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The Hoax Letter Explains It All!!!

In case you missed it or never read it, here is Rony Denis’ reason for leaving NTCC and starting his new CULT, HOPCC/ THE PLACE OF HELL(P).  Notice the huge hypocrisies in his letter.  He was a FRAUD from the beginning!

Jimmy’s letter

13 thoughts on “The Hoax Letter Explains It All!!!

  1. Thank God for those who have been faithful in encouraging others. Giving others hope when leaving such a corrupt place as HOPCC, under the hand of satan (DENIS). People need to know of the truth of the cult and also the truth that they can live for God. That God can restore their faith to come back to their first love. To walk in the liberty where Christ has set them free.

    To those preparing to leave God there is hope just step out in faith and God will make a way. He has not changed.

    Thank God for the family of God

  2. Someone sent me a newspaper article from April 79. The article was about Jim Jones. In the article, someone you don’t hear a lot about, Mrs. Jim Jones speaks. “Mrs. Jim Jones at one point declared to the New York Times that her husband had decided when he was 21 years old that the way to achieve his Marxist goals was to mobilize people through religion.” That was an excerpt of the article written by G.E. Synhorst. Mrs. Jim Jones is quoted as saying, “Jim used religion to try to get some people out of ‘the opiate of religion’.” Adding to this she said that Jim Jones once slammed the Bible on the table and said, “I’ve got to destroy this paper idol.” Jones used religion to entice new recruits into his cult and to deceive naive outsiders. After the victims were hooked, he used sex, blackmail, intimidation, and psychological dependence to manipulate them. (sound familiar)
    At Jonestown, when there were no outsiders to deceive by any display of piety [or religion], there were no religious services or discussions of religion. In the end Jones corrupted people who were once good Christians so that they would commit adulterous or homosexual acts with him or others at his command. They would commit murder at his command, even the murder of their own children, as we now know. – From an article written by G.E. Synhorst

    The Apostle Paul in writing to Titus said that the mouths of these men like Rony Denis MUST be stopped! I thank all who have lend a helping hand from your prayers to your donations of various kinds and your unselfish actions in helping to expose this madman Rony Denis. I know that some don’t care to do anything and that is your prerogative but at least don’t find fault with those who are at least trying to fight evil. The good Samaritan could have just walked on by as well, but thank God he didn’t. This is not a church it is a cult! A Jim Jones style cult!

  3. I am so thankful for those who left this cult and are willing to expose its wickedness. I know that there are those who would just sweep such wickedness under the rug and move on with their lives knowing that the wickedness in that cult is destroying people’s lives. It is good to see that there are people who have banded together to help inform the public and grieving families on what goes on in this cult. Thanks so much for sharing, it helps more than you know!

  4. It is interesting how history often repeats itself and the odd similarities that are involved with history. If this Ronnie Dennis of the Jim Jones cult was a shooter of the defectors then the Rony Denis of today’s Jimmy Jones cult is no different. Whenever anyone defects from his cult he shoots at their character hoping to destroy it.

  5. @ interesting fact. Ronnie Dennis was a 16 yr old follower of Jim Jones, a shooter of the defectors, and committed suicide by drinking the laced kool-aid.

  6. I just cant believe how stupid sometimes people are. How can people be so deceived? Did the people ever think that HOP could never be deceived? Stay put Fresh Air cause Jimmy Denis is fumming???? right now trying to figure out who you are. We thank you for all your info and we are praying for you. We pray it’ll all be over soon.

  7. Interesting fact of history brought to my attention. There was a man who died in Jonestown, Guyana named Ronnie Dennis.

  8. A sister said the Holy Ghost is not going to move until all the spies get out of the church. It’s funny she said that because the Holy Ghost hasn’t been here in a looooong time. So, the spies has more power than the Holy Ghost? The sad thing is when you look on the face of some of these people you can tell that they really believe this nonsense!

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