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Exposed Again!!!

Here are some video clips from the 7/15/ 17 Hinesville, The Place of Help cult fellowship meeting.







6 thoughts on “Exposed Again!!!

  1. little denis was talking to the us at the fellowship meeting saying “those protestors (the ones outside) will n longer be tolerated!” NO denis, YOU WILL NOT BE TOLERATED MUCH LONGER! I don’t know why many of these ppl don’t see through this this liar. Protestors, please keep praying for us and keep obeying the Voice of The Lord- we need you.

  2. I was talking to Denis’ former pastor and his wife’s former pastor and they are so deeply saddened for how wicked they’ve become, it breaks there heart how nasty they have become an agent of the devil

  3. I wonder what sis Denis was praying about. I hope she was praying that God will make away of escape for her and her daughter and the many other souls trapped in this cult

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