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The Story of William and Jennifer Pilkington

What could have been a beautiful family has turn into a cult project tragedy. The once well-mannered perfect cheeseball Pilkington has drunk so much Kool-aid that it has influenced his whole life to the point to where he has thrown not only his wife, Jennifer, but also her whole family under the bus including himself by being a loyal follower of Rony Denis.  Listen to what years of being broken down turns you into, Jennifer sounds like a robot as she is mocking and attacking Azaria for earrings and asking her where are her pants.


Was Jimmy in ear telling her to say something?


2 thoughts on “The Story of William and Jennifer Pilkington

  1. Oh so sad! I’ve known Jennifer for a long time and she’s sounds disgustingly fake. But I guess when you have a gay husband who is not interested in you, only interested in finding out who stuck something in there back side…… you have no choice but to either leave or to remain loyal to the false prophet. Maybe one day she will grow a brain!

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