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22 thoughts on “JESUS MY GLORY

  1. Does not have the ability to lust after women, not even his wife, huh?

    I remember years back that he got really upset when his arch rival from NTCC called him a bowel movement.

    I remember a homosexual science teacher I had was trying to make a case for a particular sex act saying that it feels good to take a bowel movement. Sounds a lot like Rony. I quess he didn’t quite make it out of the dung hill after all.

  2. My Cult Reflections :

    In my reflections of the debacle we just came out of, I thought of another name for my former estranged and strange pastor. Pastor Polycom.

    How could I be so stupid to accept this polycom nonsense. I remember recently pastor polycom had Arlen, the former bear hunter from the back woods of Washington state, up at the front of the church telling everyone that he was not going to leave his wife, sis. Bradeen, and then pastor polycom instructed him to hug and kiss her as if he is the great uniter.

    What people generally don’t know is that there is usually another side to the story that pastor polycom doesn’t want you to know. I took a computer class years ago, in this class the teacher exposed how many if not all computer viruses come from those who say they have the fix for them.

    In other words, pastor polycom starts the problem, makes it worse, and then polycoms his way into solving it. But really it’s not solved. Have you ever noticed how if something goes wrong he always blames the preachers, but wait, who do these preachers get their marching orders from? You got it, pastor polycom.

    Why does he use the polycom? There are no doubt many answers that can be given. My one answer is that he is probably sitting at home in his pj’s laughing at us hovering in fear around this electronic device, the polycom.

    May God bless you
    P.S. Not the polycom

    1. I have heard him say multiple times that he could see 1000 naked women and it wouldn’t bother him. He says he doesn’t have the ability to lust. I’ve also heard him say on multiple occasions that sex is just a bowl movement….

  3. My Cult Reflections :

    Looking back and receiving information from the experiences of others I find that the Reverend Rony Denis is a complete sexual pervert. This is what the Devil will do to you.

    Think about it, he coerces people into making false confessions involving sexuality. Now everyone in HOPCC especially the Hinesville House of prayer Christian Church is either gay, a child molester, or has a serious lust problem. Denis lives in Hinesville so this is his guinea pig church.

    Rev. Rony has told me that he can look at, and may have, 100 naked women and it would not bother him because he is so holy. (Maybe it is because he is so gay!)

    He also for whatever reason enlightened me on how he would wear two condoms when he was with his wife. One to prevent pregnancy and two that he didn’t feel his own wife! My friends, that is queer to say the least.

    Please don’t get offended at this but this man needs to be exposed for the sexual pervert that he is. My wife and others have felt uncomfortable around him. He constantly makes reference to men and women’s “backsides”. ( his word, one of his favorites) He works to pervert your mind and then uses it against your weakened conscious to frame you of some type of contrived impropriety.

    If House of Prayer is so HOLY, what is up with all of it’s sexual problems?
    Once you leave the cult your mind will be much clearer. God Bless!

  4. My Cult Reflections :

    I and the Rev. Jeff Derby were on the phone with the Kabbalist, Rony Denis. During this phone seance Rony made some amazing statements that Paul the apostle and the example of a TRUE man of God would have never made.

    Mr. Denis proclaimed to myself and Rev. Derby, the missionary, that God had given him such a great anointing that he could change the scriptures but trusts him not to do it. I thought that sounded crazy but it was not the time or place to revolt. Plus being underneath the influence of this Kabbalah man had me off balance on what to do.

    The fact is he was already changing the scriptures or at least trying. Rony Denis is a very wicked man and as I reflect on my experience with him I see more wicked than good. Thank God I moved out to a brand new life!

    PS: please pray for the day for jimmy to hear the words he dreads, “Mr. Denis, you are under arrest.”

  5. I am so glad God has opened my eyes that were so blinded and set me free from the cult I was in. They told me I would be cursed if I left the cult but so far God has been blessing me and opening doors in my life. He has really restored my family and my relationship with him where I no longer fear man anymore but now I fear God above man. When I was in the cult I feared man over God. Really ask yourselves and really pray about it those that are still in bondage to the cult and Ron Denis ” Do I fear God more than man or Do I fear man more than God?”The Bible tells us in Matthew 10:28 Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. So those that may be in fear like I was the bible tells us not to be because Ron Denis can not destroy both soul and body in hell. I thank God for that!!

  6. Cult Reflections :

    My mind by God’s amazing grace has been clear and at great peace after leaving the Hinesville cult group headed by cult master Rony the wizard Denis.

    This man specializes in trying to pervert your mind. He loves creating a scandal then capitalizes on it to your disadvantage but his advantage over you.

    One fellowship meeting on the platform he shook my hand and thanked me for being there and not long after that he was making promise to have complete submission. I thought he was talking about God but he was speaking about himself.
    Next thing you know everyone got down on their knees instead of him.

    The last fellowship meeting I attended was not to bad because he was not there. But people were sitting there waiting for the polycom to come on for a while for false profit denis to speak. When it become aware that he would not be speaking to us Rev Robertson had me to close the service.
    The people in Hinesville are trained to treat denis like diety.

  7. My Cult Reflections :

    The testimonies of people who have been in the House of Prayer Christian Church turned Cult are truly amazing. It is amazing to me how the Reverend Rony Denis can bad mouth people the way he does, especially when they have given their lives to him thinking they were doing it for God.

    The Reverend Rony Denis belittled one of the faithful brethren and called him just a toilet paper runner. Does this sound like a man of God who cares about people? My thoughts were maybe the brother was very busy getting the Reverend a lot of toilet paper because he was full of you know what!

    The whole House of prayer Christian Church especially in Hinesville needs a lot of toilet paper.

  8. My Cult Reflections:

    There were times that the Voodoo Man (Rev. Ashmore was right ) would complain that no one would listen to him because he was black, had an accent, and was not Rev. Davis.

    This whining was nauseating and not true. Rony Denis is a master deceiver. Looking back I find it amazing how so many preachers from NTCC fell for his garbage.

    I thank God I escaped before this devil could frame me with his lies. Rony makes people think that he hears from God but just like the cult leaders of old he gets his info from insincere weak minded people he placed in the church.

    Right now he is using Clinton Daniels and his wife. He has turned them into liars and money grubbers. A real modern day Ananias and Sapphira. God wants to help get things out of people’s heart to help them, but Mr. 2,9 spirit Denis wants to exploit you and use those things against you, just like the devil.

    Why did Denis, the church menace, lie to Clinton, telling him that he was coming to Greensboro, NC to become the pastor? Clinton would tell Rony on the phone when the reformation or liberation took place that he wasn’t even called to pastor. His wife also gave ole Bucky a run for his money as well over the phone. But the heart of man is very deep with hidden compartments. As with Judas, Achan, Delilah, and many others the love of money can get you in the end. If you have a price Denis can purchase you. You have to tell him as one brother did, “I’m not for sale!”

    I learned later that Clinton asked this brother for $800 the day before he left and hasn’t even paid the brother back the money he previously swindled him out of. Does Doomsday Denis talk about this side of the story? I trow not. Rony told me Clinton was not good with money, you could tell by just listening to Clinton. Clinton could be a good brother, after all he and his wife helped a lot in us splitting from the cult, but again the LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Plus the fear of man is a snare.

    Now he, Demonic Denis, is using Clinton and his wife who wanted to punch her husband while he was trashing her behind the pulpit to trash me, a man who she thanked for helping her. She was bitter at her first pastor, Huff, and her husband Clinton. She said I told her things she never heard like, making the Bible your pastor. She thanked me for it but now she says she never knew me.

    Well that’s alright I’ll still pray for them because I know that they are no match for Jim Jones Denis who is making them twofold the children of hell. Their “Savannah street smarts” is laughable to the Devil.

    So, they are using them saying that I am inappropriate with the women. This is not true. Denis behind the scenes was trying to build a case on me whether true or not to crush me into complete submission to him, like he has done to other ministers, especially Robertson and Bradeen. Rev. Virgo and I personally heard Rev. Denis call these ministers to their face “Bastards” and seriously verbally abuse them because they supposedly did not listen to him the way he wanted.

    Really it is all a scheme that Denis is playing from the Devil’s playbook, not some rebuke is better than secret love. This man has no love. He is using classic cult control techniques. You could look this stuff up, its already been exposed. He is not some special man of God, he is just a narcissistic man with little man syndrome and a wicked cult leader. When these brothers stood up to him with scriptures he crumbled.

    Clinton Daniels is the one who preached saying that he would say to his wife “See,yah” if there was no penalty for sin. I am not prefect but please, this is what you’re using to discredit us? Are you serious?

    P.S.: Don Rich, the Holiness preacher, did not compromise like you all lied about. You are the compromisers!

  9. Thank God for those who took a stand we will pray and fast for those that are in bondage. For with man it is impossible but with God all things are possible.

  10. Thank God that we cam see God in truth and Spirit we all were once blind but now we see because of Jesus not because of the blood of a man. Those that are still in it there is away out and his name is Jesus.

  11. Everyday of having escaped Rony’s control has been a liberating blessing. I don’t want to hurt those who are still trapped, I just want you to know that true salvation is found in the One from Galilee not Haiti. May God bless you and we are praying for you.

  12. Only by God’s Grace were we able to escape such an abusive, controlling cult. God has removed the blinders that were so tightly on our eyes! God has a people! God is so much bigger than HOPCC. God really does love the whole world, that he died 4! God is good!!

  13. Amen!!! God is good!! I finally know the meaning of these scriptures! ( Matt 11: 29-30)
    The hard burden that ” the man of God” as they say, puts upon everybody is man made and not Divine. Thank God we are free in Jesus name! I pray more people will come to the realization of the fraud that “the man of God” has become.
    He is living in the O.T. He does not have the power to kill, judge, curse, blind as he says…. Jesus has removed the curse! The vail has been rent, for us!!! We are in the dispensation of GRACE!!! Thank the Lord! Jesus already became a curse for us!! He has set us free to worship him!!
    We no longer have to live in fear….. HOPCC is full of so much fear. That is not Godly. We have been commanded not to fear but to LOVE!!

  14. Hello everyone,
    Wow alot has taken place in the last couple months. One thing for sure I’ve made the right choice. They lied and told me that I was not going to be able to think right and I was going to lose my mind.
    They couldn’t be more wrong, I have gained my mind, my life, a real relationship with God. Good bye Pastor Denis, Hello Jesus!
    ” Thank God I moved out! Too a brand new life!!!…………
    I want to encourage you, to walk by Faith and not by sight! There is a Christian life waiting for you outside of the “cult” House of Prayer, where you won’t worship a man but God!
    You don’t have to wait for him to clear you. You can come boldly before the throne of Grace.

    God Bless you,
    Your sister, friend in Christ
    S.N. Yorke

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