has facebook (including me) are gay/homosexuals…I asked if John McArthur, Paul Washer are gay, and he said yes. Said Billy Graham is a Mason. Then I ask again, “you’re suppose to represent your organization, and it seem you don’t have much love for others..”

      Everyone’s in a bubble. Weird environment….

      1. Lol 😂 this website was created to expose Rony Denis and Hopcc as the frauds and liars that they are. We see that their representatives are great examples of what we are talking about.

      2. To add to this comment, about a month ago I went to this bretherin’s home to get some items. He was getting ready for a “soul winning” trip – something huge. Nothing wrong with that. Well, one of his other service member came to his home. I brought up the recent church shooting, since it keeps happening…..his friend said under his breath to him “they got the wrong church…should have shot the baptist church that pastor talked about.” Red flag!!!! He didn’t think I heard…what amazed me is the other guy just smile and try to shake it off, but I heard it.

        Anyhow, have to pray for these folks – they’re lost…they know the Bible well, and they use it against people – there’s a lot of angry spirits there and a lack of self-control.

        Last night I came accross this article about Spiritual Abuse – it nails this organization.

        I read this passage last night from Romans 16:17 – “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.” Before he called to invite me to his church, I prayed earlier in the day for God to lead me on what to say without me getting angry or losing control of my mouth. I’m sure cutting ties is important – he knows the Bible and throws scriptures beneficial to feed the hate.

      3. It is very much needed to expose the evils of men like Rony Denis. There has been famous entertainers who have reportedly and by their admission sold their soul to the Devil for fortune and fame. Did Rony sell his soul? The Bible speaks of Ahab selling himself to work wickedness in the sight of the Lord. This is something that is not heard of. Rony Denis has bragged about being the “Michael Jordan” of Ntcc. This same Rony Denis calls sports an evil sin but used an icon of basketball 🏀 to describe himself. This same Denis criticized preachers from Ntcc for using illustrations in their preaching that were not found in the Bible. But he can use Michael Jordan. There was a time early on in Hopcc that Denis used to keep a bookshelf in his living room. While in his house I spotted what looked like an audio book on Michael Jordan. Oh, the irony and hypocrisy of it all!
        To: the sinless prophet- Rony Denis
        From: the filthy sinners- Ray Yorke

      4. So, you spoke to a follower of Denis, and they said that Ntcc is a cult intangled in real estate fraud. That’s funny because Hopcc has been accused of the exact same thing. Also this follower insulted you and bad mouthed the church you currently attend. He then trashed Yorke and his wife accusing Yorke of what Denis was accused of when they “broke away” from Ntcc and his wife for being a flirt. The funny thing again is when Yorke and his wife were there I don’t recall him saying all these things. This follower also called you a homosexual because you have Facebook. It is obvious that these people are speaking unbelievable lies. I wouldn’t believe any of their nonsense. It just doesn’t add up. If someone were to ask them about you, do you think that they will tell the truth or just repeat the ridiculous lies that they were told?

        1. Yes, I recorded about 3 minutes of the “conversation” – it was complete hate and bash. I asked if he has a brain, that who speaks like that when they’re representing a church? About 3 mins into the insult, that’s when he says “well, the pastor asked for you, and he wanted me to invite you.”

          Last month, the same guy (he’s my brother by the way lol) had another member by his home – we were all chatting outside – I brought up the Texas church shooting – my bro had no idea of it since he doesn’t watch TV. Anyhow, his friend whispered to him and said “they shot up the wrong church…should’ve shot up that Baptist church that pastor spoke of, eh?” Bro just smiled and shrug it off, as if I didn’t heard it – my wife got so upset on the drive home and said “wow, this is a cult..who comments about murder, to anyone?”

          Anything you say, there’s a quick answer for. It amazes me this person babbles, and in those nonsense you can catch remarks which doesn’t make sense. I believe he knows it’s a cult, but he feels loved and appreciated – for someone to speak that way and feel empowered – it’s a type of security – talk about others to make yourself feel better.

          I know when he went to the church, he lied and act like a victim, like we were the sinners who insulted him on the phone…That’s why I recorded it and hanging on to the text messages.

  4. Jimmy Denis is a cruel taskmaster. Just to give you a little background. My parents are Rev and Sis King. My dad was the Associate Pastor there in Fayetteville NC. And Rev and Sis Schmidtke pastor the church there and have known our family since I was 3 or 4 yrs old, as a matter fact my mom prayed with Sis Schmidtke for Salvation in Korea when my dad was stationed there.
    The Schmidtkes are the biggest weasels you will ever meet. I’m sorry to say but they are great manipulators and are experts of twisting stories and telling lies on people at the same time they smile in your face and call you brother or sister.
    The Retzlaffs are another couple that are helpers there in Fayetteville NC. Todd and Lakresha keep the balance on the Schmidtkes and give them a taste of there own medicine because they to are also tale bearers. Lakresha has such a weak conscience and feels condemned about everything, she is also beloved by Denis not because she fits any type of mold but because she really conducts herself in a very strange and odd way or cooky way, and if you know her you know what I’m saying is true, she also hides behind fake Spirituality, but he likes her because she is a cheeseball and will call about anything and Denis loves this because that’s a perfect way he can keep tabs on what’s going on in the churches.
    One time my mom was doing a food run ( this is where several hopcc churches get free food from the Foodlion stores and use this food to feed the GI’s and give the leftovers to the church members) So it was my mom and dad in the fellowship hall with Lakresha and also another sister, and the Martelli Sparkling juices came in from Foodlion and these are the sparkling juices that you see that come in a glass that resembles the wine bottle.
    One sister proceeded to ask them if they thought something was wrong with them, my dad said he probably wouldn’t buy them, and then he turned to my mom and asked her and she said she didn’t think anything was really wrong with them. Lakresha listening to the conversation picks up the phone to call Denis and of course twist the story, and the way he handles things he never checks to see if what the weasel said was true. So my dad not knowing what was going on receives a call from Rev. Denis and when my dad picks up the phone he answered and said “what you got for me” and all hell would brake loose.
    Denis got so mad at him for that, that he told him he was never going to preach behind the pulpit ever! Until God tells him, he yelled at him and told him he was not his peer! (Even though my dad is older than denis) and he removed him from being full time and told him to go get a job! Called him every name other than a child of God!
    Mind you when all this went down with Lakresha, I was on the phone with my mom, and I knew what really happened.
    Fellowship meeting was coming up in Hinesville Ga, and I already knew he was zeroing in on me to see what my response was going to be. To see if he had that much control over me that I would just agree to what he just did.
    So I went to service and I was just in utter disbelief about what he had just done, he was watching me in church, and afterwards it was time to go to his house. I already knew he was going to bring it up.
    This is the way it works, he already knew that I knew the real story and the way he operates he has to retell the story and everybody knows how he twist it to his benefit, by lying and adding things because if he told it the way it really happened everyone would be wondering what is the big deal.
    So I sat down and he was sitting across from me and he was looking at me in my eyes, he started fellowshipping as normal, and then out of the blue he jumped to his feet! And started yelling at me, about make your choice! And he started calling me stupid! For choosing my dad over him. I didn’t think I was choosing anything I was just sitting there in my seat. Then he got all the way to my face and screamed at me that he would never preach in his pulpit again, and he’s proud and then he proceeded to tell me that my mom and I were gossiping and I can’t talk to her on the phone anymore. And then he kept getting angrier and angrier and the whole time I wasn’t saying anything. And finally he told my husband to get me out of his house! And he told him to take me to the hotel and that he can come back but not me.
    So my husband took me to the hotel and dropped me off, and as we were going in the hotel my parents were on there way to his house. I guess he called them to head over so they can go get blasted as well.
    From that point forward Rev. Denis went out his way to destroy my dad’s character in my eyes by telling me that he was my real dad not him, that Denis was there for me not my dad. He went on to say that he was selfish and didn’t love me. And then he went out his way to make me seem like I was the worse rebellious wife to my husband. This would continue for a while, and even said my mom was a gossiper and calling them religious and everything else when previously he had praised her as a women that should be praised because she had a meek and quiet spirit.
    This same evil man that did that to my dad, is the same one that had over $250,000 in loans in my dad’s name for his benefit. He has a house that is no benefit to him, and is underwater, the church still has control over, he told my dad to his face that he is my real father not my dad.
    Please don’t tell me this I’ve been hurt by the church so I can’t serve God anymore. He is living proof that it can be done.
    Rev and Sis Schmidtke felt bad for my dad being that my dad is older than they and they seen how he was mistreated, but just like the rest of those weasels they sit there and don’t say anything. Through all of the mistreatment and what you could call abuse, and hurts. We are still serving God because it wasn’t God that did me wrong, as a matter of fact he provided a way of escape and we are all so thankful!
    Only God knows why we went through the things we did, but in everything “give thanks”.

  5. I was just reading the list that was given to the pastors when the “king” rony denis arrived. While I had been apart of his set up before I hadn’t seen the actual list. One thing i remember is that hotel room had to be SCRUBED before the “KING” showed up. Walls, baseboards, pretty much everything that could be seen had to be SCRUBED. I found this list very disturbing and hypocritical for a number of different reasons. First off, why the list of scriptures before the list of demands? Obviously it is Subtle brainwashing. If any of the ministers were to think the list outrageous the first thing they will recall are the list of scriptures, taken totally out of context. Now anybody knows that list will put any small church in the poor house. Of course the “king” rony doesn’t know how much things cost anymore, since he hasn’t been shopping for himself in any many years. he has servents shop for him with credit cards that are paid off each month by rev. Nostrant. When these church’s don’t have money the pastors are trashed and put on trial, to find out what sin is causing “God not to bless”. Rony denis takes no thought for the burdens he puts upon the people. Doesn’t this sound a little like the pharasies that put burdens on people that they won’t lift a finger to remove? Another thing that is disturbing, is on the list a stuffed animal is required for Mariah. The thing about this is rony denis once came for a visit to my house. During this visit he went in my son’s room, and saw the net filled with his stuffed animals he had had since birth. We were told to throw them away, that Americans have stuffed animals because they are idols. Now we no longer have his stuffed animals he had his whole young life. So why is every pastor required to provide something that rony denis calls an”idol”?

    1. And then the “king” sits back and says we did a whole lot more for Rev. Davis, I’m sorry folks but no one was at Rev. Davis’ hotel scrubbing walls and taking the comforters and sheets off the bed and buying new ones from Dillard’s to replace, and the whole bathroom redone with nice bathroom decor, the front desk associates are looking at you crazy when you have to explain that you are bringing in a whole trolley of stuff into the room before the person arrives, and when you try to explain that it is one of your dignitaries are coming to town.
      Then bugging the housekeeping to run at every bidding for the “king” And then he demands that every meeting room is worthy of his teachings and all his followers to come around and listen! And even in the Lobby! And then when he is asked to leave he believes that the person is of the devil! My friends Rev. Davis never asked of this much foolishness……

  6. My Cult Reflections:

    Has anyone ever considered the sketchiness of Jimmy’s conversion experience? I remember one time he said that he was watching Jimmy Swaggart preaching on T.V. and was moved to where he cried. Mr. Denis claimed he got saved and attended a Haitian Baptist church. In recent times he has said that the Haitian pastor wanted his help but Rony didn’t want to answer his phone calls. He said he actually went back to preach in the church and told the pastor that the people wanted holiness, Rony’s version of course. I was on the phone once with this Haitian pastor in which Jimmy said that we both, the Haitian pastor and I, would go to the Caribbean on a missions trip. This was all baloney, just like the time he spoke of me going to Africa and so-on. Anyone remember to get your passports ready for the big Israel shindig?

    He later said that he left God and told God to leave him alone while he was in the military stationed in D.C. Here he claims somehow to get saved again and he tells his friends that he is not going to the clubs anymore and how that God taught him holiness. Later he is stationed somewhere else and he is looking for a church. If I remember correctly it was Ft. Polk, LA. He eventually meets Bro. Annis who brings him to NTCC. Mr. Denis has said that this church was not spiritual and that the pastor was gay. Hmmmm….

    After the service Rony went to his barracks room to pray. He didn’t want to return to the church but according to him, God told him to return and that he just didn’t understand. After sometime Rony left to go to NTCC Bible School in St. Louis MO. It was here that Mr. Denis “received” the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He shared that Rev. Blumenthal came in from traveling who Mr. Denis initially found fault with the way he was dressed but later realized he was travelling. When Blumenthal preached, Jimmy however noted to us that he had a nice black suit on. The message was, If you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more shall your heavenly Father give you the Holy Ghost. So, Jimmy receives the Spirit baptism he claims at this time. It is here that Jimmy speaks of his wonderful position of being vice-president of the now out of business Olympic Pen. How he won everybody to God like his wife and her family. To which she testified in the last conference I attended when he asked her multiple questions about who taught her how to pray and so-on. To which she replied to every question, “You suh”. Would she have been wrong if she said, Jesus taught me to pray like he did the disciples. I know preachers help us but they are supposed to be just giving us what Jesus gave, right?

    Jimmy graduates and then “excels above his fellows” through tricky and has the audacity to think Rev. R.W. Davis will turn NTCC over to him. Out of his own mouth he has admitted that he was just a “Cash Cow” for them. If you research his history many people complained about his tactics. He is not the so-called Michael Jordan he loves to portray himself as. What he had going for him was what NTCC wanted money and numbers. I told him one time how someone wrote how he informed Mr. Denis of some complaints he had concerning his pastor in Atlanta, GA. at the time. Denis told me that the account was true but the pastor had the numbers so what could he do. It was all about the numbers. If you hand numbers and money you could do anything in NTCC and that is still Denis’ mindset today except he is the one who is going to do what he wants, no one else.

    He brags about flipping houses and skirting the law. Was this man ever saved?

    1. My Cult Reflections :

      As I think back to the wicked cult control tactics of Mr. Denis I find it sad and terrible how he has robbed people from having a true Christian experience.

      Mr. Denis complained of how NTCC had so many rules of who you could or could not fellowship with and how you had to get permission for fellowship and so on.

      Mr. Denis has caused hopcc to become ten times worse on every regard. Telling people that they can not talk to each other even family members and pastors not being able to talk to their former members.

      A pastor is a teacher and a guide not a controller of your life. People were unable to develop any true spiritual growth or spiritual discernment on their own without the controller running their lives.

      How can you grow in God in an environment like that?

  7. The cult leaders of HOPCC are still splitting up marriages if one of the spouses doesn’t agree with the head cult master Rony Denis. Please sign the petition and get others like family and friends to sign in order to take Rony down.

  8. Can you believe that Rony Denis is trying to set up another act of Adultery? How many of you old timers that came from NTCC remember when he said all this divorce and remarriage would not be in House of Prayer?
    He’s a liar, now Rev Denis is trying to marry Jessica Rodriguez to Roscoe!!!!! How many of you know that he had a loving wife that cared about him and wanted to stay married to her husband, but underneath Denis he divorced them and is trying to remarry him to Jessica Rodriguez!!
    Poor Jessica if you by any chance read this. please PLEASE! DON’T MARRY THAT MAN, YOU WILL BE LIVING IN ADULTERY!!
    Rev. Denis knows this but as you know he says he has the power to divorce people! And he does not care about your eternal destiny! This will be the worse mistake you ever made in your life.
    I’m so glad God spared Rev. Davis to see the monster that came from his church organization I don’t think even he could handle the sorrow of what Rev. Denis has done to the people that got saved through Rev. Davis’s ministry not his!

    1. Oh, No! Not Roscoe Peecoe!

      Denis said that he is not sure of who would make it to heaven in Hopcc because of all of the divorce and remarriage.

      Denis are you going to make it sir?

      1. Double Dribble Denis says that he was the Michael Jordan of NTCC.
        I don’t remember him preaching at any conference that I attended, he preached once in Graham that I can remember, some Michael Jordan.

        They just used him as a cash cow like he said before. He knows how to extort money from his parishioners. He apparently thought he could buy the coveted position of head pastor of NTCC but they booted him to Hinesville, GA and he’s been fuming ever since.

        Oh, No! Sir you was not Michael Jordan, his team won but you lost. Kekel got it, you didn’t.

        Your more like the Washington Generals.

  9. In my experience with NTCC and Rony’s cult, HOPCC, I find that Rev Davis had more credibility and integrity than Rony Denis could ever weasel up.

    Dubious Denis always compared himself with Davis. R.W. Davis had his problems and I know people have had terrible experiences in NTCC under R.W. Davis however I have never known Rev Davis to be involved witchcraft and destroying people at the cult level that Rebellious Rony is doing. Rony, the wizard, claimed to talk to R.W.Davis after he died!

    Rony you will never CATCH Rev Davis!

  10. One person that I have noticed that Rev. Rony Denis had it out for from since the beginning was Rev. Bradeen. It seemed as if Rony could not stand Rev. Bradeen. Rony has called Bradeen the chief Amalikite. One time in Greensboro during a pastors meeting Bradeen and his wife left early to swap out with the Robertsons. Rony was furious and after the “prayer meeting” got behind the pulpit and said Bradeen had a big devil in him. Little did I realize at the time that the biggest devil in the room was behind the pulpit.

    It was at this Greensboro pastors meeting that Rony was still speaking his Kabbalah nonsense. Rev. Heidler and I were upstairs on our way downstairs with Rony Denis when Rony stopped and started talking to us about the letter “Y” and how it has a split in it and the wonders and mysteries of that split. I didn’t try to make sense of the significance of it because by this time, having been a seasoned cult member, I had learned to just let the mad prophet speak his foolishness and then move on. While downstairs Rony was doing usual philosophizing and he said something that caused the outsider, Rev. Heidler, to pipe up and actually poke fun at Rony’s teaching of the letter “Y” splitting. Rony of course didn’t like that. The first lesson in cult member survival 101 is that you don’t make fun of the madness of the false prophet openly or even secretly because you don’t know who will turn you in even your own spouse, you might even be dumb enough to turn yourself in. You must learn to just nod your head wisely as if you understand the depths of his foolishness but on the inside your brain is telling you that this man is crazy.

    Lil’ Rony always complained that no one listened to him. This was one of his cult mind control techniques. He would complain that people listen to Rev. R.W. Davis more because he was older, white, and tall while, bless his thumbing gizzard (old NTCC jargon), Rony was younger, blacker, and shorter with an accent. So, Rev. Bradeen was in Rony’s eyes the embodiment of the appearance at least of NTCC. Bradden took a lot of heat. Can you imagine preaching your heart out for God and then right after the service a Yoda type of figure begins to berate you and what you preached in front of the whole congregation and accuse you of trying to be him in your preaching? Bradeen, yes has tried to raise up some but has effectively been silenced. He does lash out at people but it is more like a wounded dog stripped of his dominance.

    We must expose what is going on under the blue roof, but please pray for these preachers and especially the people who are really deceived by Rony’s hocus pocus. These preachers know that something is not right but they feel as if they must still obey. Obey who? The devil? Bradeen and Denis speak about a “covenant” and an “umbrella”. What covenant or umbrella of God would have you to stay faithful to destroying families, stealing from the people, perverting the gospel, turning the grace of God into lasciviousness?

  11. I know this minster that are in that cult are crazy one in san diego was telling my wife and myself that when you are having sex that the holy ghost will come upon you he told me that it happens with his wife when they do it. I thought that was the craziest thing i was every told in my life when i went home that night me and my wife talked about it and was like that was super crazy. This men are so messed up.

      1. Jimmy hears different voices at different times. So, you will get different teachings according to what spirit or demon he is listening to.

      1. The cult teachings are so confusing soon it will be considered a sin for a husband and wife to be involved in the act of marriage and bowel movements might soon be considered a sin as well.

        Thank God I got out of that crazy place!

    1. Wow, these people are so “HOLY” the Holy Ghost comes down on them when they are doing that!

      To bad He doesn’t come down on them when they pray.

  12. Many members of House of Prayer/assembly of prayer are leaving their first love not because they want the world or sin, but because the pastors are laying burdens on them that are too heavy to be borne. A born again Christian will naturally want to obey God,love their neighbor, soul win,pray,and read their Bible, without some man compelling them to. But when these things become mandatory requirements, the Christian starts to get tiresome and may even start to despise these things,while if left alone they would grow in these things and be led by the Lord to do them. Jesus’s yoke is easy,and His burden is light, but these pastors are supplanting Jesus and adding unbearable burdens ,that the members think are Jesus’s.

  13. You know you are in a CULT when the “ministers” work hard to separate your marriage.

    Jesus spoke directly against this, he said what God has joined together, let no man (this includes ridiculous Rony Denis and his cronies)
    put them asunder or separate them.

    God has put my wife and I together not ruthless Rony. He tried to get in the middle but we kicked him OUT!

    Can you imagine ole “bucktooth” grinning at you in the bed with you and your spouse? You need to kick him OUT!

    Before I left devious Denis apparently had a plan to paint me as gay like he apparently is. I was on the phone with him, Pilkington and others. On this phone call Lil’ Rony was insinuating that while in NTCC we pursued homosexuality. Pukey Pilkington ate it all up and said he wanted it, it was so bad jimmy had to stop him. I believe the call was designed to get me to make a false confession. Well, I did not.

    My wife told me later that Rebellious Rony said that somewhere he lost her. What does that mean? I thought she was my wife not his. She wouldn’t be attracted to him anyway. He thinks he is a ladies man. He said before looks are not important but all he speaks about are people’s looks all the time.

    I am not going to get personal and speak of his looks in that manner but he is not a ladies man. He is the embodiment of narcissism.

    Don’t let this man ruin your marriage and try to marry you off to someone else. Over in NTCC they spoke on swapping wives was like changing socks. What Dirty Denis is doing has only one fitting description: EVIL

  14. I’ve been reading through all the testimonials and cult reflections on you peoples experiences within this cult and I commend all you people for such bravery on making a stand for Jesus. I was once apart of NTCC under the infamous Rev Denis. Ive always known him to be manipulative and controlling but he seemed to geniunely love the Lord back then, so we just kinda sucked it up when we were rediculed in the middle of soulwinning meetings/rebuke sessions. I recall seeing some of the brothers and sisters crying but trying to be discrete following some the harsh rebuke sessions. I remember he tried to use the scripture where Jesus rebuked Peter saying “get the behind me satan”, which was a clever attempt to justify his actions for be cruel towards us and name calling. I was taught many many yrs later what that scripture really meant. Peter was a man of God but momentarily operated in the flesh when he forbade jesus to go to the cross. Jesus rebuked the spirit that caused Peter to speak against the very reason Jesus came which was to be a sacraficial lamb for us fulfilling what was spoken by the prophets in the old testament. My point is that Rev Denis would take scriptures from the Bible and give it a whole different meaning to justify his actions. I’ve never heard him publicly apologize to anyone back then even there was sometimes evidence that he was wrong about something, a proud individual in every form and fashion. Again I commend all you people on you bravery for trusting God and being strong in the Lord making a stand for what is right. My continuous prayer is that others eyes will be opened and soon follow after truth. May God continue to shine the light on every evil and crooked deed and Satan’s empire be brought down to nothing In JESUS Mighty Name, amen. Be it known that God is not mocked and as Rev Denis himself was famous for quoting “God has to honor his word.”

  15. How many marriages have to be destroyed before enough is enough? These ministers especially the formally NTCC ministers have a lot of blood on their hands and will have to pay dearly unless they do something soon. It blows my mind how they can be a partaker of Denis’ sins. It probably shocked them when I left, but I have to go to heaven and I’m not missing heaven for loyalty to a madman. I used to have some respect for some of these men but now, how can I have any. I understand that some are trapped by lil’ Rony’s web of control but still they could break free if they really wanted and counted the cost. They are 100% deceived if they think that they can be saved doing what they are doing. Any man that is trying to split your marriage is not of God.

  16. As I read these comments I am filled with Joy that the Lord opened up doors for our escape! Its crazy how they would control everything. I remember when my wife and I were struggling to pay bible college, at the time I was flying back and forth picking up my daughter in california to visit with me in hinesville, on top of that I had monthly child support payments i made. I remember speaking with Robertson and told him, I cannot afford to pay bible college and pay my child support at the same time, therefore i will be dropping out of bible college and focusing on my child support. Robertson checked in with his daddy Lil Rony, then the next day at the forced (noon screaming meetings.. opps i mean prayer meeting) robertson told me “stop paying child support and stay in bible college, take care of the church and God will bless you” hahahow retarded was that. And being the dumb sheep that i was i obeyed the “man of gosh” smh! I mean come on?! Why would the man of gosh do anything to hurt me. Well i got behind on my payments, my credit was destroyed and when I approached Robertson about this, lil rony called and rebuked me.

    Crazy how its all about money with those pack of devils! But now by the grace of God my credit is restored, I have my own business (that I run and operate legally) we have a car of our choosing not one chosen by lil rony and his cronies haha! I have custody of my daughter and im still happily married TO THE SAME WOMAN FOR THE LAST 10 years!!

    I even rememebr how hard they would try to cause wedges between my wife and i lol Robertson or lil Rony would say things like “sis retana tell me everything you dont likee about George, ” or vice versa! But they would get mad amd angry cuz we never gave them any details about our marraige! Thank God we married 3 years before attending the cult hopcc, cuz unfortunately most marraiges in that cult are arraigned and destroyed! At least i picked my wife lol she wasnt picked for me!

    Those of you there that are stuck you better escape asap! I thank God for Rev Edwards, and Rev Bowers who were greatly used by God to help aid us in escaping! I thank God for Rev Rodriguez and Rev Yorke who are also aiding others! Those of you still there you need to leave NOW! Because just like Noah and the ark, there will come a time where THE LORD will shut the door and NO MAN will be able to open it! The door of escape is open! Dont wait till its shut and you are to late!

  17. The default question in response to people questioning them is always “Is this church of God?” I guess this question is supposed to be equal to Jesus’s question: “The baptism of John,whence was it? From heaven,or of men?”(Matthew 21:25). But this is ridiculous because it’s irrelevant and is supposed to suggest that just because a church is “of God”, it can’t be in error. Was not the Church of Ephesus “of God”? It obviously was, or else there would be no candlestick for Jesus to threaten to remove if they didnt repent and return to their first love. Wasn’t the church of Pergamos “of God”, but guilty of allowing false doctrine and heresies? The Corinthian church was obviously “of God” but needed a sharp rebuke for their allowing of fornication. So this trick question is only used to make people feel like they should say yes, and therefore stoo whatever doubts they have about the dubious deeds and teachings. But the Bible clearly shows that yes, a church *Can* be of God but in danger of heresy and bad things, or in need of correction. I know this Church is of God, but that a non sequitur to the real issue of breaking off all these sins and abuses if God’s people.This church(i was included)has been bewitched like the Galatians and is trying to mix the new wine in the old wineskin. It won’t work,but the reason why living by works is so appealing tibthe flesh, is because when you di works, you can see and experience the results, walking by faith doesn’t always produce results that we can sense,so the flesh wants to do something that produces tangible results. For them it was the circumcision and abstaining from certain foods and people, for us, it was a lot of things that weren’t even in the Bible, and that Romans 14 clearly shows its up to our conscience.

  18. Here’s another one:

    The Effects Of Gaslighting In Narcissistic Victim Syndrome

    Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse used by narcissists in order to instill in their victim’s an extreme sense of anxiety and confusion to the point where they no longer trust their own memory, perception or judgment. The techniques used in “Gaslighting” by the narcissist are similar to those used in brainwashing, interrogation, and torture that have been used in psychological warfare by intelligence operative, law enforcement and other forces for decades.

    The intention is to, in a systematic way, target the victim’s mental equilibrium, self confidence, and self esteem so that they are no longer able to function in an independent way.


    Watch, once Jimmy sees this he’s gonna have a class on, the road to quitting. He’ll say “write this down, you know the devil is lying to you when, he calls me a narcissist. I’m not a narcissist. I don’t even know what that is!”

  19. Underneath The Mask Of A Narcissist

    1. Is a person who will never hold themselves accountable for anything untoward. They will shift the blame onto others and never take responsibility for their bad behaviour. Their failures are always someone else’s fault. Never let someone blame you for a mistake you didn’t make.

    2. Is a person who manipulates others into behaving and thinking as they deem fit. They cause chaos where once there was none, and pit people against each other. They will twist words, sometimes a hint of truth brewed with lies and stirred well.

    3. Is a person who will try to isolate you from your friends and your family. They don’t want anyone else to be the focus of your attention. They want you all to themselves, without a support network. By causing rifts in friendships and family, when the relationship crumbles, who will you turn to? In their minds they know that you will think twice about leaving if your friends and family are long gone.

    4. Is a control freak…


  20. If you are reading this and you are still in this cult you need to just run run run, flee this place. Have faith in God He will take care of you, he did it for us, He will do it for you!

  21. Rev. Denis is so crazy, I remember I used to tell my husband that I thought the whole thing about not having kids was crazy! I never agreed with it. I would tell him this way back in the earlier days that in the Bible it does not teach that. And when Rev Denis would say For the work of the Lord you can choose to not have kids and it’s better that way, that is no where in the Bible.
    When I brought this up how Paul teaches that the younger women should marry and bear children, would you believe someone told me that some of the Bible is Pauls teaching and his perspective for the day, and is not really revelant for the day we are living in!!!!
    Talk about twisting the scriptures, I honestly never agreed with it and I just don’t see how a husband who knows that’s what a women’s role is sits there and tells her she needs to get a whole of her emotions and agrees with the Pastor and his false teachings could do that, that’s the same thing as someone telling the man not to provide for his family!
    And the Bible explicitly teaches that if you want to give yourself more for the Lord, be a eunuch and not get married!! No where in the scriptures does it teach that not having kids is part of that! God has sanctioned the family, and Rev Denis when he left NTCC he accused NTCC of the same thing that he is now guilty of.
    I remember there were times Rev. Denis would constantly ask me did I want anymore kids and I knew not being stupid that the answer better be “No” or I was going to get in big trouble, and I would tell him no because I was scared, and then I would justify it in my mind by saying I wouldn’t want anymore children in this church and environment. Why should you be scared to say you want another child?
    I really feel sorry for all those sisters that want children but because there husbands are wrapped up in that cult they have become heart less and could care less about them as long as they run all there errands for them and Pray Pharisee prayers all day and, think like a man and look like zombies that’s what God has called the women to do.
    Not me by the Grace of God I escaped! And I pray that others would follow. There is Power in the name of Jesus!

  22. My Cult Reflections:

    You know you are in a cult when the leader claims his group is the only one right in the entire earth. Have you ever realized that Jesus didn’t even do this? His disciples forbade other followers of Christ because they were not in their group. Jesus rebuked them and said forbid them not.

    God even told Elijah that he had seven thousand that Elijah didn’t even know about. How can a man,cult leader, get so proud? God does not have to tell you everything.

    Quess what Rony, your group is not the only ones right, the fact is sir YOUR NOT EVEN RIGHT! LET GOD’S PEOPLE GO!

    Thank you.

    1. Rony, which might be short for Veronica, got really upset at me when I told him that my wife was pregnant and that I also was making his job harder.

      I could also tell that he was visibly upset when I congratulated him on getting his wife pregnant. I guess my naivete at the time didn’t allow me to realize the sin of pregnancy in the Holy bounds of Matrimony. But again the “bowel movement” doctrine may have something to do with it.

  23. Rony tells all new couples not to have kids , he says they need kids as much as a hole in the head. He has even said when the women have babies they make HIS job harder. What on earth does he have to do with it? He dosnt feed, clothe, or raise them so why would it be his business? He recently blasted a lady for getting pregnant after she was told not to, he said that was disobedience (Did she get pregnant alone?) Doesn’t the Bible tell the women to marry and have children? Why does everyone over look that? As soon as someone close to him has a baby the couple is forced to have a vasectomy done. Even some who never had kids are forced to do it. Sarah derby is told constantly she needs to keep her emotions in check, because her husband was made to get one long ago and she does want a baby. This is done for the sake of the “gospel” …. what a joke!! when will this man stop ruining people’s lives??

  24. My Cult Reflections:

    Cult leaders always like to change the Bible.

    I remember some years back that cult leader Rony Denis floated the idea of being a married eunuch. Just the thought of it is laughable and foolish but this is how he explained it:

    He said that you can be married and
    opt out of having children. This, in his mind would be equivalent to the biblical eunuch who could give him or herself more to God.

    He brought it up to me again in a phone conversation. This time he said that if he taught what the BIBLE ACTUALLY SAID, PEOPLE WOULD THINK THAT HE WAS CRAZY. So, instead of telling people that the single person can devote more of their time to God he taught and even arranged marriages discouraging the couples from having children. Has anyone ever experienced Jimmy getting angry at them because of pregnancy in your marriage?

    Not long after the NTCC split Rony criticized them for the push to have these young men get vasectomies. He even shared how a doctor convinced him not to get one when he had jumped on the vasectomy bandwagon. (It could be liken in a sense to if you are not circumcised your not saved) Paul called these guys the concision or multilators. I wonder what he would call Rony?

    Well as the world churns or turns Rony has done the same here. Many a young sister’s heart is broken because of Rony’s eunuch unbiblical teaching. Really its done so that he can have more control over you.
    Shame on you Rony!

    1. This is true. He put a lot of pressure on me to get a vasectomy after we had Josiah. That was one of the reasons I think he road me so hard during my 10 years in the office. He had told me that if I had that much pressure before we would not have had Josiah. So the “high priest” child he claimed he loved, he really wished was never born, and he made my life hard to make sure I never had another one. When he found out Obed and his wife were going to have another baby, he was mad and said “God is waiting on us!”. Then I remember another ministers meeting in the old print shop, as we were waiting for him, he came through the door angry, mocking brother coody who was not there, because he had told him that his wife was pregnant. He said” great, one more kid we have to get to heaven!” Come to think about it, Denis complained alot about everything. It’s like he’s a kid that was used to getting his way, now as a grown up, he can’t handle the pressures of life, so he would just wine and complain about everything. He always would wine about me making life hard on him, and once told me I put him through “literal Hell!” For how I handle the real estate for him. Let’s look at this, he has a guy, that never asked for a penny, devoted his life to managing real estate for him for free, would handle personal matters for him for free, would get out of bed at 2:00 in the morning to do research for him, and bring the findings to him at any ungodly hour for free, would work in the church office for free, would go grocery shopping for free, would take his clothes back and forth to the cleaners for free, would hear him wine and complain about everybody and everything every night before he would go to bed, and not charge him a for being a listening psychiatrist for free. If I put “Him” through literal Hell, then Hell must not be that bad of a place to go to. And with the relationship I just described above, he thinks he was the one being treated bad by everyone. How can a Pastor have such lack of empathy towards those who serve him most. It really hurts me to this day that my only prayer during this time was that I wanted God to help me to make my Pastor happy. He Will never know how many nights I was in tears hoping he would accept my sacrifice. But God has heard my prayers, because he is the one who gave me the strength then, and he is the one who is giving me strength now. I feel sorry for the preachers that are praying the same prayers not realizing that their labors will never be accepted, because it’s a sick calculated cycle of abuse that Rony Denis keeps his servants in. He dangles the carrot in front of them, sometimes let’s them get a nibble or two right before he yanks it back out of there mouth and beets them over the head like Balem did to his donkey who was just serving him.

      1. Wow. Reading your experience brought to mind some passages in the Old Testament. Jeremiah 23 v 1-4 and Ezekiel 34 v 1-10. While I realize we do not live in Old Testament times and God was talking to Israel, I believe that what has happened to the people in hopcc at the hands of the “preachers” is very similar to what the above scriptures say happened to the people of Israel. Preachers/ministers/shepherds/priests are not supposed to treat people in the ways you and others have described here. Stay strong for those who God rescues out of there.

        1. Sister, these scriptures are very true, I encourage anyone reading this to look up the 2 scriptures. During the whole time in HOPCC Rony Denis has only preached scriptures that glorify the pastor, but he never preached these which show such great condemnation to a shepherd who uses his flock for gain. Let these scriptures from Gods Holy word be a divine rebuke to Rony Denis, and any shepherd under him who will not lay down their own neck to protect the flock from this wolf. Rony Denis, we know you are paying attention to this. The Lord rebuke you!

  25. The crazy thing about being there is that you are in an alternate state of reality. We are the sum total of everything we hear, and with all the church, services, exhortation after prayer meeting daily, after 12 years of that, it becomes really easy to think that life in the cult is the only thing that’s real. I can’t believe I was so brain washed that that I watched Denis for years change stories, and kept letting the proverbial fish get bigger. The fact is that he must have lost his mind along time ago, and someone once told me, if you spend time with crazy people, you will go crazy yourself. That’s what going on. He fell off his rocker and pulled us all down with him. Why did I let him read my palm? Why did I let him read my sons palm? Why did I let him exploit my willingness to work for a cause without pay? The longer your there, you begin to except Strange things as normal. Remember, everyone in a psychiatric facility “knows” they are a prophet, or God, or some famous person. Rony is running a psychiatric facility without walls, he is nuts, and has everyone around him nuts or becoming nuts. That’s why he gets mad that he can’t heel or blind people, he really lost his mind and thinks he can do these things. Anyone around him that believes him is just as crazy. Thanks God the Lord woke me up. I still have the Holy Ghost. He has lead me out, and is leading me still. Rony Denis has become a deamon possessed Saul, hearing and arguing with voices that he can’t figure out which is God and which is not. I really wish he would just come clean instead of lieing to cover his sins. When God exposes this great abomination , there is going to be alot of hurting people who are going to need help, and answers. We are the advanced party who God has lead out so that as we recover, we can be strong for those who will come after. We must all commit these victims to heart, and continue to pray for their deliverance.

    Bro. J. M. Rodriguez

    1. That was a great analysis of a tragic situation. I have been involved in trying to help people with mental disorders like schizophrenia. Can you imagine a church leader with this condition without taking any medication to help his mind be balanced leading people? I have seen it to where people were fine when they were taking their meds but you surely can tell when there off.

      Either Rony has been off his medication for a long time or he is being judged by God with evil spirits or both.

  26. My Cult Reflections:

    Early on Lil Rony and I got into it over the issue of lifting up a man. They accused NTCC of this but they were doing the same with Lil Rony.

    One service in Savannah, GA the Reverend David Huff, the former AmWay salesman, was preaching. In his preaching he said that there was only one man he knew that lived right, and then he described this man he knew as short, black, and Haitian. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he was talking about Lil Rony.

    So, they let me preach. I didn’t put Lil Rony on a pedal stool plus I talked about not lifting up a man. Well, I got turned in. Now it was Lil Rony ‘s turn to preach. He let it be known to me that the Bible has men in it, so basically its alright to lift up a man meaning him only. He also said to me that the Reverend David Huff said that about the Reverend R.W. Davis of NTCC, insinuating to me that it was okay for him to do that to him now.

    Years down the road while preaching on the national radio broadcast I had my turn to mention the one perfect man I knew, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Would you believe that I got a phone call of reprimand the very next day with Lil Rony telling me he is not perfect but the best thing next to it.

    I couldn’t believe that I got corrected for lifting up Jesus Christ and not him. Not to long ago I heard the,”I only know one” foolishness again. This time it was oozing out of the mouth of the Reverend William Pilkington.(or is it pukeington,after hearing all that man worship)

    Well Lil Rony ‘s blood. Or Jesus’ blood?

    Make your choice: I choose Jesus!

  27. Have you ever wondered why they stopped teaching Cults in their pseudo Bible seminary?

    Could It be that they didn’t want you to catch on to what they were up to. You know that decision at least had to be cleared by Jimmy (AKA baby Jim Jones) Denis.

  28. My Cult Reflections:

    I heard Jimmy Dean Denis the cult/sausage preacher, say that the rapture was taking place and the vehicle that he was driving at the time would be the last, he would not buy another.

    When I saw him again in Greensboro, NC low and behold he had the NEW QX80. I thought well “things change”. Throughout my cult experience I have found that to be one of my recurring thoughts to justify Denis, “things change”. The problem though is he would attach God to these things. So, did God change?

    No, Denis just lied again. Since I have been delivered from the cult of Rony Denis I can think clearly now.


  29. My Cult Reflections:

    I remember years ago and if you were there maybe you may remember as well. Rony Denis was preaching in Hinesville, Ga. and he spoke about wanting to wear an earring when he was out in sin (he still is btw). The interesting thing is back in that time frame he was speaking of was a time when it was not popular for men to wear earrings except for homosexual men who wore them on their left ear. If I remember correctly he gestured to his left ear as if he pulled off the earring. In his preaching he said that he put it on then took it off, it was a clip on type.

    I heard Rony also brag about how he picks out his wife’s clothing. He speaks with great interest in clothing in general like gay fashion designers and something is different for a heterosexual man to be wrapped up in shopping for his wife’s clothing all the time. Rony has also of late changed his apparel. Those of you who has been around for a little while should be able to tell that his new Italian suits are more fitted than before, especially around the posterior. Not that I am looking like he brags about looking at people but some things are just obvious. Normally he takes his suit jacket off when he is preaching and gets his handkerchief from his back pocket and the liner from his pocket will always be sticking out. Is that because there was little room.

    Rony has made some pretty amazing statements that I can not fathom coming out of the mouth of a straight man. He has said that the sacred act of marriage was the same as relieving yourself as a “bowel movement”. He has said that he can look at one thousand naked women and it would not bother or affect him.
    He enjoys listening to people’s personal bedroom life and even has the to nerve to ask you about it with others listening, not because you need help or counseling but because he, as he admitted is nosey.

    As you know by now, he accuses a lot of people of being gay. Anyone who has been around Rony long enough has heard use one of his favorite word, “backside”. There are many other observations that can be mentioned, maybe later.

    My question is, is Rony a closet homosexual? Please pray for him and others in this twisted cult.

    1. I can testify that I’ve heard from my previous pastor, that the act of intercourse is like a bowel movement, and just a release. He probably learned that from denis too

      1. Yes, the pastors are affected by Denis’ twisted teaching. Even if it doesn’t make sense to them. The mind control aspect of being in a cult is real and the teachings from the head cult master become crazier the prouder he gets.

        Denis told a brother that something was wrong with him because the brother said he felt uncomfortable looking at naked men. Evidently Rony does not feel uncomfortable looking at naked men. I have heard him say that he is doing something to you when he is staring at you.

        My wife was very uncomfortable around him, he liked staring at her and even told her every detail of what she did one church service. (May I have my back please dear cult master)

        The man is a pervert. When he is staring at you he probably is undressing you or attempting some type of Voodoo hoodoo or something.

        The eyes tell a lot about a person, why is his so red and shifty?

  30. I was reading my Bible today, (Yes I still read my Bible) and I happened to be reading 1Cor. 5:11. This is the list of things if any who call themselves brethren not even to eat with. They are not even to be a part of the church. The word extortioner is there. How many times did I read that and not realize that biblically we were required to disfelloship Ron Denis. It doesn’t say anyware in the scripture that the pastor is exempt. For years I watched Ron Denis be an extortioner. Forcing people to purchase property in their name, putting it on the rental market, and never allowing them to receive any of the finances that they generated. If any had questions about why their credit was going down they were yelled at, and made to believe they had no right to question. Once he had residual finances coming from these poor church members, he would then get on them for not giving enough in the offering, then if that wasn’t deep enough, we would continue to go deeper into the people’s finances, and come to find out they had been going out to eat, so that was extra money they had, so he told the whole church God was upset because they were waisting their money at restaurants. So to recap, he used there credit for money, made them give more in the offering, then took food money also. Many times this man would have me or brother Fryar bring restaurant food to him on an almost daily basis, but he would say he can spend money on food like that because he had the money too and the people didn’t so they shouldn’t eat at restaurants. Well, you crippled there business opportunity, and forced them to give just about everything they have. No wonder he had money to eat out and they didn’t. Then it was recently reported to us that he had Rev. Nostrant stand up in the last conference and say that Ron. Denis doesn’t receive money from the “church”. for one he receives money from the real estate fortune he makes with other people’s credit, and 2, he does receive money from the church. I had a couple credit cards that I had to use to purchase things for Ron Denis. Not just me, but Fryar had a couple, Bro. Derby, Oloans, ect. We all had credit cards that we would run up all week long for things we had to buy for him, the weekly bill would be in the thousands. Do you know who paid this bill to bring those credit cards to zero every month? You guessed it, ” the church” every month Rev. Nostrant cuts a check from the main organization account for the church, and pays off all of Ron Denis’ lavished living expenses. Do you see how deceptive this is?

    1. Rev Denis is very deceptive, Bro. Rodriguez is a 100% right, Rev Denis would often tell people when we left that we were disgruntled because we had no money ! I was confused because I was wondering how he knew how much money we had, we were one of the few by the Grace of God that did not allow Rev. Denis in our finances.
      He would say the same thing about my dad,(Rev King) he doesn’t have any $ that’s why he is upset, but my question would be how did he get his money? He used $200,000 of loans on his credit for his benefit!!!! Navy federal loans, car loans, a house! And he sits back and says he doesn’t have any money! When he abuses people’s good credit so that he can live lavishly? And then he has the nerve to tell people that they are his servants! I thought the Bible said the minister’s were servants to the people??? Jesus washed th Disciples feet.
      He is such a liar, my point is this he gets on people about there finances, but where in the world does he get his finances? Abusing people’s credit and wrecking there lives, and he has the nerve to say he doesn’t get any $ from the church? What a liar!

      1. Peter said silver and gold have I none, rip you off Rony says silver and gold, 200 million dollars, beach houses, Rolls Royces, Louis Vuittons, Italian suits, churches shoes,etc, and etc, and etc.

        Peter said, such as I have give I unto you, and the lame man walked.

        Rip you off Rony says such as I have take I from you. And the church is broke, in debt, and stuck.

        Shame on you Rony, let God’s people GO!

      2. that’s a shame. what kind of man calls himself man of God and and uses the members credit and money and makes them get loans for his gain! Now that’s a shame

  31. My Cult Reflections:

    Right before I left this cult I was fellowshipping with Rev Pilkington and Rev Schmidtke. Really they were sent by Denis to spy on me.

    Before they left Rev Schmidtke shared a verse of scripture with me from Job which said, “Let me not, I pray you, accept man’s person, neither let me give flattering titles unto man. For I know not to give flattering titles; in doing my maker would soon take me away. ” ( Job 31:22-22)

    Why did he share this with me? Knowing that Rony is receiving the flattering titles. Maybe God used him to bring confirmation to me even though Schmidtke was sold out to Denis and not God.

    The Rev Schmidtke was at the table when Rev Pilkington was flattering Rony Denis telling us that “pastor” was moving the moon and how God loves it when we feel like we are on our way to hell. Schmidtke seemed as if he was not in total agreement with such heresy but he has played the cult game long enough to know how to navigate through such rubbish. Which for him is to just run with it.

    The ministers over there know that what Denis is doing is wrong they just don’t care enough to do anything about it.

  32. It is insane all this pervertness coming out. The 2 miserable years that My wife and I spent in hinesville after we left from 2 miserable years in Sandiego, we saw sooooo much! I would constantly catch Gerard Robertson in the hallways ALONE with a young sister by the name of Delcina, and also keisha hood! Always in the dark of the hallways of the hinesville church. Yet you would never see Robertson with his own wife. I remember denis always making fun of sisters “backside” and saying “look how big blah blah blah”

    Makes you wonder why a so call man of God, would be alone with sisters in dark hall ways and why another would be looking at other sisters backsides. They have such a spirit of lust and sexual perversion yet they act so holy. Evil evil evil men that have judgment coming upon them soon.

    1. The main problem is the perversion of Jimmy Jones denis……. we cant accuse Rev Robertson of immorality, he isn’t that way. He actually really does look after his wife and does love her. The reason these preachers are never seen with their wives is because of the system of the church, that has been set up by Rony Denis. These preachers are way over worked and made to Handle every detail of each persons life,which they are obviously not capable of. The system doesn’t teach the people to look to Jesus but to look to a man!

      1. The system is designed to control your life. Rony Denis has set it up to where these preachers are in every detail of your life plus the people can’t do anything unless they let the preacher know about it. So, yes they are over worked and the people are made dependant on the preachers and not God.

  33. I also remember multiple occasions when he would jack up others about lifting weights. Later Jimmy stated lifting weights. He even sold me his weight lifting machine for $550.00 because he got an upgrade, and I made him monthly payments on it. He is double minded. Everything is a sin until he finds use for it, than its on the hush hush until he can acclimate the rest of the church to except it.

    Bro. J. M. Rodriguez

  34. Concerning the above comment. I remember during this time he had the same girls over his house. I was there next to them as he was “dealing with the situation”. He had been interrogating one of the teenage boys previously to tell Him every private matter he had ever done in detail. The boy was not there, and Jimmy said that he promised the boy that if he came clean with everything he would not tell anyone. But he was also saying that heaven cleared him to tell the teenage girls there that day. And he told them that the boy was really Gay, and he told them about everything the boy said he ever did. Nothing he did involved another male, but he betrayed this Boyes trust, and trashed him to the girls just because one of them said she liked him.

    Bro. J. M. Rodriguez

  35. My Cult Reflections:

    I heard Denis say that he could change the scriptures but God trusts him not to. The fact is he has already changed them in the people’s minds.

    Rony has said when a preacher is preaching he can “turn down” his Holy Ghost. My friends, this is not biblical. He surely doesn’t speak of “turning up” someone’s Holy Ghost. Even if he could do such a thing which he can not why would you do that to a preacher?

    He cunningly prepped the people for his cultic witchcraft by informing us that HOPCC is NOT a regular church. (You sure can say that again) So, with this mantra drummed in your head you excuse all the unbiblical claims the false prophet made.

    This is probably one of the first lessons the cult leaders learn in cult class mind manipulation 101.

  36. Rev. Denis was often double minded he would often try to make it seem as though myself and Jennifer Rodriguez were the worst preacher’s kids ever,that we were so carnel all we did is take pleasure in this world.
    But upon further investigation and testimonies the hopcc preacher’s kids turned a whole lot worse! Not to long ago Rev Denis had all the teenagers confess all there sins and if you witnessed some of the gross sins that these teenagers were involved in, including some of them that were in close circles with Rev. Denis, (he has a select group of girls that are allowed to be around his daughter) they all have crazy sexual experiences some no doubt could have been fabricated.
    We were told that this was the difference between NTCC and HOPCC kids, the ones that were in HOPCC were willing to confess! Hah!!!
    The truth is we were never involved in such wicked things especially in the church! What happened to the innocency of children? These children have been exposed to so much wicked things including listening to sexual explicit things on the polycom or on Rev. Denis’s phone, no wonder they have premature interest In pornography and other things.
    The truth is in all there so called prayers, and Bible readings and being around the so called man of God it did not help them one bit, it actually made them worse!
    Just look at them in church they are zombies they have no interest in this fake Holiness church, they know it’s all a game.

    Sharita Yorke.

  37. My Cult Reflections:

    I remember Rev . Rony stating that he working out but was careful not to develop muscles. Are you laughing yet? Please, false humility anyone?
    I quess he thought he would get proud if some of that fat turned into a little muscle. Or maybe he thought the ladies would lust after him.

  38. My Cult Reflections:

    Double minded Denis would have the ministers so confused and off balance. He would make illusions of things being wrong, ie. text messaging, internet, emailing, or going out to eat at a restaurant and the the eager beaver brown nose preachers would propagate this foolishness only to find that Rony would flip flop on the issue. It was so evil and wrong and wicked but hey, we need to do it now.

    A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

  39. My Cult Reflections:

    I remember years ago NTCC had a billboard in Hinesville, GA. The billboard had a picture of the pastor and his family who were there at the time. My wife was good friends with the daughter of the pastor when we were in NTCC.

    Rony Denis made a comment about the billboard to us saying that when he saw the billboard the picture of the daughter to him was saying come have sex with me. My wife and I didn’t pick that up at all, but you can’t convey a difference of opinion with dear leader.

    The comment of Rony is another example of how perverted this man’s mind is. And no wonder there are so many sexually perverted problems in that group, it comes from it’s head which is sick with perversion.

  40. My Cult Reflections:

    Have you ever noticed family problems in Hopcc. They have you working so much to please them and “win” other families that you end up losing your own. They keep you busy and off balance with their rigorous church schedule that Rony Denis doesn’t even keep himself while your family falls to the wayside.

    Jesus said the husband and wife are one. Rony has split the one turning them against each other and ultimately God. He teaches to the wife loyalty to Rony first above your husband. CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL
    I told him how that one of the sister’s father said that the church was to controlling. This man was used to the servicemen’s home G.I. style church he once attended in HOPCC. I told him I understood where he was coming from, I was in a civilian church at the time which is different than the control put on the G.I.’s in the servicemen’s churches. When I this to Denis his answer was, “Sin is controlling”. Reflecting on it now I see that Denis didn’t care about this man, he was just interested in controlling your life. Rony said sin is controlling so he reasoned that the church is to be controlling as well.

    Paul said the LOVE of Christ constrains us. We are to be controlled by the LOVE of CHRIST, not Rony’s twisted devilish perversion of Christianity. He could not say love controls but rather sin controls. So that gives him the right to control you ripping your family apart? GOD FORBID!

  41. My Cult Reflections:

    Elitist cult leader Rony Denis was always working to set himself apart and above everyone else. The most expensive clothes and so on. One time he told us to get a certain vehicle, one like his, then in a meeting he flipped it and said we was trying to be like him.

    He always said you will never catch him and even got upset when a lot of those ministers over there tried to imitate him. Paul said follow me as I follow Christ. Denis said do what I say not as I do.

    It is good to know that Jesus loves us despite what the elitist Rony says. If you listen to him you will find that he majors on his do’s and don’t’s. Jesus majored on loving God and others as you would love your self.

    Rony Denis has become the high priest, the chief pharisee in the worst way imaginable. If you don’t watch this, if you don’t where that then your saved. Rubbish! Rony has not only omitted but has also done away with the weightier matters of the law, judgment or justice, mercy, and faithfulness or fidelity.

    Jesus said these were heavier or more important and we even find that these are what God requires, to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.

    The elitist Rony Denis and his group focuses more on the tithe like the hypocritical pharisees than the more things of Christianity.

    I am so GLAD GLAD GLAD (One for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ) that I made it out of that group with some sanity. At least I have some sanity left and did not allow them to cause me to be completely insane.

    Please keep praying for the people to be released from this bondage and see that the gate to their cage is open, that all they need to do is walk out and trust in Jesus.

  42. My Cult Reflections:

    Neo-Duvalierist Rony Denis wants to exploit your past but what about his? A classic cult technique is to keep the cult leader’s past hidden or make it supernatural, while yours is made to appear vile and filthy.

    If you hear the Neo-Duvalierist speak these days you would think that he “knew no sin”. The reality is that he is no different than us mere humans but only ten times worse.

  43. My Cult Reflections:

    The man of the soiled cloth, false prophet Denis, created an atmosphere within the cult where friendship with each other was extremely rare. The overwhelming culture of the cult was one of tale bearing and back stabbing.

    Rony was also successful at tearing apart any family unity as well. They preached and taught against cliques. One time Rony got upset at me because he asked me if I thought that he did not like me. I told him that I thought that he was trying to be my friend but it seemed forced. He took that to mean that I was calling him a phony.

    Well, I quess I wasn’t wrong after all.

    1. Rev. Denis is so out of touch with reality, he does not have any concept of what real friends are! The only friends you have are those that he has arranged, and those are for his convenience so that he can set up the person befriending you and then he can ask the person everything you confided to them.
      There was this one sister who complained to him that she does not have any real friends because he controls everything, his answer was “You want friends okay I will get you some” what!! he has no idea how real friends are made, there is no cultivating of a real relationship, and then if you do have a close friend he says that you are gay!! Talk about absent minded!
      I have often observed and experienced that you often are treated alot more kindly by friendly people that are so called “sinners” because they don’t go to HOPCC, they no more about friendship than the people in the church.
      The Brothers and Sisters that have left HOPCC still have that in them, they think everything is a set up, they treat you like you are a stranger,they are disgruntled about anything, everything has a double meaning, it’s crazy but people are affected by this cult everyday.
      Read the Bible to find out what real friends are, not Rev. Denis’s teachings he has no real friends the ones that he has around them are purchased, you can’t buy friends, they are born in adversity, when things are not always smooth sailing. With Friends like the ones he gives you, who needs enemies?

      1. The only friend Rony has is the almighty dollar. The love of money is his religion. He prays against money so hard he says, that God just baths him in it. It’s laughable now on the outside of the cult. But when you are on the inside his charisma is spellbounding. He starts off with being still like a statue, then gets a serious look on his face, and instead of wiggling his nose he seemingly wiggles his ears. Then his eyes are dark with a reddish hue, now he is in tune with his spirit medium that he is selling to the congregation as God.

        He begins his teachings spellbounding the listeners with his masterful oratory with postures as graceful as his long gone predecessors Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones, Daddy Grace, Father Divine, and many others.

        Yes, this is Lil’ Rony’s time.

        But sir, you will be brought down.
        Your time is up!

  44. My Cult Reflections :

    Denis the deceiver did a masterful job at utilizing the Bible to deceive the masses. He is the greatest counterfeit I have ever personally seen.

    One thing he pushed was “humility”. Now there is a true biblical humility and then there is Rony Denis’s false humility. One thing he loved to do was to humiliate others. His humility teaching was designed for you to submit to him not God.

    Those who sought true humility received grace from God. Those who sought Rony’s humility was crushed. I have seen good brothers and sisters over there turn into zombies. Zombie “Christianity” is not humility.

    Humility is dependence upon God for your help. It is to trust in Jesus to help you to have the right spirit and attitude in your daily relations with people. Humility is being able to say I was wrong, please forgive me. Humility is being able to forgive others. Humility is not thinking of yourself more highly than you ought to think of yourself. There is a lot that can be said about humility.

    Of late, Rony Denis has promoted him to the Godhead. And the senior ministers there allowed to do it. They were deceived by Denis’s teaching on humility, which is a false one. Some may rise up against Denis’s foolishness but then get shut down with the accusation of being proud.

    Brethren when a man claims to be Deity and claims the same ministry if not greater than Jesus, this man is proud and knows nothing of true humility.

  45. My Cult Reflections:

    In reflecting on my experience the HOPCC cult I find that Rony Denis is the most jealous preacher my wife and I have ever met.

    There would be times that the Spirit of God would move through someone singing and he would abruptly change it up and say it was just feelings or emotions. Sometimes he got upset because it was not the song he hinted to them to sing.

    In other words everything had to center around him. God could only move if he was involved. There was a time when Rev. Robertson was singing songs he put together from the Bible then of a sudden….look who has the inheritance from GOD, so that when he sings, even though it sounds like a drunkard, the Spirit moves.

    Jealously – Reverend Rony Denis up to my last conversation with him always brought up NTCC. Always comparing himself to Rev. Davis, Kekel or whomever. This is bitterness. 12 years of hearing his jealous bitterness of NTCC is way to much.

    My wife and others remember him saying how he talked to Rev. Davis after he died. Is Denis not Saul from the Bible seeking after the departed Samuel?

    Beware lest a root of Bitterness be in you!

  46. My Cult Reflections :

    In my reflections of my time in this cult I recall and bring to your mind the blatant hypocrisy of cult master Denis. The rhetoric of the cult now and for quite some time has been that they are the only group that is right with God, that Rony Denis is the man God for the world, and that if you leave their “church” you will go crazy.

    The Reverend Rony Denis knew that by his crafty devilish wisdom that he could not spue this venom out of his mouth right away. Look at what he wrote in his departure letter from the New Testament Christian Church (NTCC ):

    Notice what he said back then, the underlined portion of the top paragraph states that NTCC has used a blanket of fear and would damn your soul to hell if you left. Sound familiar?

    Notice also how he says that no single organization can reach the whole world in sufficient time, in other words another group could be right with God outside of the one you are leaving.

    This is not what Mr. Denis is saying now. He has done a complete 360 degree turn in the worst way imaginable. He reminds me of a story called Animal Farm.

    Rev. and Sis. King were in service in Fayetteville, NC when the Rev. Schmidtke behind the pulpit said that House of Christian Church (HOPCC ) was the only church right and that if you leave you will go crazy. Actually sir, the opposite is true. If you stay you will go crazy. I wonder how many people have Mr. Denis caused to be admitted into the mental ward.

    House of prayer (HOPCC ) is a cult. I know I have been there since the early days.

  47. My Cult Reflections:

    Some time ago, I was on phone call with lustful missionary (Ron Denis made him that way) the Rev. Jeff Derby. During this conversation the Rev. Derby informed me that his pastor, the Rev. Dung hill Denis knows the time of the rapture of the church because Amos 3:7 says that God reveals his secret to his servants the prophet.

    Since Derby’s wresting of God’s Holy Word, Dung hill has conjured up a new teaching concerning the rapture since some were as bold as a lion to challenge his falsehood. His new teaching is…..the rapture is everyday since Jesus said to live ready.

    Why couldn’t he just say, hey I was wrong please forgive me? I know why, cult leaders are never wrong. Another time at a previous conference the “Man of God for the entire world” little Rony, told me that a young minister named CJ Vargas would be the pastor of the house of prayer Christian Church, and that he would be sitting on the platform for the rest of his life. He said this is what God said! Now we know that it was all a fraud.

    The Rev. Dung hill Denis and his cronies are liars!

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