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The Fayettville Rescue Mission! & The Schmidtke Empire!

This is a lovely photo of Alexander and Gilda Schmidtke. Schmidtke is a nice guy but you just can’t trust him, not even Rony can trust him. If Schmidtke doesn’t like you then you are out. A great church political animal he knows how to play along with the greatest political hack of them all Rony Denis. With no genuine love for the people he will stab you in the back at a moments notice. Schmidtke has preached that Hopcc is the only church that is right. He said Denis has given him a new name and now he is going to heaven.

His wife Gilda runs the show. Denis has always criticized her singing and piano playing but she owns the music in Fayetteville and no one including Schmidtke and Denis can touch it. Plus she has the money, so Denis is careful with her. He likes to trash the women but not this one. In Hopcc the bottom line is MONEY!


Here is the house they used to ripped off Sis. Sarah Edwards. $30,000 she gave to fix up this dump and it’s still a dump. This is also where they were conducting their illegal fraudulent day school.


Here is the great church building of the second largest church in Denis’ cult. For years Denis has been promising them a new church building only to flip it on them for them breaking the rules like sledding on the church parking lot when snow was on the ground. I wonder where all the building pledges went to? Denis even went so far as to say that the huge brick church on the corner of Johnson and Bragg blvd, Mt. Olive Baptist Church, was going to be Fayetteville’s church. He told a whopper on that on.


Here is the Governor’ s house. A lot different than the surrounding slum they call prayer force village. They just recently fixed them up with some whitewashing. There was a church member who was having concrete poured in the front of his family dwelling unit at the church. Schmidtke’s comment was, it ain’t his money. The  church member soon afterwards was shipped to Hinesville. I’m sure it had nothing to do with his disability increase.



Prayer force village. For $550-$650, one church member said a big rat was in house due to a hole by the water heater. Retzlaff, the associate pastor, said that he wouldn’t pay that much. I don’t blame him. At least they don’t have to worry about cutting the grass.


Here is their Facebook page! But the internet is a sin right?  Schmidtke quoted Rony Denis years ago saying how he didn’t “sin” that day. He quoted Rony naming a bunch of “sins”. But there was one “sin” in particular Schmidtke wanted to focus on while he was doing his impromptu servicemen’s home teaching, and the”sin” that Denis said was emailing. Denis’ “sin” that he didn’t commit that day was emailing. No folks you can’t make this stuff up. It really happened.

Pray for people in the Fayetville church to be rescued out of this cult!

The beginning years of the cult movement. Schmidtke and his wife was part of the undercover plot in NTCC to break away while playing games with the people of that church organization. Notice Gilda’s scarf. Denis lately has been making fun of scarves, what a hypocrite!

17 thoughts on “The Fayettville Rescue Mission! & The Schmidtke Empire!

  1. Fayetteville and especially Bonnie Doone, where the church is located, are known for it’s many prostitutes. The sad reality is the “holy brethren” in Fayetteville’s Hop are all to familiar with these prostitutes as well. And it’s not soul winning the but the other way around. Hop could stand for House Of Prostitution/ Adultery Inc. Rony Denis regulates what these married people can do in THEIR OWN BED, so they go and find prostitutes to satisfy them. One of the “holy brethren” from Fayetteville was testifying before Rony Denis (who was on the polycom) and the church that he, a married man whose wife has been zombied 🧟‍♀️, was LUSTING SO BAD that he couldn’t even go to work! 🙄

    This is the fruit of Denis and Schmidtke, two con-men working against the kingdom of God making these people two-fold the children of hell more than they are! SMH….

    1. So…the way it works is…..if I read my bible and pray and get in the church service….and wait around…eventually I could get with my church brother’s wife…..or vice versa if you’re a sista…..

  2. I went to New Testament (before the split) when I first came to Fort Bragg (early 20’s). I was already saved in my previous church and knew what to look for. Our pastor said “be careful of the South, there are a lot of small cults.” Anyhow, I liked the praying, because I always speak to God in private. After a while, every Sunday was repeating – I come with my bible which was never opened because no scriptures are ever quoted – they sing, throw their hands in the air, then sit down. 70% of the time is spend talking about other churches, how Mississippi people don’t have teeth, how West Virginian’s marry their cousins…. I like to give places a benefit, but week after week it was just awkward.

    I always sat on the side with the females because I thought it was ridiculous to split up. Anyhow, I ended up going to Manna and I enjoy it a lot – there will always be bottom 10% people wherever you go – the thing is, are you an adult to make decisions? To know right from wrong? I mean if a man speaks about people so much, can’t people pray for answers instead of following someone as if he’s Christ? Very awkward.

    I was stopped on post by someone from NTCC to attend the church – I told him I used to go there but I now attend Manna. He said “Schmidike use to go to New Testament, but he wanted to do his own thing.” – that was the extend of that.

    Most of the followers are hungry for something. Many come from broken homes so they feel loved by a charismatic personality – they’re easily persuaded – whole demeanor changes…unfortunately, someone close to me is sucked into the organization…I can tell this person the sky is blue, and show him pictures, but if that preacher tells him the sky is yellow, he will stick to yellow no matter what. No personality! It’s like mind control. Very weird. I’m happy they are so deep in bible study and all, but when you can’t make decisions for yourself, wow!

    Pray for these folks. Families are torn apart – maybe they’ve been molded by opinions and not by the movement of God for years, and they need the pull. I mean the Rory man, I just started reading about – from his demeanor, there is a demonic entity – I’ve been around many Haitians – many may speak well, but many of their families deal with occult and evil entities.

  3. To see a site about the Fayetteville church almost ten years after I left it. Quite gratifying to see a site about House of Prayer Christian churches that condemns what they do, especially Alex Schmidtke. I believe I had once known of a few of you, Yorke and Lawrence, as ones that had preached at the church, unless I’m recalling this incorrectly. Bro. Lawrence, I believe Bro. Yorke was referring to Quan’Trell Felder. After I got out of the church, I got briefly acquainted with the Felder brother’s father,Oscar Felder, who had nothing to do with the church, and a few others that had left the church before I returned to my home state of Oklahoma. I feel sorry for the Felder boys, Que’Twan and Quan’Trell, and the other’s who name eludes my memory as of this moment, for still being sucked into Schmidtke’s delusions. It was nice to find some support out there and validation for my reasons to leave. To this day I’ve not been able to bring myself to call it a cult, insomuch as that while I believe that a lot of what they are doing is wrong, I still learned (granted mostly on my own since being part of that congregation channeled my inner reader into reading the Word a lot) a great deal of the Bible and even a little about God and forgiveness, and don’t have enough facts from my three and a half years spent with them to support my calling it a cult. It stands to reason that you who were a bit more deeply integrated into the system of that organization, which is something I suppose I’m more comfortable calling them, would have seen much more than I did, and I suppose you would have more justification calling them a cult. I’m glad to hear that the Kings are no longer part of this organization. I fondly recall Bro King as being a rather good person, and passionate about what he taught. I had been part of the so-called seminary there, and recall that Bro King had done a little bit of the teaching (It has been 9-10 years, I’ve forgotten much.) I don’t think HOPCC has very much longer, especially with good people using the internet to undermine them and help people that are getting involved with them to have an early escape route instead of having to go through the suffering many who have left have. In Christ,
    The former member once known as Brother Jason Bloom, now preferring just Jason.

  4. The other day Rev. King was telling me about the time that the deceiver, Rony Denis, was propagating his lie about no one getting “saved” or even able to get saved unless he is there to have something to do with it. At the time the Fayetteville church, where Rev. King was, had a lot of new people in it. It was an unbelievable statement to receive but Rev. King said that Schmidtke made the statement that you have to believe it. (Why do we have to believe lies, just because it comes from Denis?)

    This reveals the character of these charlatans. Schmidtke says that you have to believe Denis’ lies even though it is obviously a lie. People get saved because of their belief in JESUS regardless of Denis. Now, Denis has two churches in Fayetteville. He doesn’t want what happened in Greensboro to happen in Fayetteville. He tried to move Schmidtke to Hinesville before but it didn’t work out. Gilda, Schmidtke’s wife, already left before and is probably a little wobbly with all of the drama surrounding the cult. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Denis a very corrupt man. The Schmidtkes has been on the inside of a lot of the corruption, taking up fraudulent building funds for years, being privy to Denis’ claim of deity, and being one of the fakest preachers to walk the earth. There were times that Schmidtke, who likes to run his mouth, shared some things with me that he wished he didn’t because he was ignorant at the time to Denis flip-flopping his words around. I wasn’t the talebearer type like Schmidtke was so I just listened and then by God’s grace put the pieces together at the time of my departure from the cult. Thanks Alex for all the conformation you gave unknowingly that Hopcc is a cult.

    P.S. : Rony Denis has become everything that he accused Ntcc of. He has got to be the biggest hypocrite to have ever stepped into a pulpit.

    Ray Yorke

  5. The Story of Samuel & Josie Gaye:

    Schmidtke and Denis was scheming against this brother and his family. They wanted him to purchase Omar Garcia’s broke down house way over it’s value. Believe me the money was not going to Omar. Rev. King tried to help Omar get into a nice house. Samuel and Josie were getting ripped off by Denis renting out Omar’s house when they could be paying about the same in a much bigger and nicer house! They almost had the house, they paid their earnest money and was ready until Schmidtke and Denis conspired against them to pull out of the deal loosing the earnest money and the house. Later after Rev. King kissed ? the CULT goodbye Denis used the occasion to say that Rev. King was sowing discord in Fayetville against Schmidtke. Everyone really knows Denis is the one who sows discord.

  6. I realized Schmidtke was out only for himself by the way I saw how he treated Rev King at the beginning of Hopcc. Denis tried to convince Schmidtke to send some help to Greensboro which he grudgingly rarely did. Even with their Food Lion meat, they kissed up to Hinesville so much sending boat loads to them while the Kings looked out for us step brothers and sisters in Greensboro. Thanks guys! ?

  7. So if that sister kills herself you know who to blame. And what is he saying…obey them that have the rule over you? And this is her pastor? the one that’s supposed to look after her soul? That’s the advice he gives her? Smh

  8. I lived in Fayetville for just a little while until Schmidtke and his wife had Denis boot my wife and I down to GA. Denis used the “full time ministry” trap to help lure me into his cult. When we got to Fayetville you could feel the difference between Fayetville and Tacoma and the Schmidtkes and the Virgos. Schmidtke said that everyone that came from the Virgo’s church was crazy, meaning a weirdo. Right away I could pick up that Schmidtke was just out for himself and that he was the biggest respecter of persons of anyone I have ever met. He treated Denis like a king while everyone else got his cold shoulder. I especially saw this when Rev Hanna came there years ago and I am sure Rev Tucker felt the same chill from Schmidtke as well. Schmidtke told me that while he was in NTCC that he didn’t like his helpers at the time, Ronnie and Melodie Allen, so they worked to get rid of them. Allen’s wife got pregnant and that was joy to the Schmidtke’s because that meant you could not be in servicemen’s work in NTCC. When Schmidtke told me this I knew exactly what kind of person he was, an opportunist, only looking out for himself even at the expense of others. And I knew it was coming our way. One time when the Schmidtke’s were out on what he called “secret mission” ( the church members he told knew where he was but the ministers helping would be left out of the loop) he had me do the church service. Right before service started instead of calling me with his trash he called Trell Felder, who was a church member there at the time, to tell me that no one is to play any instruments. This was done because the Schmidtke’s didn’t want my wife to play the piano and sing. Denis would bring it out years after of how these two selfish political hacks would call him and trash my wife and I. Just like Denis, Schmidtke would buy us some fellowship food and they gave some stuff to the children all for self righteous reasons because his heart is not with you or God. Denis would get on him a lot about how enormous his pride was. Talk about the pot calling the Kettle BLACK!

    1. Yes it’s funny how things worked out, because months before we left Jimmy called me and told me things that Schmidtka’s were calling him about. Basically trashing my husband and I, Jimmy told me that they owed me an apology. So when we went to Fayetteville and were at his house Alex Schmidtka offered one of his fake apologies
      And when I say fake I mean that he only apologized because Jimmy told him to, it wasn’t because he had any conviction of the lies he told about us, or that he felt Godly sorrow for his wickedness, he is such a snake. Gilda Schmidtka just stood beside him smiling the whole time. So to make up for the embarrassment of Jimmy exposing them for the snakes that they are, he would come to Greensboro NC, not because he wanted to but because Jimmy told him to and purchase my kids toys, so called “fellowship” with us and invite us to there house.
      If Jimmy preached more about the fruits of the Spirit and Godly Christian character instead of all the foolishness he is preaching, maybe he wouldn’t have to police the pastors to apologize to people when they’ve done wrong, but when you see the example that they are following Jimmy who is NEVER wrong! Then you get a bunch of fakes in the pulpit. Including the Fraud Rony Denis.

  9. I lived in Fayetteville for about 7 months and Schmidtka used to make fun and mock the members so bad he used to tell this one sister all the time to just go and kill herself I have heard him say it to her several times when she was in a battle whether he was joking or not that is something you should never tell someone

    1. The Schmidtka’s Wow were do I start? Knowing them all the way from Korea when Gilda Schmidtka was just a young soldier and Alex was too. I was young and about 4 yrs old at the time when we first met the Schmidtkas.

      I have definitely had my share of being around these two and right away you can pick up there personalities. Alexander is known for his jesting. He has no compassion and he often makes fun of people’s calamities. I have never seen a pastor that shepherds the people without a heart. And the church in Fayetteville reflects the Shepherd: One sister put it like this: Why do the children in Fayetteville look the most unkept?
      My answer would be because duh! They don’t care anything about the children, the poor sisters are running around ragged all day trying to invite people to a cult that they don’t even want to be in themselves.
      There houses are so dirty, while they rush to the next prayer meeting to pray about why there houses are so filthy, they are sitting in Q and A asking questions about the Bible that they don’t live by.
      And the only thing Alexander cares about is the ??? and to make sure the dump of homes called “Prayer Force Village” ? Are paid for and the new church that has been promised and has never been built has a building fund that continues to collect money.
      For what????
      They have the lamest playground for the children one that has had to be repaired four times over instead of just sacrificing a little money to by the children of Prayer Force a nice sturdy playground.
      I could go on and on, about all the misdeeds and cheapskate policies they have. But what gets me is how the people are expected to give lavishly, while what they put in the church is bare minimum. Cheap playgrounds, a dump of a dayschool. Uneducated teachers, ghetto homes for the people to live in, rats coming out of the floorboards and paying $650 a month! ? To stay in the hood! Bonnie Doone, NC.
      Come on folks stop drinking the kool aide!!

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