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3717 Sunnycrest Ave. Greensboro, NC 27405

Rony Denis and his cult House of Prayer think that they can come to Greensboro, NC and do as they please! They can’t sell that dump so now they want to open it back up?Denis you just made another big mistake.

Denis do you really want to do this?


Even the FILTHY rich have their limitations!


12 thoughts on “3717 Sunnycrest Ave. Greensboro, NC 27405

  1. Who would want there family staying in this mold?? Even if you paint over the mold which is what they do, the spores keep growing! And this creates all kinds of respitory issues and sicknesses. And the ironic thing is Jimmy would NEVER live in that dump, but he doesn’t care about others and there families. And get this they have MORE people he’s trying to put in there!
    He really does not care about people, he throws $ at all his issues, but why not throw his money and correct the mold issue! Oh I know it would cost to much money because you would have to tear the walls down….. if you notice none of the churches are as nice as jimmys house. All the churches have cheap remodels using no permits, all the brothers do the work of course without permits and license, that way they can do there underrated work for cheap. But at Jimmys house everything is done and redone until it’s perfect and even still to that Spoiled brat of a child Denis will throw a tantrum that his kingdom is not as perfect as it should be!
    What a Joke!

  2. @ Fresh air – Is Felder taking over for Bercini at Massey Street, or is he being moved from Killeen too?

  3. Randy Bercini and Jenkins are the new Pastors in Greensboro! ?? 2 adulterers What a joke! Jimmy must be a clown! Because he sure loves to make jokes!
    Athena SmithWhite, the sister that Jimmy said her head needed to rammed into a wall, is now a ministers wife ? This joke keeps getting bigger and bigger! Thanks Freshair for letting us know, who the next clowns are in town! This is bigger than Barnum and Baily!

  4. I remember Clinton Daniels saying that he was discouraged about staying in the illegal house that Rony built because Benton was going to leave the molded sheet rock up in the bathroom. Thank God a brother who left the cult tore it out. Maybe that’s why Daniels left the first time because he knew Denis was crooked. But he went back because Denis is FILTHY rich.

  5. So, the man who lies to his church cult telling them that there is no church in Greensboro since we left his cult is trying to salvage the dump church he said he built in Greensboro. He over priced the dump trying to steal $475,000 from someone. Yet he is so filthy rich. In reality he is just filthy.

  6. Omg!! They had people living in a place with all that mold??? Jimmy would never live in something like that! So why would he have families living in there?

      1. Yes this is true in Matthew Reese name, and the foreclosure letter came to the house , of course Oloans tried to pretend as if he had everything under control, when in reality that is there normal way of handling people’s mortgage loans in others name.

  7. If he was smart he wouldn’t, but as we know Jimmy is as Dumb as dumb comes! Here we go!!! I can’t wait!!!

    Greensboro HOPCC here we come!!! ??

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