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The Truth On The Figueroa’s Escape From Denis’ Cult, House of Prayer (The Place Of Help)!

Rev. and Sis. Figueroa and Bro. Mingo went to the San Diego Hopcc church and set the record straight on how they left Hopcc. Denis LIED and said he kicked them out and disfellowshipped them but the truth is they LEFT. Here is the audio of what happened for all who seek the truth:

The yong minister,Tommy Price, is claiming the Figueroa’s were disfellowshipped but they left. They were not kicked out or disfellowshipped.

Please pray for the people in the San Diego church! Denis through his polycom ministry will be bombarding them with lies and foolishness.



8 thoughts on “The Truth On The Figueroa’s Escape From Denis’ Cult, House of Prayer (The Place Of Help)!

  1. Victory in San Diego! When the Figueroa’s walked in the church and proclaimed truth in the shady HOPCC church there in CA, three ladies witnessed the lies that Rony had the church members began saying. They stood up and took a stand!!! And walked out of that Filth!!

      God is working people! Keep up the good work! We are going to Bring this Evil Down!

  2. Somebody please call me, we are starting a consulting firm to help family’s that go through these things. This lady needs to know what to do in order to rescue her daughter out of that mess and save her emotions and heart and family. That young lady needs to get out of that abusive and ungodly marriage relationship. 323-706-2016

  3. Just like Denis went into the NTCC church in Hinesville with lies, the Figueroas went into the San Diego church with truth! I sure hope those people wake up out of Denis’ spell.

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