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A Sincere Apology


Here we have if many of you remember Bro. Sunny Abraham.

Pastor and Sister Yorke would like to deeply apologize on behalf of all of the sincere hearted brothers and sisters who supported the work in India.

We want to apologize and acknowledge the failure of HOPCC to properly represent Jesus Christ on earth, we are sorry you got entangled with such deceitful men, such arrogant vipers who condemn people rather than extending the hand of Grace, who attempt to blast you for what they call shortcomings while they actively hide sins in there own hearts and church.

We apologize for those who “nobly” served the poor and oppressed but did it with so much arrogance and complaining that all involved would have profited more if the “servants” just stayed home.

We apologize for you having to endure the venom, and sickening tirade of a man who claims to not only to be a follower of Jesus Christ, but a Shepard over God’s people,

Bro. Sunny Abraham, we think about you and your family often, we pray that God will guide you every step of the way. Jesus died for the Whole world and loves everybody including  India.

The little  time that we got to know you was enough to touch our hearts and show us what true Christianity is.

May God bless you and your family wherever you are today.

Please accept our humble apology,

Pastor and Sister Yorke and the faithful who have left the House of Prayer “Christian” Church turned Cult and the others who are making their way out.

7 thoughts on “A Sincere Apology

  1. This makes me extremely angry, but i Know its ok because God works all things together for the good to those that love him,and are called according to his purposes. I remember that God told me in prayer meeting, that he allowed us to meet Brother Sunny to show us that we aren’t the only ones right. I also believe that Gid was giving us an opportunity, but the leadership blew it. Brother Sunny is just anothet trophy to “prove” how right this movement is.

  2. It is such horrible news to hear how our money was not going to help our brother anymore and the sad news is they didn’t even tell us! Though I may not see him again in this life i will continue to pray for them and I want them to know I love them and I look forward to seeing them again if not in this life in Heaven. Through our brother in Christ (Sunny Abraham) I learned this scripture Proverbs 16:8. I know he really loves God and want to encourage him to keep loving God and fighting for what right. I am very sorry as well for everything that has happened and just know there are still people that love God like you do. God bless you and your family.

  3. For awhile I wondered what happened to Brother Sunny when I no longer saw him at the conferences. I have been praying for him and his family and I am sorry too because I know it must have been a big disappointment to find such corruption in Denis. I found Brother Sunny to be a true believer in Christ Jesus. I will continue to pray for him that he will continue in the way of holiness and stay encouraged. God bless you sir!!

  4. I was a member of hopcc for many years. I gave more of my life to the “church” than I did to Jesus. I attained knowledge yet very little of Gods Spirit. My departure has been a bittersweet victory. I have left so much behind but have so much to look forward to. I pray for those evil men who are holding the truth in unrighteousness and for those still captivated by the iillusions of hopcc. God is a righteous Judge and will reward every man according to his or her works. I have no regrets in leaving for now I can truly know who Jesus is and not Ron Denis. I can now have my works wrought in God not in an organization. Thank you Jesus for your MIGHTY DELIVERANCE! Thank you God for leaving us a remnant!

  5. It was reported that cult master Rony Denis at the last conference addressed the question regarding Bro. Sunny. He could have done this because I had raised the issue to the missing missionary Jeff Derby on a phone conversation.

    In this conference of propaganda whom the beloved pastor Figueroa claimed God moved the greatest since the inception or deception of House of Prayer “Christian” Church, Rony Denis referred to bro. Sunny as “That Indian man”. And proceeded to say all he wanted was money. While through the years the brothers and sisters would keep giving to the India world missions not not knowing that the money was really going to fund Denis’s lavish lifestyle, driving his Rolls Royce luxury vehicles and kicking back in his beach houses laughing at us dumb Christians.

    We will see who will have the final laugh sir.

      1. Yes, they have been collecting the pledges all of this time. They havnt sent anything to bro sunni in several years.

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