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Egg on HOPCC’s And Rony Denis’ Face

The hopcc cult can’t help but to continually have egg splattered on their face.

Rony Denis and his Hopcc (The Place of Help) followers looked very foolish during the town hall meeting.

What an embarrassment to the body of Christ! Instead of just staying home Hopcc (Place of help) cult had to come and leave their mark on what would have been a peaceful meeting. The ones who looked bad was them.

Why does the so called man of God, Rony Denis, hide behind CJ Vargas?

Rony Denis uses and abuses people causing his followers to live in a bubble.

The people are trapped in Denis‘ cult and want to escape but are afraid. They have been believing lies for years.

They actually close their ears to truth and try to find solace in their bubble. But one day the bubble will burst, and then what?

Denis‘ cult mindset keeps his members stuck in a 1950’s bubble. If you don’t LOOK like a museum relic from the PAST then according to Denis and his cult you are not HOLY.

There is nothing wrong if you like that style but something is wrong when you equate this style or any style with salvation. The Bible does mention modesty but is modesty limited to 1950’s fashion? Did Jesus and the 1st century disciples look like 1950’s throwbacks?

In this article Rony Denis, the leader who hides behind children, through CJ Vargas claims that his cult is like the AOG, COG, and Methodist churches from 100 years ago! Why don’t they go back 2,000 years to Jesus’ day? Jesus wouldn’t be welcomed because of his beard, sandals, and his non-elitest spirit of the Pharisees. And the King of kings better not be wearing the royal color of purple! So, Hopcc/Rony Denis/The Place of Help believes you can’t be “Holy” unless you’re living like 100 years ago.

Here a brother who escaped the cult and is exposing the hypocrisy of the cult is mocked because he doesn’t look like the cult members. “Nice purple shirt”, is cult language for their disapproval of your appearance.

The article shows how they are trying to cover for their fraudulent day school. Also how can they hear the “recordings” of people making phone calls to authorities concerning this abusive cult?

No matter what these guys do, they will always have egg on their face!

14 thoughts on “Egg on HOPCC’s And Rony Denis’ Face

  1. Bubble Christianity?
    I have experienced for a number of years a brand of church that has increasingly focused on the outer person and his appearance rather than the heart of the individual. I personally believe that there is a balance between the outer and inner conditions of a person. I have seen it to where people were so focused on their outward adorning but their spirit and attitude were so horrible that they would curse you out in a New York minute if you got on their nerves. And on the other extreme you have those as one woman said, she can still dress sexy (enticing) and be praising the Lord. Jesus did say not to judge according to the appearance but judge righteous judgment and the Bible does speak of dressing in modesty. Rony Denis and his followers have gone off the deep end of outward adorning for their salvation while neglecting what God really desires which is truth in the inward part, your heart. I remember sharing with Hopcc pastor, Hugh Virgo, how a lot of the Hopcc soldiers (Fayetville testimony service) get deployed and go right into sin and how by the grace of God that wasn’t my experience when I deployed. Virgo’s answer to me was that the internet was not around yet when I deployed. The internet was not around yet but all manner of sin and opportunity for sin was still around. Is the internet greater than the god of Hopcc? The people there are taught whether they realize it or not that they can’t live for God outside of the strict confines of the cult. Church functions every single day, Q & A sessions, pray meetings, soul winning meetings, and dinners at the home etc. Once they step out of this program they can’t live for God, the program is their god. This is actually the bubble Denis created for his people. It is a farce. You should be able to serve God anywhere! Daniel and the others with him served God in Babylon. Joseph served God in Egypt. Paul served God in Rome. John served God on Patmos. They were not living in a bubble so-called keeping themselves “Holy” from the outside world. They were in the world but not of the world. That is true Christianity. Living in a bubble is not living for Jesus! Get out of your bubble and start living for Jesus!

    Ray Yorke

  2. The article in the Coastal Courier says that hopcc is living like the churches of 100 years ago. I wonder if those same churches they cite had built up a fraudulent real estate empire based on the income of active duty and retired military. I wonder if those same churches had ministers who impersonated other people on the phone with mortgage companies and banks to refinance a mortgage. I wonder if those same churches had pastors who would say that God told them the day of the rapture even though the Bible clearly states that no man knows. I wonder if those same churches had a pastor who said he had the authority to clear you of sin, even though the Bible says that Jesus is the only mediator between God and humanity. I wonder if those same churches of 100 years ago had pastors who dabbled in Kabbalah. Did the pastors of the churches from 100 years ago encourage divorce so readily? This church is a cult in so many ways. The doctrine , the control, the abuse of power, and the narcissistic personality of the head man. Plus denis puts heavy burdens of the people that he himself won’t carry.

  3. Rony Denis is such a fake, trying to threaten legal enforcement!!! Jimmy might be dumb but he’s not that dumb! With all his $ and his big time lawyers that he CLAIMS to have,his favorite spill is : “I got lawyers! I will fight you” my question Jimmy is what are you waiting on?

    1. Denis knows he has nothing to stand on, this would open up to a full investigation, including him and his cronies! He’s not that crazy, all the evidence that is built up against him, he would be a fool to misstep and try something like that.
      Look who he hides behind, CJ. Vargas! Most cult leaders hide behind someone that is ignorant to be a spokesman.
      Jimmy really doesn’t realize how he is making himself look worse and worse, more and more like a Cult leader, they never can speak for themselves, they only are able to speak in audience that everyone is 100% in agreement or in a controlled congregation where no one is allowed to voice a disagreement. He hides behind a Bluetooth on someone else’s ear! ?

  4. Normally when someone has a problem they project their problem unto others. For example Rony Denis has a perverted mind so he assumes everyone is perverted like him. He says it’s wrong for the sisters to wear ankle socks because the brothers will see their ankles and wonder what’s up their skirt. If the brother doesn’t know then maybe he may not want to know. The Bible says to the pure all things are pure but for people like Rony Denis nothing is pure for even their mind and conscience is defiled.

  5. I heard someone talk about the three kinds of people in the world: the takers, the keepers, and the givers. Which one are you? I pray for God’s help to be more of a giver. One person pointed out an observation that Rony Denis is definitely a taker. He gives with the purpose of taking.

  6. Blazers are for everybody even for children! This is one sign of maturity! When your able to wear adult clothing at 10yrs old! And some pantyhose, heels, and for the low stature a Liz Claiborne purse and for the high stature a Louis Vuitton purse. Yes Jimmy buys the children Louis Vuitton! Talk about Crazy!
    For some strange reason he likes the young girls around him to be dressed and conducting themselves as grown women!

  7. That one minister, Boles, had a lips fetish for a man according to the recording. And Denis did teach not to have pictures up in your house because the brothers lust problems. ??. I think it might be a salvation problem.

  8. Don’t forget that the toes are a big lust issue for the perverts of hopcc. Rony is the only one allowed to wear tight pants.

    1. The toes are a big lust issue, Someone once
      Told us that people have a feet fetish! Omg!! I heard it all!

  9. Blast from the past! Is there motto if you don’t look like the 1950’s than your not saved! White shirts are a critical part of Salvation as well as 35″ long skirts. Because you wouldn’t want anyone to Lust after your ankles.
    As well as wearing your neckline so high that you have to wear a undershirt backwards so the neck is so high, God forbid someone would lust after your collarbones. And don’t forget 2 slips under your skirt because men have such lustful minds you have to be sure they don’t get a glimpse of anything.
    Last but not least the ankle socks, these are not to be worn because people will lust after those ankles because the sock stops at the ankle and this makes the mans mind wonder to what’s above the ankle sock.
    You may think this sounds comical but folks this is real amongst the elitist holiness group!
    Remember the only ones going to heaven ?

    1. Yes. Speaking about 2 slips. I remember seeing some sisters in the fayettville church wearing two skirts on top of each other. How crazy is that!?

  10. King David served his OWN generation and died. We all have our own generation to serve. Times change but God doesn’t change. If I don’t wear a suit to church does that mean I am not a mature Christian? If I don’t wear a combover hairstyle does that mean I am being worldly? Whatever happened to love God and love your neighbor? Am I wrong for having a mustache? I understand personal convictions but what about when you have no Bible basis and you put your convictions on the whole church? What about when your convictions change from year to year and the church is now a confused mess? Can Denis answer these questions?

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