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Rony Denis/HOPCC-The Facebook Stalkers ?

Have you ever wondered if some weirdo cult member was watching you and gawking after your pictures on Facebook? No need to wonder anymore, Rony Denis and his cult of voyeurism have been spying on you for a long time spending thousands of the Lord’s money to sneak a peek!

What really is behind Denisobsession in Facebook stalking former members of his cult and former and current members of NTCC?

Yes, that’s what it is! Rony Denis is researching ways to control his cult by showing them pictures of you on Facebook. He tells them that they too will be on their way to hell like the people who has Facebook if they leave his cult.

The new age perverts are passing around pictures amongst the ministers and members of Hopcc. One of them, R. Ramos, said that he didn’t want to look at some of those pictures because they were pornographic. Denis told him that something was wrong with him. Before Clinton Daniels ran back to Denis he said that some of those pictures were pornographic as well.

The “greatest holiness church” in the world has nothing better to do but to sit around looking at binders filled with Facebook pictures of people that they don’t associate with. There is no open vision so they must resort to Facebook stalking. Rony Denis is quoted saying, “Pray, read your Bible, and look at the pictures everyday.” That is how important Facebook stalking is to these people. It is on the same level as their so-called devotion to God.

I would definitely say that things are being shaken up especially at their HQ in Hinesville, GA where Denis changed the name of his cult to The Place of Help. Maybe they should have named it The Facebook Stalker Church.

Don’t worry people will always LOOK but just make sure that they don’t touch!

Quality Facebook  PICTURES me Lord!

One thought on “Rony Denis/HOPCC-The Facebook Stalkers ?

  1. This is so hilarious! Jimmy has such a psychotic compulsive disorder that he is constantly making people go to great lengths sifting through all kinds of Face Book pages and spending so much money to print and hand out pictures like a bunch of fools.
    Notice on the FaceBook stalkers II post, you will see that there greed is so bad that they are now copying and pasting things from FB forums and FB Pgs that you only are allowed to follow because they are public figures, and pasting them beside your pics and claiming that you are looking at all the crazy things and of course they are choosing the worst ones to smear your character! What an amazement of all the shadiness and lies that you have to go through just to promote a devilish cause of deceiving the people.

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