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Highlights From The Protest!!!

Here are some highlights from the 7/15/17 Hinesville,GA Fellowship Meeting!

Here we have one of the henchmen for the cult leader, Jeffrey Derby, passing by in a nice pick-up truck which probably belongs to someone else just in case he gets out of line Rony Denis can snatch it from him and put him in a beater like he did before.

Here we have the the sellout Gerald Robertson. He was declared at onetime to be the amour bearer to the cult leader Rony Denis. Robertson is shown here no doubt pleading with the sheriff to put an end to the protest. The sheriff is probably explaining to Robertson that the protesters have a right to protest. Robertson is probably bewildered because the right he understands is the only right to worship his pastor and he life Rony Denis.

This sister was hiding her face as she walked to the church.

Next we have the elaborate cult leader’s wife, Marjorie Denis. She is watching the protesters and probably uttering a prayer of destruction upon them. She knows her husband is a nut ? job and is probably planning her on escape like the young sisters that she attempted to mentor has already done. Rony Denis had trashed her years ago for threatening to leave him. She is a perfect example of a person who has worldly riches but no peace, joy, or happiness for these things to be lasting come only from God. She is a very depressed looking woman who has perfected the art of the fake smile.

Last but not least, the shadowy cult leader, Rony Denis, makes his departure from the failed indoctrination church service thanks to the protesters. He is visibly fuming ? and has earned the title as the angriest man on the planet! It is reported that Rony Denis, the cult leader, said that he WILL NOT TOLERATE the protesters anymore! What will Rony do? Is he blowing and going as usual? Probably so.

We want to say thank you for all of the protesters and those who operate behind the scenes to make of this possible and most of all we thank God who is truly the one who is exposing this wolf in sheep’s clothing, Rony Denis aka lil’ Jimmy Jones.

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