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No Children Allowed!!!

Jesus LOVES the children but Rony Denis does NOT! There are too many horror stories of how Rony Denis would blow up in a rage if someone’s wife was pregnant.

Denis blamed NTCC for having this kind of spirit against the children but look who is calling the kettle BLACK! Denis became 100 times worse than NTCC ever was concerning children.


One way Rony Denis promoted his anti-child unbiblical cultish philosophy was to push for the brethren to have vasectomies.

This, in his twisted thinking, was to be done in order for the married couple to be more “devoted” to God (really to him) and even labeled such false teaching as being a “eunuch” for Christ even though you are married!

The anti-child spirit spread throughout Denis‘ ministers to where one in particular, Alex Schmidtke, would constantly mock, ridicule, and pluck the children in the head.

There is no LOVE for children in the HOPCC Rony Denis led cult! Thank God some of them have escaped!

Please LOVE your children, Jesus does!

Your children are not mistakes but Denis is!

6 thoughts on “No Children Allowed!!!

  1. The scriptures also say:

    The godly always give generous loans to others, and their children are a blessing (Ps 37:26).
    Children are a gift from the Lord;they are a reward from him (Ps 127:3).
    For when they see their many children and all the blessings I have given them, they will recognize the holiness of the Holy One of Israel. They will stand in awe of the God of Jacob (Is 29:23).
    I love that last verse from Isaiah. God tells us that we will recognize his holiness through the children he gives us. Through the gift of children, God draws us closer to him. We may limit our awe of God when we stand at the shore of the ocean, gaze at the stars, or glimpse at the scene from a mountain summit. But God himself says that we will stand in awe of HIM when we see our children.

    Yes our children our children’s children, our blessing from God
    that has been taken from us by a serpent who manipulated God’s children into trusting it, only to turn around to betray them and fill them with his own poisonous venom. but there is a cure, leave the house of the serpent and when you pass through those doors fall to your knees and praise God for your deliverance from such evilness and ask for forgiveness for you were blind. God is forgiving he will surely break the chains that held you captive for so long.

  2. There is a reality in being a Christian, a child of God, a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Denis provided a religion to his followers and not a relationship with God. When I write I am not just “bashing” Hopcc for the sake of “bashing” but rather exposing the great hypocrisy of Rony Denis which is actually hurting the people who believe in him. And I am contending for the faith of the true gospel which is salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus. I personally never looked at Rony Denis as my salvation and even stated to some people early on in Hopcc, now called the Place of Help. When I got saved my trust was in Jesus not a church, i.e. Ntcc or Hopcc. Therefore by the grace of God I will STILL be true to God outside of those religious institutions. God saved me not them. Believe it or not I am still thankful for my experiences from the time I gave my life to Christ to this very moment as I type this comment. God has been good! (Please don’t take offense to this or take it the wrong way) I think some people got twisted up pretty bad in Denis’ web due to a lack in their relationship with God. The reason why I left is because I realized that I could not stay in what is now called the Place of Help and be a Christian. I would miss heaven staying in that place. Therefore I must stay faithful to God. The Word of God is so powerful! There is no excuse to quit going to church and return to a lifestyle of habitual sinning because of Denis or any bad experience one may have in church. I will find a place to hear the Word. In this day and age with so much media options a soul wanting to be fed can IF they WANT to. Some of the mishaps people have in church could have come from their own making. Believe it or not it was not always the preachers fault in Hopcc even though it is a cult. I think the honest cult member would have to blame themselves as well sometimes. Whose fault was it that you believed Denis knew the rapture when the Bible says no man knows when Jesus is coming back? The most important thing is are you living for God now?
    If not, you can! ?
    Bro. Yorke

  3. Gilda Schmidtka the pastors wife in Fayetteville NC always wanted a child, upon persuading her husband to agree to try for a baby she found out that she was not so fertile.
    This was a big blow for her as she always wanted a baby herself, one time at fellowship at her house she told me that she couldn’t even hold a baby because it caused maternal feelings to swell up within.
    But the sad part about it all was she was actually getting a consultation and beginning treatments for fertility, when Jimmy shut it all down! And forced her husband to get vasectomy. She was devastated and visibly not happy about it to the point that she can’t even hold someone else’s baby without feeling envious.
    My question is, if she obviously was having trouble conceiving, why would they make her husband get a vasectomy??? Only because Jimmy wanted to make it a done deal. No children for the Schmitdkas.

  4. Rony Denis is such a BIG FAT LIAR! he started HOPCC throwing off on NTCC about how they were wrong to be against the children, and forcing people to have vasectomies and how HOPCC was going to be about families. What a big lie!! He came here and did the same thing And a whole lot worse!
    There are countless stories of ladies that where sadden because against there will there husbands were told to get vasectomies, it was a sin to have children in HOPCC. When you have children that means less control for the cult leader.
    I remember Denis told my husband that we were making his job harder by having children, I realize now it was making his job harder because he would have to work overtime to gain control of the family and he would target the children so when they get older they would turn against there parents.
    I’m so glad we got our two children out of that cult! Because I’m not sure what I would have done if he took my child.

  5. This is a sad truth. Denis has got to be the biggest hypocrite the modern church world has ever known who claimed to be a “Holiness” preacher. His little girl could do whatever but the other children in the church couldn’t even play with baby dolls or have a ball that looked like a sports ball. I heard that the children couldn’t even play kickball in the Savannah church and day school. Didn’t Majorie Denis play relay games with the girls?


  6. I remember when Denis found out that my wife was pregnant with our second child. Denis got so angry that you would have thought I brought down the World Trade Center buildings. He said that I was making his job harder. This was something I completely didn’t understand at the time. I knew Denis was different but I never would have thought that I was in a real bonafide CULT! Now I understand perfectly why he made that foolish statement, the more children the harder it is for him to control you. Now that I have by God’s amazing grace have escaped from this cult I find that I must expose Denis as the fraudulent man that he is that others may see the light and run to it! This is all done in love for Jesus who is the way, the truth, and the life!

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