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The Next Step?

Is the “Hated of all men” propaganda Denis’ next step in convincing the people to do the unthinkable?

These are horrific images of the same spirit Rony Denis is operating in, a messiah complex! The Government and the world they are told is against them so the only escape is the unimaginable!

Please pray for the people in this cult to escape before it is too late!

5 thoughts on “The Next Step?

  1. The star question Rony Denis has his people asking is, was House of Prayer started by God? And is it of God? And is Rony Denis a man if God?

    Of course the answer to all the above questions is a resounding NO!

    Denis is delusional, suffering from a messiah complex. He thinks he is God.

    When it all goes down Denis has already told his congregation that if they don’t “get right” he and his inner circle is leaving.

    What a sad case!

  2. Denis is teaching the people to hate those who oppose him and be happy that we are going to hell. They love to tell people that they are going to hell. Do they think that they are going to heaven?

  3. I just wish the Government will do something!! This is getting real crazy! If they only knew. We are trying to warn them!

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