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Rony Denis and Hopcc Style Marriage

Matchmaker Rony Denis has manipulated a lot of marriages in his cult. He designed many of them to turn the spouses against each other, the old divide and conquer method.

Rony Denis creates the problem and blames his preachers when issues arise in the marriages. Many times the preachers are busy trying to prevent WWIII in the home.

Rony Denis takes advantage of veterans and uses them to marry them off to who he thinks is strategically right for his cultish purposes.

Nowadays, if a spouse is not falling in line with his cult teachings, he says that he has “power” to divorce you!

Even though Rony Denis meant you harm, God can and often causes the devil’s plans to backfire. Your marriage can work for the good. All it needs is to take Rony Denis out and replace him with JESUS!

Your marriage doesn’t have to look like this:

With JESUS on the throne of your hearts it can look like this:


3 thoughts on “Rony Denis and Hopcc Style Marriage

  1. What a bad testimony of Rony Denis. He even said in a conference one time that he was going to get out of the match making business because people were complaining so much about their marital issues and were blaming him because he was the one who set it up. Nice job Rony.

  2. I can testify that Denis does divide marriages he made me divorce my ex husband. I so thankful to GOD all though that denis made me divorce my ex husband we have an amazing relationship and he is my best friend❤️ It’s so sad the preachers and Denis were so involved in my marriage it was ridiculous you have to ask them first before you do anything like go to savannah,go out of town to do anything with your spouse, goin to visit family for the holidays any and everything you name it iam so thankful that I’m free from that cult church #houseofprayerisacult and I can’t wait to help any and everyone that wants to be set free!!

    1. I’m so glad Bree that you and your ex husband still have a good friendly relationship!
      In my years of Hopcc I always voiced my opinion that if something where to happen to my husband I was NOT going to get remarried in Hopcc. The ruin of so many marriages there was enough to realize that Denis’s match making was awful!
      Most of the marriages in Hopcc all required a referee! All Pastors were wearing a black and white striped shirt, sitting by the phone 24hrs a day waiting to hear who was fighting with who, and who was leaving! Who was getting threatened to get kicked out of the church for not loving his wife or vice versa, who’s husband was on pornography, which wife was not obeying or Submitting to her husband, even the pastors and there wives! It was a live Soap Opera every day!
      It was so bad to were the only way that couples could live in harmony was when the wife was so busy soul winning and doing things for the church, and the husband was away working so fervishly for the church they didn’t see each other, that was the only way they could keep the peace!!
      In the world as they would call it, there marriages seemed so much more loving, these were people that they fell in love with, not what some dictator told you to marry.
      They would tell us that those marriages were fairy tale marriages not real. Well at least they could fake that they loved each other because the so called Christians the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife!
      Children were considered a burden! And a distraction and many couples were made to have vasectomies because the work of the Lord was so Grand! A striking contrast to the so called world and the Bible where children were a blessing.
      Jimmy would bring division amongst the couples playing games trashing your spouse to you and vice versa so therefore creating contention between the both of you.
      Marriage was stressful and a chore, if the wife wanted normal things such as children, flowers, to be loved, cared for, shown affection she was considered carnal and selfish. The only thing you were supposed to do is be, obedient and submissive. Or if the husband wanted his wife to take care of her children properly, the wife would be so busy putting herself first doing things so called of God, some even abusing there children and neglecting them taking there anger out on the child for interrupting there so called Godly life for the Lord!
      Even known to the church, there where kids that had bruises on them for being spanked and slapped around for not sitting quietly for hrs on end after having been dragged around all day and all they wanted was to be home in there. Bed. And the mom would singing the hymns of the church about O’ how I love Jesus!

      I really pray for those in these type marriages, because often when they leave the cult a lot of them don’t even stay together, some of them one spouse remains in the cult and they are to cut the other one off right away and are divorced in a matter of months, and the one that remains in the cult is remarried to whoever the cult leader tells them to, talk about religious prostitution! It’s sad marriage is cheap commodity nothing to be valued and nothing to be cherished. I hope wherever you are you would realize that your marriage doesn’t have to be or stay this way. Get out of that religious bubble and realize there is nothing wrong with actually showing affection and being affectionate, loving your family, not being so wrapped up in a religion and realize the true Christianity is evident in the love you have for one another. Not in how many people you indoctrinate, how can you preach to others and you become a cast away?

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