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3 thoughts on “More Good News For Rony Denis & His House of Prayer or His Place of Help Church or Whatever You Call It Cult!

  1. I escaped back in 2016 and sent the Coastal Courier a short description of my experience and what I gathered while I was staying in the Clarksville serviceman’s home… Hehe, looks like they’re taking a closer look; I was worried they weren’t because we never talked and I couldn’t keep up… with a lot of stuff.
    My heart is still trying to shut down much of what I learned and how I practiced.
    Thanks to all who came forward, testified and spoken out against this cult.

  2. All his false humility sitting in the back, yet he wants to be talked about and praised well the papers are exposing him for all he really is…..Oh its good to hear GOOD NEWS!

  3. Once again Denis and company has made the news. It is unbelievable how people can still sit at his feet spellbound by the lies. Anthony Oloans can’t speak because he is as quilty as they come. What will you do when Denis’ corrupt house of cards empire comes crashing down? Will Bradeen have a little following break away with him? What will Robertson do? He apparently is so sold out to Denis that who knows what he has secretly done already defiling himself at the command of Denis. Rony Denis is reaping what he has sowed. So many lies in every form he has told over the years is now finally catching up to him. Oloans as you are reading this you know it’s a big lie. Denis is so scared that he hides himself in a booth by the sound booth in his church. He’s a big talker but scared like a little child on the inside. He told his people that this exposing of him will just blow over but it’s still blowing.

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