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Highlights From The Townhall Meeting!!!

Well, we went to the enemies camp and the devil’s crew got SHUT DOWN!

This Mike Patterson, a chief brown noser for Rony Denis, being thrown out of the meeting for misconduct.

The whole Hopcc group had to leave because of their obstruction of allowing the truth to be told. It started when John Rodriguez began to expose Rony Denis by reading some Bible verses!

Notice Janice Patterson. She actually agreed with Jenessa Wright who was saying that Denis said he wanted to beat the young girls. Janice started shaking her head affirming what Janessa was saying and also said she was there when Denis said it. Mike Patterson turned back and looked at her like she was crazy for acknowledging the TRUTH!

Look at Janice Patterson get into Janessa’s face going off! No wonder she didn’t return with her husband the second time at the end of the meeting with the rest of Denis’ followers.

Here is the pastor of the Hinesville Church, William Pilkington, and his wife Jennifer enjoying the new found freedom of finally being allowed to record moving pictures on his cell phone while he is being recorded.

My heart really goes out for this man here, Arlen Bradeen and his wife. Even though there is no excuse and he has dug his own ditch, this man along with Robertson appeared to be completely broken down. Bradeen had the courage at one-time to call Denis out by saying he had an angry spirit and hanging the phone up on Denis and not coming to church because  he said Denis has been trying to push him out. Way to go Bradeen! But now, he appears to be emasculated. We don’t rejoice in the downfall of those who were at least 0nce right with God.

Here is Bobby Worthy, the one who conducted the meeting, waving goodbye to Denis’ cult members!

This meeting exposed who these people really are, Bluetooth Puppets for Rony Denis!

9 thoughts on “Highlights From The Townhall Meeting!!!

  1. The most hilarious thing was when CJ’s biggest point was: ? roll……. Rev. Yorke got paid for 12 yrs on payroll ???? oookkk, who doesn’t get paid as a pastor??? It’s quite obvious Jimmy does!!! What was the point? Jimmy is so stupid he has lost his mind! That’s like getting up and saying he worked at Walmart y’all! And he got paid!! ? duhhh!

    Jimmy is the only fool that believes you should work for him and not be paid for anything.

  2. Listen to how, when Rev. Yorke was telling them off all they could say was your wearing a purple shirt!!! ????

  3. Denis is so dumb, he kept asking the same stupid question he always ask! Is house of Prayer started by God?


    Am I a man of God? NO YOUR A FOOL!

    Don’t ask the same stupid question again.

  4. A purple shirt is a sin? Hypocrites! I saw many brothers wearing purple shirt in house of prayer ( house of help ) including Pop Reip ( Denis’es father in law ) numerous of times! Also lots of boys wore purple ties, and I never ever heard anything preached against them! Denis himself wore ties that looked like they had pink and/or purple in them. Well, if it’s a great sin, doesn’t bible say “avoid ALL appearances of evil?”. Once again I can conclude that house of NO help people are hypocrites ?

  5. This is sooo funny!!! They all had there bluetooths in there ear!! I was telling CJ get your God out of your ear!! Of course he couldn’t do that! They were hilarious Jimmy is such a coward and a fraud he can’t show up to the meeting himself, only on a blue tooth! Bobby Worthy told them we don’t care what he got to say! Because if he had something to say he would have been here tonight, Go ahead!! Bobby Worthy!!!

  6. I was able to attend the townhall meeting and it was quite an event! Meeting the cult members and listening to their lies constantly confirms that these people are truly deceived and Denis’ Voodoo spell. For example, Robertson lied so pathetically that I felt sorry for him. The companionate Robertson couldn’t scare off a fly. He knows Denis is a fraud. The great “sin” he had on me was that I was wearing a purple shirt. I did this on purpose having been a member of the Pharisee cult for some time, I new that it would raise their fault finding eyebrows. A purple shirt versus straight up lies? I choose a purple shirt, the Bible actually mentions the other real sin Robertson was engaging in LIES!

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