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A Testimony From Rony Denis’ Past

Rony Denis, leader of Hopcc/ The Place of Help, goes out of his way to bully and to “crush” people who he feels crosses him. But he goes in panic mode, just like the typical bully, when someone stands up to him. Here is a testimony of someone who knew Rony Denis years ago. It was posted on a blog from a different website in 2011.

The next testimony is from a former member and at the time a current minister in the organization Denis departed from, NTCC.

From someone who was in NTCC and Deniselitist cult break off group, HOPCC, Denis‘ character is certainly lower any of the ministers from NTCC even though they allowed Denis to become what he has become.

3 thoughts on “A Testimony From Rony Denis’ Past

  1. Paul said his end shall be according to his work. It’s crazy because with every work he does he’s only sealing his eternal fate. He’s the perfect example of an unrepentant sinner. His name will be a proverb for the church. Isn’t it sad to live your life to prove the bible right by being judged. Jesus said it were better for that person to not have been born.

  2. He definitely is a agent of the devil!! He is a wolf in sheeps clothing! Masquerading as a man of God but he has had questionable character from the very day he sat foot in Ntcc

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