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Hypocrites In The Hands Of An Angy God!

“Hypocrites in the hands of an angry God” was a fellowship meeting message that Gerard Robertson preached years ago in Phoenix, AZ. As irony would have it, Robertson has turned out to be the Pharisee of the Pharisees. He preached a lot about the Pharisees in House of Prayer ( now called The Place of Help).

Here we have Gerard Robertson dressed in what he called “holy”, (The trademark white shirt and tie). We also have a brother exposing Robertson for who he is and Robertson’s response was, “You have on a PURPLE shirt!”

Stay away from this shirt, according to Denis/Hopcc and Gerard Robertson it is a Sin!

I quess they didn’t know that:

The Denis/Hopcc spirit is equivalent to the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. They go around saying this one or that one committed adultery when their whole church is saturated with adultery. They say the color of your shirt is not right. The Denis people are hilarious except for the fact that they are destroying lives!

The Pharisees were noted for their extreme legalism and most of all their HYPOCRISY. Rony Denis, Gerard Robertson, and the whole House of Prayer brand is noted for the same thing!



The picture above is a perfect example of how a hypocrite operates. This is how the HOPCC (The Place of Help) members came into the meeting but showed their true colors when they left.

They came in shaking hands, smiling, and conversing but most of all FAKE! Just like their master Rony Denis.

Now lets see how friendly they really are.

They came in smiling (Fake) and they leave out causing trouble (True Colors)!

Mike Patterson, the one who was most vocal, was yelling out accusations of adultery. He is the biggest hypocrite in the room. A man with a checkered past of infidelity, fathering a child with his 1st wife’s best friend! This man has no room to talk other than saying, please forgive me. As you can see this man is a literal knot head.

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