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Don’t Let The Evils Of House of Prayer(The Place of Help) Cause You To Loose Your Faith In God!

Please don’t allow the wickedness of RELIGIOUS Men/Women to cause you to abandon your faith in God. Going to church will still help you more than you realize! Just don’t go to a cult like HOPCC where they worship a man, divorce people left and right, put houses in your name, lie like it’s going out of style, and all manner of hypocrisy with legalistic standards that has nothing to do with being saved like the wearing of a purple shirt ?! I am sure you can find or at least visit a church that is not like the House of Prayer/People Helping People Cult.

It’s time to put our faith back in God! Our love for God will help us love other people. Not all preachers/Christians are like HOPCC.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Evils Of House of Prayer(The Place of Help) Cause You To Loose Your Faith In God!

  1. God places the members in the body where it pleases him. If we can do all for God’s glory and not ours it will help us to have the right perspective on church. Rony Denis and his cult instilled so much pride in its members while at the same time teaching a false humility. Church is a place where we can encourage one another Heb.10:25. This the love we have for one another. The Denis people of Hopcc are not taught to have the love of God but rather to rejoice over what they perceive to be evil. It has been reported that they had someone stand up and say that they are GLAD that a former member of their church who was kicked out for waving at someone who left their church is going to HELL. Folks, that is not a church, it is a CULT and it must be exposed for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

    All Denis’ House of Prayer/ The Place of Help “church” is a front to hide his illegal money making schemes. Some people leave Denis’ cult when they finally realize that the whole thing is a fraud and continue to worship God by Holy Ghost conviction not Denis’ lies. Others leave because the pressure that Denis’ puts on them is too much. Some of those people come back after Denis has wooed them with his seductive lies. Another group leaves Denis cult having been done wrong by Denis and decides not to have anything to with church, anyone who is or was associated with Denis’ group, and ultimately either abandon God altogether or continue a religious facade with no real biblical convictions.

    One thing I do know is that God is GOOD! He has never and will never do people wrong for He is righteous and just full of mercy and grace giving us what we don’t deserve. So, I don’t want to do Him or His people wrong. How can I a say I love God and don’t love my brother? Denis stole the LOVE out of people’s heart because they gave it to him to do so. Since leaving the cult your first Love, Jesus, can help you to recover your love for the children of God as well. We are all God’s creation but not all God’s children. You MUST be born again to become a child of God. Many got RELIGION in Denis’ cult but not a born again experience. When you remove Denis you also remove their convictions, that is not salvation, that is man worship. The longer you stay in a cult like Hopcc where the leader,Denis, says to confess your sins to him and he can take them to God and clear you the more twisted and disillusioned your mind and heart becomes. But thanks be to God that there is a remedy, JESUS CHRIST! When you have JESUS you will love God and His family THE CHURCH! May God bless you!

  2. It’s time to speak out..as I think back on my time in hopcc I realized how Denis snaked his way into separating myself from my child…he had us believing he loved our bond we had as mother and child bestfriends for those who truly knee us all the while it was apart of his plan to separate us. My daughter would get dealt for wanting to still be a little girl…but how? Nothing she did was immature we just wanted to be together. Shortly Roberson was told to get het more involved with things so that started causing the separation of us. As well as we were told to never talk about our marriages with each othet. So as her mother I would see het husband do wrong things but has to hold my peace. Denis is very wicked and manipulative. He takes kind hearted people and twist their minds so much until people love once loved they now hate. If my daughter ever fixed her mouth to say that Denis has done more for her I would lose it because for my child I’ve done more than my share as a parent. Denis I once heard you say you wanted to be over the place in hell that the preachers were going..Ha Ha that’s definitely an oxymoron being as though you’ve made that bed for yourself.

  3. Amen! Going to church is a blessing. I visited a place I haven’t been to before determined not to find fault like I was taught by Rony Denis and Hopcc. And the Word of God brought forth blessed my soul!

  4. Praise the Lord God will always have a people. Let God be true and every man a lie. We serve a great big and mighty God that is well able to keep you from falling. Leaving HOPCC is not the end it is the beginning of experiencing God in a wonderful way. For whom the son sets free he is free indeed. And where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

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