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Rony Denis/HOPCC Facebook Stalking II

Here we have the evidence of what the “Holiness” cult is feasting off of. These Facebook pictures were printed by Hopcc members at Denis‘ command. These pictures are worst than the ones they were producing when we left the cult. In these pictures Denis is going after the followers or friends of the person with the Facebook account or Twitter account. They then cut and paste pictures to smear the person they want. We have cropped some of the pictures to avoid the exposing of nudity, for this site is family friendly unlike Rony Denis and Hopcc. Here you will find a mixture of NTCC members and former HOPCC members.

Here is a picture Sharita Yorke, a former member of Hopcc. Hopcc took the time to print her picture off of Facebook to show everyone the great sin of posting a picture of herself!

Another “sinful” picture of Sharita with big sunglasses!

Here Hopcc printed out a picture of Cherrie Bowers, a former member of Hopcc. They are somehow linking her with rapper Snoop Dog.

Next is a picture of Mike Kekel, CEO of New Testament Christian Church (NTCC). Rony Denis is extremely bitter against Kekel. Here he links Kekel to a pornographic picture through one of his followers on twitter.

Here we have Rony Denis attacking his wife’s, Marjorie’s, arch rival Tanya Kekel. In Hopcc it is a sin to love being a mom or consider your husband wonderful. Only Jimmy is wonderful. (Jimmy is Denis‘ nickname- short for his “daddy” Jim Jones)


Here we have Sandy Gesang, a member of NTCC, the church Rony Denis split from. Denis is insinuating unnatural affection such as beastiality.

 Here we have George Retana and his wife, former members of Hopcc. Denis is linking Retana to someone Denis deems unacceptable and his wife, Nicole, is being exposed for makeup and earrings a deadly sin in Hopcc.


Next we have Tamisha Purdie, a former member of Denis’ cult, her husband was recently kicked out for not attending the “Persecuted” Conference in Hinesville, GA.


Here Rony Denis is finding fault with Seminary graduate from NTCC. Denis wants his members to notice the dress and shoes of the woman. Can someone tell me what we are supposed to notice?

Here is one Rony Denis had printed with Crystal Hall’s name on it. A pastor’s wife from NTCC.

There are countless numbers of pictures from people’s Facebook or Twitter accounts that Rony Denis has distributed throughout his cult. Rony Denis is a sick man! Even when you have left his church he is still snooping in your business! His henchmen has even manipulated the pictures to portray a narrative of the people that is not even true. Just like Jesus said, Denis is of his father Diabolos.

14 thoughts on “Rony Denis/HOPCC Facebook Stalking II

  1. Rony Denis and his group, who are now hiding behind his new church name The Place of Help, are so disingenuous. They stalk these people on Facebook and try to find any loose connection that they can to smear the individual in order to prove that Rony Denis and his cult are righteous. Are you serious? The Place of Help, formerly known as House of Prayer, is far from Christ. Even the Facebook pictures they are showing their congregation is a lie. Rony Denis himself is a lie.

  2. Now that is just ridiculous. Denis is obviously bitter against the people of NTCC & the ones that left his cult.

    “I don’t forgive & I don’t forget”

    Sounds legit.

  3. If that’s what the the inside of the Graham chapel looks like, it is nice! Rony has turned the Hinesville church into a ghetto.

  4. They are ridiculously… a form of bulling like many of them do over the pulpit lol I can just imagine what is said of me. Because this is the gospel and love of God being shown.

  5. Ever since the inception of HOPCC Rony Denis has ALWAYS tried to convince people that his church organization was of God. He ALWAYS tried to convince people that he is a man of God. With these cut and paste pictures Rony Denis is repeatedly trying to convince people that his church is the only one that is right with God. It is very nauseating to say the least.

  6. Hahahaha this made my day! I love it. They cant find any dirt on us so “lil dicky denis” goes and gets our profile pictures and copies and pastes them to
    Other pictures lol! They even used a picture of my wife from years before we even stepped foot in that cult lol. Just an excuse for “lil dicky denis” to lust over porn and his homosexual tendecies along with all the other fake preachers in that cult. We all know they are gay, porn addicts who are screwed up in their head.

    Haha how funny. You are so mad “lil dicky denis”
    That your little empire is coming down down down? Coming down down down, lil dicky denis is going downnn??.

    Haha go ahead a print my pictures lil dicky denis!! Its all good! Im free! My wife is free! My daughter is free! And we are ALL STILL SERVING GOD OUTSIDE YOUR CULT. Haha! Have fun watching your empire crumble before your eyes! Oh and beware cuz the 2’9 spirit is probably lurking under your bed ready drag you to your destruction ???????

  7. Praise the Lord that life goes on and you can still serve God and not man. I was quiet minding my own business but you asked for it so here it goes thank God that my husband is out of there!! If you only knew that was a answer to prayer for God to get my husband out of there and for all the prayers of many people praying for us!! We are doing so much better by God grace!! Instead of worrying about Facebook pictures what you need to worry about is the sin that’s going on in your “holiness church”. God is so good im glad you can see from my pictures that as you would sing I’m still on the firing line!! We have moved on and are at peace so please leave us alone and don’t post anything about us. God Bless !! Thank you

  8. They must have an extreme amount of time on there hands! Can you imagine how long it takes to seek out these pics? And then sitting around examining the sins, sounds like a Pharisee! Seems to me like they are getting there fill of pornography while they are at it! I knew they were a bunch of perverts!

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