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More Highlights From The Meeting


Justice League CEO, Bobby Worthy, opened the meeting. Denis instructed his followers to personally attack insinuating that he is not “Holy” enough to expose them. If Denis and followers rightly divided the Word of Truth they would have realized that God will use whom He wants to expose false prophets. He even used a donkey to rebuke the madness of the covetous prophet, Balaam.

Next to speak was Bro. Ray Yorke who shared of the fraudulent nature of Hopcc who cowardly changed their name to “A Place of Help- where the people are hated of all men”. Yorke displayed a fraudulent court document produced by Hopcc in order to harass and instill fear. Yorke was also criticized by the “holiness” religious group, House of Prayer, for wearing a purple dress shirt.

Bro. Carlson King spoke next about how Denis started the House of Prayer church. This was later confirmed with former longtime members and aquatints of Rony Denis who stated that he planned his departure from NTCC and that he seemed mainly concerned with money.

Sis. Jenessa Wright spoke next outlining the illegal voting fraud and child abuse practices of the cult. She also outlined the hypocrisy of Rony Denis by reading his own letter he sent out to people who left NTCC to join his group.

Here is a copy of what she read. Here you will find underlined what she emphasized. Denis claimed in this letter that one organization cannot reach the world for God, that it is not reasonable. This sounded good at the time for Denis but now in order to gain more cultish control over his following, the new line of thought is that Hopcc is the only group in the entire world that is right with God and he is the only man of God for the entire world! If he could get his people to believe this it would bring him closer to fulfilling his Jim Jones fantasy.

Next we have Bro. John Rodriguez on speaker phone giving a very revealing biblically based testimony against Rony Denis who quickly through blue tooth communication instructs CJ Vargas to interrupt repeatedly Rodriguez’s testimony of Rony Denis calling on the 2’9 spirit.

The apostle Paul instructed Timothy a young minister to rebuke not an elder. Rony Denis teaches this young minister to disrespect his mother and father! Denis proclaimed that God said that CJ Vargas would be the pastor of the the Hinesville church a few years back for life. It didn’t happen and the excuse as always is God changed His mind. The Bible says not to elevate a novice lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.

Here is CJ Vargas trying to making an excuse to Bobby Worthy for disrespecting his mom. Bobby told Vargas that he still respects his mom.

Here is Mike Patterson, affectionately known as Donkey Kong. He caused the Hopcc group to get kicked out of the meeting. Mike Patterson is the failed pastor of one of the St. Louis MO. Hopcc churches at the time. Rony Denis said that he “played pastor” in St. Louis, driving around late at night while his wife doesn’t know where he is at.  He has the audacity to call out someone’s past sin of adultery when he himself is guilty of the same thing! As well as being a pornographer! The church closed down and Mike was shipped to Hinesville to become Denis’ mascot, which is Hypocrisy Personified. Notice the knot that is on his head. This man needs to be very careful who he mouths off to.

Here are the cult members being escorted out of the meeting due to not wanting to hear the truth concerning their cult leader Rony Denis.

What happened to Marcus Labat?

Links to the videos:









In this next video you will hear Janice Patterson saying “I was there” in agreement with the speaker, Jenessa Wright, who is also a witness to Rony Denis saying that he wants to spank girls!



19 thoughts on “More Highlights From The Meeting

  1. I spoke to Robertson and Bradeen, two senior ministers, outside of the meeting. I have lost tremendous respect for both of these men. But I would still respect Bradeen more than Robertson. During my years in NTCC and HOPCC I have spent more time around Robertson. After Robertson LIED to my face repeatedly that day I can only view him as an empty shell. He has no man in him at all. Bradeen on the other hand was very weak with nothing to offer as well but at least he didn’t brandish lies to my face like Robertson, the sellout, did. I questioned Bradeen about the accusation about him lusting after his own daughter, something I knew Jimmy made up, Bradeen at least said that he couldn’t answer that. That is because he knows that it is just hogwash and because he is afraid of Denis, the Liar. I then told him that the last conversation I had with him on the phone along with Denis, Schmidtke, and Derby. I brought up how he couldn’t answer without Denis’ permission about him stating that he had NEVER been saved! This man has been in the “ministry” for probably over 30 years and he listens to a little Haitian devil tell him that he has never been saved! Bradeen’s answer to me was, “I’m saved now.” You can almost feel sorry for him. His wicked son in-law Pilkington sold him and his whole family down the river. Maybe Bradeen will be like Samson whose hair grew back but for Bradeen his backbone and masculinity will grow back and be instrumental in tearing down the house that Denis not God built!

    Ray Yorke – The guy with the purple shirt.

  2. Man! I just watched that second to the last video where the House of Prayer goons ( The Place of Helpless) got tossed out. Bobby, who they criticized and labeled as Muslim, had to teach the young kid, CJ, to respect his elders namely his mother and father. And then the guy named Patterson was really rude and disrespectful. If he represents this church than I don’t think anyone would want to of a free will be apart of that. And there was this woman that kept saying “Never” at the end. Those Denis’ people are crazy. You could tell that they didn’t like what that guy was saying on the speakerphone. And what was that paycheck hubbub all about? I thought the guy acknowledged that was a part of that group before. And then CJ said that the paycheck man knew a lot. So that discredits the whole house of prayer case. Looks like, smells like, and acts like a cult to me.

  3. The Bible doesn’t say anything about a purple shirt but it does about lying ?. And Robertson sure told some whoppers out there.

  4. I noticed Sis. Robertson wasn’t there. I heard Jimmy had a service where he called people to the front who were thinking about leaving his church within the past couple of months and she came up to the front. I quess that’s why they are saying quality me lawd and not quantity because people want OUT! Including longtime member and preacher’s Pamela Robertson!

  5. I wonder what they are going to say when Anthony Oloans and Rony Denis are in jail? They are going to look real stupid more than they already are.
    This thing is big, they are not going to be able to put the lid on this one!!

  6. The coward Rony Denis had to speak his trash in the ears of His minions. He couldn’t even be on speaker phone. What a coward!

  7. Patterson, was called a Gorilla and a monkey by his former Pastor, Pastor Schmidtka and Patterson is so dumb to still be there.

  8. This meeting brought a lot of closure to the fact that these people are not sincere, liars, and are a bonfide cult!

  9. Bradeen said that he couldn’t answer the question about himself lusting after his own daughter! That is because Denis is a LIAR! Bradeen was made to admit all kinds of foolish things at the request of the pervert Denis. Jimmy gave him permission to say that he is saved now. If you were really saved Bradeen you would come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord!

  10. @ Brother Yorke, I was recently at Robertson’s house and he only had one picture. That picture was on his coffee table and it was of DENIS! He also had his house painted teal on the inside, just like the church. I guess because Denis says that is the color of heaven, LOL. THAT IS NOT THE COLOR OF HEAVEN!!!!!!!

  11. Did anybody hear how fake Jennifer Pilkington sounded? Azaria nice earrings! Where is your pants Azaria! She sounded like a mouse on recording! You could tell she was forced to do that. That was so out of her character for her! Made me want to throw up!

    1. They are so pathetic. Pastor bradeen saw my daughter and I earlier that day and smiled and waved at us in the parking lot of walmart. But his whole attitude and demeanor changed at the town hall meeting when he was with the other jimmy follower. Sis bradeen even said out her mouth i was going to hell for wearing earrings and pants. Well guess what maam your God jimmy doesnt have a heaven or a hell to send me to!

      1. Yes, sad but true. Deep down Bradeen knows he and House of Denis is a big fraud. He can be a nice guy but he has to play meanie for dear cult leader. Denis took their trucks away for misbehaving like waving and having compassion on people I guess. Church members get kicked out for stuff like that in this cult!

      2. Yes it is so sad and pathetic how fake they are, just like when they walked in and came smiling shaking people’s hands and acting like they were somebody.
        Then when they were getting kicked out of the meeting all of a sudden they turned hostile! They were fake as they come!

  12. Robertson is officially a lying preacher! This liar lied to my face about something I have seen for myself in his house. He took pictures down in his house and kept one picture of Denis up, his pastor and his life! He also lied and claimed that he didn’t say that either. He then lied again and said Denis never called me gay when there are a lot of witnesses. Robertson is again the biggest disappointed in the church! Lying for Denis. And Robertson’s big comeback was, “You got on a purple shirt!” Folks you can’t make this stuff up. These guys are pathetic!

  13. Not all of these people are deceived some are willingly wicked. Brother Rodriguez brought up the 2’9 spirit and those people were in that service that Denis was conjuring up this spirit. And they purposely interrupted what brother Rodriguez was saying to hide the truth. These devils are not interested in truth but only deception.

  14. Isn’t it funny how Jimmy uses the bottom of the barrel like Patterson, the failed pastor from St. Louis who’s church closed down to ask people, how many did you get saved?
    He obviously doesn’t have to much knowledge of the Bible to know that man can’t save you! Jesus can!
    That would explain why they are the way they are because a man saved them not Jesus.

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