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3 thoughts on “Sis. Meghan Ross’ Testimony of Leaving the Cult From the Fayetteville, NC Church

  1. Sis Ross,

    This testimony was a real blessing and typical in this so-called place of help. It’s more like the place of torments to me. I’ve missed you and your husband very much. I remember fellowshiping with you guys at Bro Brian Marten’s house many years ago. We were talking about not having any more kids and he said,”Four & No more”. It’s so good to know we can have life in God after hopcc. For some, it appears not to be the case. Nevertheless, I just want to thank you for sharing your testimony as I believe it will be instrumental in helping others come to the truth.

    God bless you sister!

  2. There is real life outside of the legalistic sinful CULT that Denis has created, HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH now called THE PLACE OF HELP. They have changed their name because God is EXPOSING these frauds. The cowards are trying to run but they can’t hide. They are not a house of prayer at all but truly as Jesus said a DEN OF THIEVES! There are many testimonies in and out of the cult that can testify to the thievery of Rony Denis and his ministers from thieving not only your credit and finances but also your life.

    I was a minister in this group for a number of years and do greatly apologize if I have done anyone wrong. However I do not recall maliciously trying to destroy anyone in the manner of Rony Denis and his elite inner circle of ministers. To be balanced and honest you will have to admit if you had knowledge of it that some people were doing worse off in life before they even came to HOPCC. There were people strung out on drugs, prostitution, and some just a mental basket case. When these people received some structure in HOPCC they actually started doing better in life. That is one reason why people get sucked into places like this. It is the same testimonies of some who got caught up in the Jim Jones cult called The People’s Temple Christian Church. One example: you take a young promiscuous girl from off the streets. she claims to be an atheist. She is on drugs. She is a bisexual. She has mental breakdowns and contemplates suicide all the time. Maybe she visited a church or two through her life’s journey but found it to be boring, a show of rituals and religious jargon that she couldn’t understand. Somehow she meets up with someone connected to HOPCC and is convinced to come to church. Even though she claims to be an atheist on the outside on the inside she knows that God is dealing with her to come to Him. She comes to a HOPCC service and the preacher preaches in a way that gets her attention. She prays for salvation. The sisters wrap her up with friendliness and attention. They give her a place to stay. They begin to teach her about dressing like a lady. They teach her that fornication is a sin. And a whole host of STANDARDS that are confusing and change from time to time especially if the preacher at the church she is attending is doing his best to imitate the leader, Rony Denis. They help her get a car. They help her find a husband. The list goes on and on. By this time the girl is now a religious woman in a church where if she trusted in Jesus and not the legal system like some did she genuinely received salvation. But now, Rony Denis’ plan has become uncovered and HOPCC is openly operating as a full fledged cult. These standards are now considered openly requirements for salvation! That is heresy to say the least.

    In the beginning of the HOPCC con Rony Denis, a master manipulator, used the right words with the right people. Back then he said, that there were other churches that we would meet, he called them “PrayerForce” around the world. Any honest person from the beginning of HOPCC would have to admit he said that back then. Now, he says that his church is the only church that is right with God and that there is no church like HOPCC. He is not the only one who says this but his ministers also like Alexander Schmidtke, the long-time pastor of the Fayetteville, NC church. Eyewitnesses have heard Alex Schmidtke say from behind the pulpit that HOPCC is the only church that is right and if you leave you are going to hell. For me, I realized if I stayed I was on my way to hell.

    Now, the woman who is doing better in the church turned cult realizes that something is not right with the church and it’s leadership, Rony Denis. What does she do? Can she confront Rony Denis with her concerns? Absolutely not. That system now in HOPCC is that Rony Denis is the man of God period, whatever he says goes. If the woman leaves the church, then what does she do? HOPCC says that she is not saved if she leaves their church because they are the only ones right with God. There are a few scenarios that can take place: 1. She leaves the cult and continues to trust in Jesus. She finds a church and continues to live by the Word of God and has godly convictions and is still a witness for Jesus Christ. 2. She leaves the church and goes back into prostitution, drugs, promiscuity, and becomes seven times worst than she was before she even came to Christ. 3. She leaves the church goes into the world of sin but eventually makes her way back to Christ realizing that there is nothing in the world that is better than a relationship with Jesus.

    For me personally God has been good to me through NTCC and HOPCC and even now. Even though there has been abuse and error in these two groups I believe God is greater and can keep a person through such trials and experience at the hands of religious elitist legalists. I have no desire to go back into a life of sinful pleasures. I am still living God by his grace and still attend church on a regular basis not to get saved but because I am saved. I would NEVER EVER go back to HOPCC or Rony Denis. God is too good to go back into that bondage again. It reminds me of the book of Galatians. Paul wrote this church a letter because these new converts were fooled by people like Rony Denis who convinced them that they had to go back underneath the yoke of the Mosaic law in order to be saved. I am all for standards and guardrails and so forth, whatever you want to call them, but don’t say these things save you. We are saved by God’s amazing grace. By the shed blood of Jesus Christ. I don’t know why that is so difficult for people to understand unless they are like the Galatians who began to feel as if God’s grace was not good enough and through pride we must earn our salvation by our own works. I do believe the fruit of salvation is faith that works love. So there is a change in lifestyle. Salvation is Christ Jesus produces a lifelong change in one’s life which I believe is sanctification. I personally don’t see a salvation without a change in one’s heart and mind toward living for God instead of self.

    There are so many similarities with Rony Denis and the book of Galatians. Paul, the writer of the book, exposes Denis in so many ways. He says that he marveled that they are so soon moved from Him that called you into the GRACE OF CHRIST into another gospel. This is what Rony Denis has done, he has given the people another gospel, i.e. another way to be saved. If you are saved it was God that called you into salvation. Paul called the Galatians foolish. Now wouldn’t it be foolish to go back to HOPCC? Paul asked, who hath bewitched you? Bewitch defined is to cast a spell on and gain control over someone by magic. Again, this is what Rony Denis has done! Just listening to his voice is enough to give someone the creeps. He has an eerie way with words, is it possible that he as demons helping him? Rony Denis has been involved in spiritism as is confirmed by eyewitness testimonies. I myself heard him say that he has such a “great anointing of God” that he could CHANGE the scriptures. HERESY! You may ask what did I do? I left and am writing this to you.

    The bottom line is going back to Rony Denis and HOPCC ( Now called THE PLACE OF HELP) is equivalent to the Galatians going back to the law. Paul was not saying now that we are under grace and not the law we are free to live in sin. As he said in Romans, God forbid. This is also how cults like HOPCC trick people. They claim to be “Holy” by their outward standard and point the finger at others and say that they can’t be saved or right with God because they are doing this that or the other. And their point could be very appealing. Can you imaging going to HOPCC and you family tells you that you are in a cult because you don’t get drunk anymore and that you don’t sleep around or go to the clubs anymore. And you look at them and think how can you tell me that I am in a cult but you are living in direct contradiction to the scriptures? Paul was not excusing a sinful life by saying that we are not under the law. Read Galatians chapter 5 and you will see that Paul was not a what I heard said in NTCC, a greasy grace preacher. Someone who evidently believes you can live in all manner of sin and still be saved on your way to heaven while living this way because of God’s grace. No, real repentance needed.

    I am so glad that God is real, Salvation is real, God’s Love is real, His Grace is real, and that there is LIFE after HOPCC (Now Called THE PLACE OF HELP – the place where they help mess you up!).

    May God Bless You!
    Bro. Yorke
    P.S. Don’t go back to Rony Denis, God can do better than that, just pray and believe God!

    1. What a blessing to be out of that God Forsaken but men worshipping place! I commend Meghan for having the courage to make it out of that sorry place Fayetteville NC where the Pastor all he does is joke and make fun he has not soberness for anything, not even people’s lives and people are leaving that place because of it.
      Alexander Schmidtka is a money hungering preacher and you see where he gets it from: his pastor Rony Denis!
      Listen to this: Here you have a man by the name of Milton, he conforms in NO way to the church standards, single, and a older man. Using Schmidtkas language “he’s loaded” you might ask loaded with what? Loaded with $$$$$$!!
      Because of this he gets away with everything, he comes to no prayer meetings, comes to church when he wants to, he attends no Q and A’s he’s allowed to keep his family! And the Schmidtkas actually attend his Fathers funeral which I would know because we were there also. He starts Bibleschool whenever he wants, he drives a car that he wants, he leads services and is a notable usher.
      There is one thing also that sticks out as a sore thumb, his suits are so TIGHT that you could strike a match on them and they would probably catch fire! Now HOPCC is so called very strict on there Holiness Standards and tight clothes are a big No, No! But not for Milton because he is loaded!!!
      Many people have voiced why is this man walking around with clothes this tight, if one of the buttons popped loose it would probably hurt someone!
      The whole reason why he is untouchable is because of the MONEY!
      So if you attend the Fayetteville church look for the Usher with the tight clothes, and driving a Cadillac Escalade and you will find him, but a sister better not walk in the church with anything close to form fitting she will be reprimanded and rebuked for being pretty much a harlot! Or if any other Brother were to wear this he would immediately be branded as Gay and he would certainly be exposed!
      So you see Schmidtka is a big Hypocrite and specializes in partiality because in Hopcc in all there Holiness….. money still speaks louder than words!

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