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Look Who’s Listening!

The fact is the people in House of Prayer/ The Place of Help know that it is a fraud including Clinton Daniels. Here he is listening to our Sound Cloud recordings. Denis, the people and God are not with you!

Clinton Daniels and his wife Cherry Daniels originally left Hopcc with the Greensboro, NC church. They both trashed Rony Denis and helped confirm how MESSED UP Denis is in the hearts of the people! But because of a lack of faith in God and the love money Clinton Daniels and his wife ran back to Hinesville, GA to worship Rony Denis who in turned trashed him and shipped him out to St. Louis, MO. As you can see Clinton’s heart is still divided. A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.

6 thoughts on “Look Who’s Listening!

  1. We don’t want to disclose everybody that is listening! But isn’t that amazing that this so called minister is getting food for his soul from the site!
    We really had to expose him! Since his wife and him went back lying to the people. Seems like they are having some regrets! ?

  2. All Hopcc is a church group filled with criminals. They are busy right now trying to burn and shred evidence but it is too late!

  3. Maybe he is listening to the recordings so that his soul can be fed because all they lie about in Hopcc are about the people who left.

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