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5 thoughts on “These Two Men Have Something In Common

  1. There are so many false doctrines in the world. And so many doctrines based primarily on man’s opinions in the church. In my morning devotion Paul wrote in his letter to the Ephesians that in becoming a mature Christian we are to no more be as immature children tossed to and fro carried all over the place with every belief someone has about serving God which seems to come and go about just the wind. I have through the years heard about so many beliefs or doctrines people have about what serving God is about. A person may be sincere in what they believe and also be sincerely wrong in what they believe. These many false doctrines about what serving God is about can come from the trickery of men like Rony Denis who actually lie in wait to deceive. The unity of the Spirit of Christ working in His body is simply through LOVE! We still speak TRUTH but through LOVE. We help strengthen and build up one another in LOVE. (Ephesians 4:12-16)

  2. I heard Rony Denis behind the pulpit mocking the idea of his church being a cult saying that they were a good cult. He cited that they didn’t smoke, drink, etc. so that made them a good cult. In retrospect I see how Denis capitalized on the self righteous restrictions of his institution but he could not distance himself from being labeled a cult because the true Spirit of God produces the Fruit of the Spirit in people’s lives. Denis and his crew just didn’t have it and still don’t. Love, Joy, Peace….that is foreign fairytale talk to these people.
    The families of these church members are among the first to realize that something is wrong with their loved one. Instead of being greeted with the love of Christ they are cut down by the coldness of a condemning Pharisee. The only way to truly help them is to show a reality and relationship with Christ yourself! If you tell them that they are in a cult and they see that you get drunk, smoke dope, and sleep around or shacking up all they will say is that you are fighting the church and that you are not even saved!

  3. Morning Devotions:

    In reading the wonderful book of Ephesians I find it a tremendous blessing that Christ has made us ALIVE who were once dead in our trespasses and sins. The writer continues to inform us that in the past we lived according to the worldly social system that was against God. He then informs us the power of Satan by stating that he is the prince of the power of the air. I couldn’t help but to remember how Rony Denis would get us to look in the air for “signs and wonders” to prove his “ultra apostleship over the world”! Total foolishness!

    Thank God for his grace the writer goes on to say that we are saved by and not our works. They have it reversed in Rony Denis’ cult. There you are “saved” if you do this or that but lying, cheating, stealing, and adultery and so on if Denis says it ok then you’re “saved”!? No, REAL salvation by the Bible is by Jesus Christ! God’s grace enables me to love Him and others.

    Ray Yorke

    1. Bro, Yorke, this is a powerful reflection. God will implement His kingdom of righteousness and truth soon. The worldly social system and government has failed, and the majority of churches have neglected teaching the Scriptures and having its members equip with the Armor of God described in the book of Ephesians. As a result, we see a weak body of believers in need of “crutches” to move on and easily beguiled by false doctrines like HOPCC. Grace and works go hand in hand, for our good deeds are the expression of gratitude for our Heavenly Father’s grace and love. A servant truly living in the Spirit is one in full possession of kindness. If these brethren will learn how to seek the fruits of the Spirit, they would certainly recognize the iniquity and falsehood of Denis and his “ministers”.

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