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11 thoughts on “Does This Describe Rony Denis?

  1. In my morning devotions unto the Lord I read Philippians chapter 3. Paul writes to the readers to BEWARE of dogs [Judaizers, legalists], BEWARE of evil workers [mischief-makers], BEWARE of the concision [those who mutilate the flesh-Law keepers who felt it necessary to be circumcised to be saved]. For we Christians worship God in the spirit, and REJOICE in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh. Scriptures like these are not spoken of in HOPCC or the The Place of Help or Rony Denis’ Cult. We have been warned to BEWARE of such people has Rony Denis who tells people that their salvation is basically to do his bidding. It is so ridiculous in Denis’ cult that one sister was told that her salvation was that she had to lose weight. If she didn’t lose weight at Denis’ command then according to Denis she is not saved. I was talking to a sister’s father who had stopped coming to one of the Hop churches and he told me that the church was too controlling I told him that I understand seeing how he was attending one of the servicemen home churches. When I told Rony Denis this his reply was that, “Sin is controlling”. Rony did not deny that he was a controlling man or that he religion he pushed on everyone was controlling. He just, as I see it now, equated himself with sin. God is not controlling, He gives us a free will to choose. Rony Denis and his laws, which are really lawlessness, and his cultish ways of sin have dominion over those who are under him. In true Christianity we are taught that sin shall not have dominion or control over you: for ye are not under the LAW, but under GRACE! (Romans 6:14) Rony has placed his cult under the Law and thereby they are under the control and power of sin. Those who are delivered from this curse can yield themselves to obedience unto righteousness. We can live for God because by His grace we WANT to live for God. We are not forced by a strange Haitian man practicing VOODOO in the church, which he thinks is a fraud anyway. He plays church and goes down to Florida and lives it up in his beach home driving his Bentley and his Rolls Royce vehicles mocking and making fun of the very people who worship him, while he is fooling around with someone’s wife among other things involving children. If you are reading this and you are still in that cult you know what I am saying is true. You may be ignorant of some things but you know their are some weird things going on in the church you are in which is really a cult. You are reading this because you don’t believe all of the lies Denis is telling you. Don’t be afraid of him, he is not a man of God. He more than likely NEVER was! He appears to be a fraud from the very beginning! He just got worse over time. Who tells people to stop reading the newspaper? This man is hiding something. You need to leave that place and reestablish your relationship with Jesus!

    God Bless!
    Bro. Yorke

  2. Wow he hit it right on the head! Jimmy is demonic! Trying to control hundreds of people’s lives all day.

  3. It is such a great blessing to be set free from such an oppressive regime of elitist narcissistic preachers such as Rony Denis and his buddies from NTCC who think they have authority from God to run and ruin your lives. We recently spent a little time with the Ashmores, Figueroas, and Rodriguezs who we all share a common experience in escaping from a religious group who lost their way through pride, ambition, and legalism. And we also share a common work in helping to liberate the oppressed from the likes of Rony Denis. I remember that Rony Denis was very upset early on in Hopcc when he heard that Rev. Ashmore called him the Voodoo Man. Lo and behold after all these years it comes out that Denis was and is dealing with “spirits” and it ain’t the Holy Spirit.

    The man in the video makes an excellent point that a man such as Denis is aided by demons. Who has the energy to control people’s lives like Denis? Does Denis sleep? How can he when he has no peace? It is so wonderful to be able to spend time with your family and live a biblical life instead of a cult life with a dictator for a pastor who is trafficking with demons. Denis used to travel around to the different churches. Now he is in retirement mode vacationing about every two weeks at his Florida getaway living it up like a fatcat. He lazily phones in his garbage on the polycom to the churches selling them a load of baloney robbing them with the eyes wide open. Do you remember when Denis said that God told him while he was in NTCC driving the motorhome that he would be doing that for the rest of his life? I sure remember him saying that. I guess just like everything else in Denis’ church, God “changed” his mind.

    The body of Christ is such a blessing. I heard a man preach about, “If you love me, then you love my family”. He then talked about an aspect of God’s family being God’s handicap children. None of us are perfect within ourselves and over the years I have been around some “strange things” and no doubt I myself too many would be considered a “strange thing” but I love these strange but sincere heart family of God people. It is a blessing being around people who are not boldface lying to you like Gerard Robertson did to me the last time I was in HInesville, GA. I used to eat and fellowship with Robertson. I enjoyed Robertson’s company, I actually thought that he was a sincere Christian. He invited me to his home, he came to my home, and we were in Arizona together. We had similar interest but when it came time to take a stand for Jesus he didn’t and I did. Now he has Denis as his life and god. There is no telling with Robertson what he has done or will do at Denis command. I would not rule out any perversion. The remaining ministers in Denis’ cult have no convictions. These cults are normally saturated with sexual perversion. The facebook pictures that they are circulating now in their smear campaign against other people is nothing but a cut and paste job of pornagraphy photos which serves as a fantasy to satisfy the perverted lust demon Denis has conjured up upon himself and his following. Maybe Bradeen with sneak off and get some testosterone shots somewhere and somehow convince his family to get out of dodge before the ship goes down and gather a few church members with him. But, Robertson is toast. I certainly appreciate the message of God’s Amazing Grace. Things could have been a lot worse for my family and I in Denis’ cult but by His Grace we made it out! And by His Grace you can make it out as well! Thank God for His grace that won’t let you go!

    God Bless you all!
    Bro. Yorke

  4. That is HOP/Place of Help/Place of Hell to the T, all the way. God, let the people come to this website and see this and let it be over once and for all in Jesus name, Amen! Please make this video easy to find for people. I know with all the added posts it can easily be missed. Keep up the good work and keep on the firing line!!

  5. This fits Rony Dennis to a T, this “DEMONIC MAN” is herding his flock to HELL.
    We need all the prayers warriors we can get to pray for their souls.

  6. Hey Rony, I have a one word answer for you on this question because I know how much you love either yes/no answers. YES!

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