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Like Father and Son!

Who is this man?
What was he involved in?
Where did he live?
And how Rev Denis is so similar?

This is Dr. Roger Lafontant. Does he have any relationship to Rony Denis?

The Doctor is on trial for usurping authority.  History has a way of repeating itself.


I’m sure this book would be a good read! 

Like father, like son!

9 thoughts on “Like Father and Son!

  1. I’m starting to think the story he told us about how he saw some “so called” vision and God told him to come to America and he left haiti with only the clothes on his back is a LIE, but he probably came here in a comfy airliner jet with his Dad as he worked for the Consul in Canada.

  2. I know his dad lived in Canada for quite awhile. And then in the United States- which is where he went to school….gynecologist, I think..Mmm. His wife’s name is gladys lafontant — maybe that’s why he doesn’t like you gladys jordan. She sued haiti’s president in New York over her husband’s murder, but the first time she sued it was dismissed. She may have sued again, I’m not sure. I think her maiden name is murad but I’m not positive.

  3. That book is on it’s way to my house. I’ll let you know if it’s a good read. We’re going to translate it from french.
    Honestly, my heart is sorrowful for Rony and angry at him at the same time. I am sorry he lost his father the he did. But that’s no excuse for his illegal and wicked actions.

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