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Reverse Psychology 101!!! Rony Denis Style!!!

One of our many informants shared this with us. Denis is “educating” the people in his cult about Jim Jones insinuating that he is not like Jim Jones. But in reality he is! The devil hides in PLAIN SIGHT to the spiritually blind!


3 thoughts on “Reverse Psychology 101!!! Rony Denis Style!!!

  1. that is why we must take the Haitian out legally, so there will be no repeat of Jim Jones or having our love ones moved to jerusalem behind our backs. now is the time, that we fathers mothers brothers sister and friends from all states should be represented to stand in unity in front of the devil many with 1 purpose to drive the devil to his knees and set God’s children free. And that my friends is now in Hinesville GA. No more talking about it let’s get this done. GOD HAS SAT A STILL BUT NOW IS THE TIME. its unfolding right in front of us

  2. Jim Jones took his people out of the US. Just like Rony Denis wants his people to go to Jerusalem.

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