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Hopcc/ Rony Denis and the Fourth of July

Some years back someone from the Greensboro, NC church texted Rony Denis a picture of some fireworks during the 4th of July weekend. The pastor of the church at the time received a phone call from Rony Denis who asked about the fireworks picture citing that watching fireworks were wrong because it’s similar to watching moving pictures and that it is worldly entertainment. Oddly he didn’t tell the young pastor that real estate fraud, lying, splitting up marriages, destroying lives, teaching false doctrines, and stealing someone’s wife was was wrong.

I think I will take the fireworks over the other stuff!

10 thoughts on “Hopcc/ Rony Denis and the Fourth of July

  1. I remember Robertson preaching one time about how we don’t need fireworks but the fire that works. That sounds good but do you really have the fire that works when you justify Denis predicting the date of the rapture. What about stating the Denis is your pastor and your life? That sounds a lot like the fire that works right? All these guys are a bunch of people that sound good. Too bad people don’t get into heaven based on what they say. If that was true hopcc would be leading the way.

  2. Rony Denis has called us “trash”. I Cor. 4:13 says that we are the filth of the world, I.e. the garbage of the world. We are in good company.

  3. Watching fireworks is like watching moving pictures? This is Stupidity 101!!! How about watching cars moving down the street??? We know our citizenship comes from Heaven, but there is nothing wrong with patriotism or celebrating our freedom. God will not condemn us for that! I wonder what this people do for fun or healthy entertainment. I pity children in this CULT! Regarding Robertson’s preaching, there is a nice fire waiting for him and those ministers following a man instead of God’s Word.

    1. Their “fun” is looking at printed out pictures of people on Facebook and saying that those people are going to hell because they are not in Hopcc.

      1. Every member should be asking themselves questions and thinking about the following:
        If facebook and the internet are wrong, worldly and sinful, why was it okay for the ministers to go on facebook and the internet to get these pictures? Sin is sin, right?
        So then if being sinful makes them not right with God, these ministers must not be right with God.
        So then if they are not right with God, why are you still listening to them?
        Are smart phones also sinful? On the videos I saw most of the ministers had smart phones because they were taking pictures or maybe even recording a video (which is like a movie). And denis has said videos and pictures are sinful.
        So are these ministers sinful? If they are sinful, then they are not right with God.

    2. To B. Lawerence
      You couldn’t have said it better! It’s amazing to me how these cults scoff at American patriotism but yet use this Religious freedom to spout off there garbage!
      Notice they don’t go to places like Iran and N Korea to spout there foolishness.
      Jimmy has the nerve to discourage American Patriotism, when he is a Haitian born citizen enjoying all the pleasures of this country good or bad. When about 90% off his church is benefiting from the American Military disabled vets benefits, if the Government were to close or shut down, that whole organization would be completely shut down. There Bibleschool is completely run by GI bill benefits, with no graduation date and no degrees so you be in school for 10 yrs without any accredation they are just soaking up the $.
      It’s so bad that the VA doesn’t even like the church, they are so greedy for money that the brothers would all pile in one car to go to VA appointments and go to the travel pay counter and they would all try to receive travel pay money when only ONE drove!
      And for the 4th of July they sit quietly scoffing at those who show thankfulness and appreciation to be part of this Great Nation called America.
      Denis why don’t you go back to Haiti where you came from?

      1. To: Sharita Nicole Yorke
        If these vets are trying to claim unmerited compensation, they can be reported, maybe that is why VA does not like the church. How about writing to the respective Congressmen and making them aware of it, and also about the real estate fraud?

  4. Someone remembered when Robertson, Denis’ water boy, preached,”We don’t need fireworks we have the fire that works.” Ha ha what a joke! I wish Robertson had some fire!

  5. That is crazy! Especially since most of these young people in his cult is from our military. They fought for the right to be free and fought for the Independence of the USA and other countries. Seems like these soldiers are missing the mark if they continue to allow Denis to take away their rights. Makes me sick to my stomach. We need to keep up the pressure to Free those that are being held in bondage by this Evil Man! Thank you to all who fought for this great nation and Happy Independence Day to All! God has brought us this far! He will free his people!

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