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15 thoughts on “Testimony:Why I left the Cult HOPCC- Jennifer Rodriguez

  1. Greetings Bro Rodriguez. I have one nagging question. I have been away from the church for several YEARS now, fortunately I was never apart of HOPCC. I read your testomony which rings so true, you just can’t make that stuff up, if you did you deserve an Oscar nominee….but I believe every acct of your testimony. I knew Rev Denis, he was my pastor yrs and yrs ago. I always knew his wife as a prayerful Godly woman and one of strong conviction, i loved her dearly. My question to you is if she was ever witness to the change in his behavior while under these demonic spells, palm reading and chanting in this 2″9 spirit garbage, etc. Did she ever witness Denis’s mental abuse towards you and the other ministers during your private settings, did she ever once make an attempt to make a stand for the Lord on your behalf ? I had so much reverence and respect for her back then, did she just stand by and watch all these things happen to the people of God and not try to intervention some how? I guess the scripture concerning obedience to your husband to them still means you have to keep your mouth shut and turn a blind eye to any and everything that’s wrong in the sight of the Lord huh. . My God, that is so troubling to me, i think back to how she prayed with so much fervency in prayer meetings and how everyone was drawn to her because of her Godly spirit. That really blows my mind even from reading your wife’s testimony that she is just silent about things that are so so wrong on the sight of God. Majorie if you happen to read this blog please ask the good Lord for strength to try and do what’s right in the sight of God and also more importantly for your daughter. …even if Rev Denis’s chooses to stay on an unrighteousness path, go back to the one who saved your soul yrs ago back in St Louis, your first love. That’s what made me love you back then was your love for the Lord. Please find your way again. I ask this in Jesus name Amen.

    1. To answer your question about Sister Denis we have to be very careful because Rony Denis reads everything we put out, and she has been mentally abused more than anyone else. I know of the godly women you speak of, but she has become a slave. Not allowed to talk to anybody. No contact with her mother, or any church members. When Rev. Bowers first made a Web site against House of prayer, Rony Denis had myself and Anthony Oloans monitor it daily and read to him the new postings, or print them out, and they have even responded to things said here in church services as we have informants within the church. So anything we put out about her is just going to cause Rony to lash out even more at her. Please keep her in your prayers, she is a true victim.

      1. My God, My God. That breaks my heart. I Thank you for the reply. Now I have a better understanding. My Lord Jesus…..

  2. That is not biblical at all. If a person chooses to leave a church for whatever reason, whether it’s for a good reason or not, God gives us that choice because he made us free moral agents. I have never read in scripture where God honors or even commands forceful servatude. You take away a person’s free will when Jesus clearly proclaims we were set free in him, and not by serving him within a spirit of bondage and mind control. That organization has lost the essence of true worship, especially if the leadership has engaged in witch craft which the Lord speaks strongly against. I pray that all who’ve had the courage to leave to continue in daily prayer for those who are still under that ministry. No weapon formed against you shall prosper because the prayers of the wicked against you for departing the ministry of whose leader is wicked in spirit is more than justifiable. Pray that God avenges all of you not for your sakes but because of Who GOD is and what true Christianity stands for which is freedom and liberty..and love which they seem to have an extreme lack of..

  3. These people go to far if someone wants to leave they should be able to. I tried to leave when I was 18,and Bradeen showed up at the bus station grabbed my bags and all but short of grabbing me, use all of their crazy tactics to force me to get the car and leave with him and his wife. Then made me change my number so my parents could not get In contact, not to mention I was leaving to go to my grandmothers funeral. I am glad you were able to leave, it’s sad that we have to go to extremes to be able to leave! What happen if you want to leave then Leave…people wake up its not that case I have three other incidents where I tried to leave and they went to extremes.

  4. Wow what a testomony ma’am of your courage to leave and not be afraid to tell the truth of your experience. I don’t know you personally but I can relate to the mind control and manipulation. Rev. Denis was my first pastor under NTCC and we took everything he said as gospel truth. It is truEly vital to know the scriptures for ourselves because Satan is real and will counterfeit anything that is Truly of God. That is one of Satan’s ammo is to disort God’s truth, sadly he uses human vessels to do so. I encourage you all who’ve been set free to continue to pray for others who are still spiritual blind to the truth. I believe God will avenge all who’ve been affected by his callousness. I know that people who are of greater position and authority in God are at greater accountability for there actions and for God’s people and God is not pleased when man exalts himself higher than he ought to but God has a way of showing himself that “HE IS The only True God”. God is not mocked by no means. Continue to see how God works and things unfold. I will continue to pray for you all because I can relate to your personal experience even though mines was pint size compared to what you people have gone through.

  5. The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I’m so glad there were others that could be saved. I pray more people will have their eyes opened very soon!

  6. Thank God for leading us out of that prison! God never meant it to be such. So now God has given us an opportunity to become Gods daughters to be made in His likeness. I thank God for all those who paved the way for us to come out of this cult and who still carried the banner of Jesus Christ high not lowering the standard of holiness to accept the devils trash. I thank you much because I know it took much.

    Sis. Danielle Jones

  7. It truly is God’s amazing grace that opened our eyes to see all the corruption that we were in and how we were in bondage under a cruel taskmaster named Ron Denis who claimed he loved us but at the end of the day he would talk bad about you and treat you any kind of way. Is that love? That’s not the love I read about in the bible. The good thing is you saw it and you made it out safely Thank God!!!

  8. Jennifer so glad you are free from the yoke of bondage! I remember the day your parents gave their hearts to the Lord! Your father was an amazing man who God used there in Germany. You were 2 & Jeffery a baby, you were so cute! Lessons we learn, some are hard but we’ll never forget. Be aware and don’t be afraid to question something that doesn’t seem right. Grateful to the Lord for all that He’s provided for you and your husband.

  9. Praise the Lord! All things work together for the good. There is a reason we went through all of this, slowly but surely we are seeing the Beauty from ashes. There is nothing like serving God out from underneath the man that said we were his “daughters” what kind of Father is that? I’ll take God the Father anyday!

    Sharita Yorke

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