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Same Management Different Name!!!

The oldest TRICK in the book. Change the name so that people will not think that the same crooks are running the same business.

Folks you can’t make this stuff up! Hopcc is a name Rony Denis said God gave him and not to CHANGE it, House Of Prayer, has changed it to- THE PLACE OF HELP-

This new name is fitting because in this place the people really do need some serious HELP! And some are crying out for it. “HELP me out of this cult”

These people lie, cheat, and destroy and they twist the scripture saying that they are hated of all men. But Peter said not to suffer for doing evil. Jesus was talking about being hated for Jesus’ sake, who is Righteousness, not a crook like Rony Denis. Of course he would say:

Great pic!

The place of helping you get a new spouse! But only Denis can have two at the same time!

The enemies of the Lord are on the run! Trying to continue to deceive the masses by changing their name!

12 thoughts on “Same Management Different Name!!!

  1. Yeah, Denis has got the church really looking like a ghetto now. I wonder why he goes so cheap on the church but for himself it’s the nicest of things?

    1. He can’t purchase a nice sign he has to get all of these ridiculous banners and put them all over the place! What a joke!! If it were at his house he would have it all wedged in thick gold frames and hand painted in eloquent scrip, but for the house of God they get plastic banners tapes all over the buildings, making it finally look as ghetto as the thugs on the inside.

  2. The Lord says, “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the cleverness of the clever I will set aside” (1 Cor. 1:19). Those who are of the world may seem to have the upper hand now, but a time will come when they will wither as the grass. Only those belonging to Christ in faith truly possess eternity.

  3. Denis is on the run. He actually is plastering the church in Hinesville with all kinds of propaganda posters. He is making the place look crazy and more like a straight up in your face cult!

  4. Are You Serious?

    Changing your sign is supposed to do what? Deceive those who might be seeking the truth about your cult. If nothing evil is going on why change now? We’re a bunch of homosexuals and lesbians right? Surely there’s nothing to our claims. Have you not read in the bible about he that covers his sins? Do you really want quality over quantity? Are you trying to insinuate that exposing your out & out hypocrisy is persecution? Are you serious?

  5. Don’t worry everyone in Hinesville will know it’s still house of prayer the cult church and I’ll make sure of that? Denis is pathetic and all his little puppets

  6. Jimmy is losing people left and right and all he can come up with is: why are you wearing a purple shirt…. Liz left with her kids and escaped from that crazy man, if you heard some of the dreadful things he has done!! He is a pervert!!!

  7. Yes if this doesn’t scream “cult” I’m not sure what does! What kind of church has that on there sign, I know a cult does!!

  8. Wow. Are you kidding me? Somebody is even more paranoid now ? . But WHY? Denis, you say you are not doing anything wrong? Well, bible always speaks the truth “surely your sins will find you out”. Guys, don’t forget to update on the MAIN page that this cult has different name now…

  9. God used the Assyrians, Babylonians, and basically whoever He wanted to humble disobedient Israel. For these guys to complain about this shows that they are ignorant of the Bible! And God!

  10. Rony Denis found fault with the people God sent to help in exposing him but quess what Denis you can find fault all you want but you can’t deny that it is WORKING!

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