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The Story of Arlen Bradeen

Arlen Bradeen and his wife Christina has got to be the biggest disappointments in ALL of HOPCC ( THE PLACE OF HELP).

In the beginning of the scam movement Denis said that God said that Gerard Robertson was to be the man to lead the cult if something happened to him. Later he would say that Robertson lacked the fire in his gut to do it! Some at the time felt Bradeen would have been the man to fill Denis’ shoes of being the next cult leader. Bradeen ran the Bible School in the Philippines under NTCC. He was regarded as an experienced biblically  sound preacher. He gave legitimacy to the split from NTCC. However Denis systematically broke Arlen DOWN to where he has been coerced into saying that he has LUSTED after Denis’ wife, Marjorie, and Friar’s wife, Cassana. Denis even destroyed Bradeen’s mind and testimony for God to coerce him into saying that he LUSTED after his own daughter, Jennifer Pilkington! Denis had Bradeen tell the congregation that he is not saved and never was!

Arlen Bradeen should have stood up years ago against Rony Denis, he would have been surprised of would have supported him in the true movement against the devil’s kingdom!

Please pray for Arlen and his wife!

Here they are trying to proselytize a young GI into Denis’ cult. The young soldier threw the card away. These guys are hurting.

7 thoughts on “The Story of Arlen Bradeen

  1. Imagine this is in your mind if you would. Rev. Figueroa he is walking in the church office and there he sees two ministers hunched over some pictures of so called sinners, (maybe praying for them?) NO! A thousand times NO! They are hunched over pictures with a magnifying glass!!! Yes! The Pharisees are looking at pictures to find things that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but rather with a magnifying glass! Talk about Pharisees! The Bible was not joking when he said the harlots will go to heaven before these clowns. Can you imagine that they have to satisfy there desire of finding fault, that even just looking with there own eyes is not enough! But rather they are looking with the help of an instrument. Imagine if they examined themselves this well, what would happen!!! They might actually get saved.

  2. Rev Braden preached a message in Greensboro about not casting away your confidence which hath great recompense of reward and to see him now is shocking.

  3. I feel so bad for Bradeen because he looked defeated and he didn’t have anymore fight in him. And the bad thing is people are so confused about Bradeen the most. How he could be deceived by this Devil. He had so much more than Denis. But now he couldn’t barley say anything. And then he got in his little bootleg car, and I guess he was a bad child so he got his truck taken away. ?Robertson got into his Ford Focus ? They got there trucks taken away because they were not on there best behavior. What a sad story him and his wife looking bewildered!

  4. I feel so terrible for Arlen Bradeen and his wife they both looked miserable, and the only thing he could say when my husband asked him about his no salvation, he said well I’m saved now, and my husband just patted him on the arm and said I’m glad your saved.
    But the kicker is this! My husband asked him did he have feelings for his daughter he said he couldn’t answer that!!!!
    Omg!!! A preacher with that twisted mind is saved! He is on camera saying this.

  5. Please give me the description of “SAVED”. I have been saved most of my life I have been Water baptized. I do not understand how you get unsaved. This is part of the brainwashing. Once you ask Jesus into your heart he does not leave you. Just like a mother or a father never leaves a child, no matter what they do, how old they get, they are always there.

    1. @ Another Concerned Mother
      It is quite possible that a person can get religion like these Hopcc people and not Jesus. A good example of this in the Bible is seen with the Pharisees. A religious order who rejected Jesus! Just like Rony Denis and Hopcc. The “unsaved” part may come in where a person may decide to no longer follow Jesus. In Hopcc they decided to follow Denis instead of Jesus. In the Bible there is a lot of warnings about false teachers teaching damnable heresies designed to lead people away from God. Some people unfortunately seemingly turn into reprobates. We must just leave it up to God to judge but we will know them by their fruits.

  6. At the meeting on the outside Bradeen told me that he is “saved” now. It is so sad to see what the devil has done to these people I one respected.

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