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13 thoughts on “Rony Denis & His Cult Strike Back!!!

  1. Maybe the “CHURCH COP” (as it was referred to me) is lending a hand.. The lord only knows how deep the corruption and extortion in this place goes. Its a shame to think that everyone, even Christians have a price greater than God. Rony Denis you YOURSELF are the “proud” “worldly” sinner you speak so low to your congregation about.. Please take a look in the mirror. God has spoken to me sir, and I will not allow you to play games with my childs life and future any longer. Its time.

    1. Anyone in good faith, reporting suspected child abuse or neglect is immune from civil or criminal liability (from last paragraph I site). The bottom link explains who is a MANDATED  REPORTER in GA and what must be reported.

      Denis, being clergy (along with all clergy), school employees/volunteers, law enforcement, licensed health care providers, etc. are MANDATED REPORTERS in GA and are thus required to report ANY SUSPECTED child abuse/neglect.

      Rony MUST REPORT to CPS or law enforcement any suspected child abuse/neglect brought to his attention. Only exception is that which is received during a private confessional.

      Does Rony and the rest of his cohorts/members want to know what happens if someone is harrased for reporting suspected child abuse/neglect? 
      “The Georgia legislature has made some small but important changes to the state’s mandated reporter law.  Effective July 1, 2015, mandated reporters (that list is unchanged) must report when they have “reasonable cause to believe that suspected child abuse has occurred.”  The old standard was reasonable cause to believe that a child has been abused.  The addition of “suspected” lowers the threshold for what you must report.  In other words, adults caring for children must report incidents not only when they think abuse has occurred, but when they suspect that child abuse may have occurred.

      The amended statute also includes a section clarifying that someone working within a medical or child-caring institution may report suspected abuse to a supervisor or designated contact person.  Anyone following that procedure “shall be deemed to have fully complied” with the statute.

      The supervisor or designated contact person then has the obligation to report the suspected abuse to child services.  That person cannot “exercise any control or restraint or modification or make any other change” to the initial information, but they can provide “any additional, relevant and necessary” information.

      Finally, the new statute clarifies that reporters may either call or use a written form that child services provides.  If the reporters make a written report, protective services can require a follow-up written report.

      The Department of Human Services has developed a form, but its website requires completion of online mandated reporter training to access the form.  An alternate source is this link at Prevent Child Abuse Georgia.

      “…Any person or persons, partnership, firm, corporation, association, hospital, or other entity participating in the making of a report or causing a report to be made to a child welfare agency providing protective services or to an appropriate police authority pursuant to this Code section or any other law or participating in any judicial proceeding or any other proceeding resulting therefrom shall in so doing be immune from any civil or criminal liability that might otherwise be incurred or imposed, provided such participation pursuant to this Code section or any other law is made in good faith. Any person making a report, whether required by this Code section or not, shall be immune from liability as provided in this subsection.”


  2. @ B. Lawrence- Your son can’t talk to you and his family because, “you might make him sin” is incredibly revealing of how weak their god is, Rony Denis. They may or may not be waiting until your son is fully indoctrinated and schooled in how to answer questions with chosen scriptures taken out of context before they allow him to speak with you, and would be limited. But if they sense that you have spoken a word of offense against their god, Rony Denis, then he will try to punish you by replacing you as the father of your son.

  3. My son and I had a close relationship and we loved each other very much before he joined this church. Regarding C J’s statement that the church is not a cult, since my son joined this church he has told me and my family that he can no longer talk to us because we might make him sin, and that as believers we are been deceived. Only his church is going to heaven. He has changed his phone 3 times to avoid talking to us, he is no longer on the internet, and also cancelled his mailing address. The few times I have been able to talk to him on the phone, I notice his personality is gone and he sounds like a robot. When I asked how are we to deal if there is a death in the family or an emergency, he stated he will have to ask permission from his pastor. Does HOPCC or whatever is called now, teach their church members to isolate from their families and the people they love? This so called “church” has ripped a big hole in my family. I thought love and family unity is what real churches promote in order to follow God’s example. I cannot find anywhere in the Bible where it says this church is the only true church with salvation, in fact the opposite, since John 3:15 says “For God so loved the World that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”. I don’t know the God they worship at this church but my family and I serve and worship the Holy of Israel. One day Mr, Denis and all of those ministers will have to stand in front of God and explain this misleading conduct. Hell has a special place for people like you that burns hotter. Mr. Vargas can make as many statements to the press but actions speak louder than words!!!

    1. @ B. Lawrence The god they are worshipping in hopcc (place of help/ place of torments) is jimmy denis. He asked the people if God came down out of heaven and said he was not a man of God what would they say. Sadly, some said they would respectfully disagree with God. Give me a break! The only church right with God? Denis is the biggest joke to ever happen to the church. On a more serious note, we must pray and prepare to help those(including your son) that will come out of this place of torments. We have a great opportunity to live out James 5:19-20 in our day. A chance to exhibit real Christianity right in the face of the devil. Praise God!

      1. @digging deep – your words are of encouragement for this situation is overwhelming. As in war, is important to know the enemy we are fighting and find out the appropriate weapons to use in order to succeed. Our main one is prayer, and as you stated, bringing back to truth these brethren a constant goal. I, by faith envision the fall down of this “‘house of torments” very soon.

  4. My best guess is that they have never heard the complaints. They are just telling that to the congregasion to save face. I am sure this is the topic throughout the church. They gave CJ directions and I will bet he had his Bluetooth on when he answered the questions that were asked. Amazing Ronny is trodding out a kid to do a mans work. What a coward he really must be to hide behind The youth of his cult. Let’s here from him! He knows he is lying and God will deal with him. We just want our family free from this Cult!!

  5. The bible gives warning for God will not be mocked. There are things that God truly hated and the word of God gives us those things. House of prayer its leader Denis cult master must take heed for he is not over GODS WORD. Word of God declares……..
    PRO 6(12-19)
    A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a forward mouth. He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teaches with his fingers; FORWARDNESS IS IN HIS HEART,he deviseth mischief continually; HE SOWETH DISCORD. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy. THESE SIX THINGS DOTH THE LORD HATE, YEA SEVEN ARE AN ABOMINATION UNTO HIM.
    A proud look
    a lying tongue
    and hands that shed INNOCENT blood
    An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations
    feet that be swift in running mischief
    a false witness that speaketh lies
    he that soweth discord amoung the brethren

    No one ever gets over on God. For God is not mocked.

  6. They said they obtained the reports, but some people called anonymously. So, did they actually listen to the audios.. the actual phone calls?
    ILLEGAL!!!. I wonder which member of their congregation works there?!!

    1. IF and I mean IF the audio/phone in complaints were turned over from Child Protective Service to Jimmy, that individual will own come into a HUGE windfall from a lawsuit against CPS. Also the complainer will also own whomever illegally turned the tapes over to HOPCC/Whatever Jimmy Decides to Call His Cult Today (WJDCHCT).

      I say it a bluff, pure and simple. If it is not, some folks and agencies will have a come to Jesus moment… from behind bars and after they loose everything in a lawsuit. Try again Jimmy. Checkmate.

  7. So, they obtained “Copies of the phone complaints”? Doesn’t that jeopardize the safety of the caller?

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