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More “Teachins” of False Prophet Rony Denis

In this 2011 Killeen, TX Fellowship Meeting teaching service of Rony Denis you will hear him intertwine truths, half-truths,seeds of false teaching, and a definite reversal of what he is saying now!

His biggest false teaching here is on “Touch not the Lord’s anointed”. Denis says, “Don’t argue with the pastor, even if he is WRONG.”

Denis used this false teaching to get away with a lot of wrong doing in his church which is now identified as a full fledged cult. False teachers mix truths with lies. So, if my pastor, Rony Denis, abuses teenage girls, lives in adultery, is a straight up liar, and is a womanizer etc. I must keep quiet and just pray for him?  That’s NOT what the Bible teaches! The pastor is not God, he is a brother in the body of Christ! This false teaching explains how churches become cults. Keep in mind while Denis is teaching he is at the same time working his real estate scam behind the scenes.

Denis begins teaching  against the internet in your homes. Interestingly he prophesies of his own downfall of being exposed by the dreaded internet.


15 thoughts on “More “Teachins” of False Prophet Rony Denis

  1. I remember a time (cult reflections) that Denis was teaching about how he could be strongly rebuking Sis. Bradeen but it was actually meant for another person who he said was not strong enough to receive it. Is that how God works?

  2. Prayer without change is a mockery to God!

    Do you remember this Rony? I remember you telling us this after a prayer meeting one time. You quoted the scripture in James that said he that is a hearer of the word and not a doer deceives himself. WOW! This came out of the mouth of biggest hypocrite I have ever met. Why pray if you have no intention of changing. Don’t you know he that he who covers his sins will not prosper? How about this scripture your gold is motheaten and the rust of it shall testify against you. Whenever someone leaves the cult you try and air out anything they did wrong to the congregation. As if to say it’s something wrong with that’s why they left. But the main thing wrong is their in a cult called hopcc led by a total sinner. I call him a sinner because listen to these recordings, for the most part, it good teaching outside of the never correct anyone over you in God part. This man didn’t believe day 1 of this teaching. What a mockery!

  3. False Teaching Alert!

    It was often shared in hopcc that if you leave, the way you know for sure that you are messed up is you start trying to pull others out of church as well. The thing is this is not a church it’s a cult. Do you see the genius of this false teaching? They don’t want to lose everyone at once so they put it out to caution those they may be prompted to tell others of the corruption they have witnessed. Thus other people are affected with the same abusive tactics. By the time they figure it out more people have joined so when they leave the new people can be subjected to the same abuse because they wouldn’t dare want to be known for pulling someone out of church. They even use the scripture in Acts 13, where the man was smitten with blindness for hindering the deputy from being saved. What a vicious cycle. The people that have left previously are often either forgotten or viewed by those that are now leaving as sinners so they would be discouraged from getting information to help expose the cult for good. I must say the devil was very crafty with this one. As I stated earlier this place is a cult. We have to get as many out as we can. Here’s a passage from the bible that I believe refutes this false teaching. Jude 1:22-23

  4. Another “new” teaching the false teacher Denis is putting out now is that you’re not supposed to be happy! How can you be on this cult!

  5. This man is truly a master deceiver! It is a blessing to know that God can still help those of a sincere heart despite the con-man preaching to them no matter how smooth his lies are. God will eventually lead you out and up to Him away from such cruelty.

  6. Did you hear him say in the last clip that he wouldn’t still the glory from God if God gave him the Holy Ghost? Spoken like a true liar. He taught one time that pride always forgets. This is one of the proudest people I’ve ever met. One may begin to ask how can someone go from God I won’t still your glory to if God came down from heaven and said I wasn’t a man of God, what would you say? Sadly some have said they would respectfully DISAGREE with God. Can you hear Jesus now saying My people, My people, why hast thou forsaken me(for a devil)?

  7. It has been over 10 years since I’ve heard (formerly) Rev. Denis preach. I understand the focus here is his objection to internet use & teaching about not correcting your pastor but I need to share.
    I was saved, sanctified, and when Rev. Denis laid hands on me, immediately filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues at the Woodbrook church in 1999 under this man’s ministry. The presence of the Holy Ghost and his resolve to (seemingly) follow Jesus at any cost in his preaching is what continued to draw me. Even in this sermon, like it was yesterday, my heart responds to his (Rev. Denis) ability to make you want to be right and live holy. GOD used his ministry to pull me out of sin and introduced me to a world that completely contradicted my flesh.

    It was about 10 years ago that I was told to “pack my stuff and get outta Hinesville”. Those were the words that completely altered my life but ultimately lead to TRUE freedom, in Christ. I experienced first hand, the slander, control, backbiting, ostracism, loneliness, brokenness, confusion, anxiety, and fear that came with being first, a sister then, a condemned “sinner” in the eyes of the people THAT I TRUSTED to LOVE and give me good counsel.

    Even with the coldness and complete disregard for my life and my soul that I experienced, my heart cries out and my spirit is completely grieved about all that has come to the light. My prayers are for my family members and others that yet remain in bondage at HoP and for GOD’s grace and mercy over those who have fallen away, had I not seen with my own eyes, UNBELIEVABLY to the deepest depths.

    1. @ a grieving spirit – Hello ma’am, I was compelled to respond to your post because of nature of the content you mentioned. I am also very grieved at the atrocities that have been committed by this man. It baffles the mind thinking that he was messed up from the beginning, I believe. I know some would say how could he have been always messed up when he laid hands on me or preached and God moved. My attempt to answer that is simple FAITH IN WHAT GOD SAID! Those in hopcc are so caught up in how God moved through the self proclaimed man of God that they forgot what God said. This is probably by design. Many times Jesus would say to people before performing a miracle be it unto you, even according to your faith. What to scriptures like he that plant and waters is nothing. Don’t tell that to the man of God for the whole world. The writer went on to say but God that gives the increase. How does God give the increase? According to your faith. The answer is still same for Jesus, the bible tells us is still the same. I was encouraged to read of the true freedom you found after leaving. By faith, God will deliver those, including your family, from this vicious cult. Brothers and sisters, lets not give up on faith. For Jesus said when he returns shall find faith.

  8. The king with no clothes on! The people around Rony Denis like Robertson, Bradeen, Pilkington, and others must really hate him because they won’t tell him the Truth!


    It is absolutely amazing how this false prophet can say some of the right things but live none of it. I can’t believe I listened to your nonsense for years and actually put some of these false ways into practice in my life. Touch not the Lord’s anointed! Listen to me good sir. I do not believe you are the Lord’s anointed. Even if you were, how can you say no one can stand up to you without being labeled proud. Paul withstood Peter to the face the bible says. Both these men were the Lord’s anointed. You sir, are a sinner. Pure and simple. Look at all the lives you’ve destroyed on purpose, might I add, who were left by yourself for dead. The evils you have committed while using God’s name is out right atrocious. No wonder you don’t sleep at night, you maggot! I have absolutely no respect for you at all. As I have stated previously, I am your enemy in every way you can define the word. You thanked God that we were able to meet Sonny Abraham in front of the people and behind closed doors you cut the brethren in India off, while still collecting the money people were donating to that ministry. Where did the money go, oh thou man of God for the whole world(lol)? You are a mockery to God’s church. You sir have set out to deceive the masses by your methods meant to keep the people ignorant. And thinkest thou oh man, that we, who left, will go on with our lives and not turn back and fight the devil in the name of Jesus. THIS MEANS WAR!

  10. Yes, a good exposure of this man manipulating truth for his evil agenda of controlling the lives of his followers.

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