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Reconnect with your FAMILY and LOVED ONES!!!

Lucky 8 TV contacted Families Against Cult Teachings (F.A.C.T.) and asked if they could help them. Please see below information for their upcoming TV series.

are seeking everyday people who had a major falling
out with a loved one and have been estranged for
over 5 years .
This new series aims to help people find and reconcile with their
estranged family members!
-Is your relationship with a loved one so fractured that you no longer speak?
– Do you want to salvage the relationship but don’t know how?
-Is there a major life event coming up that makes it extremely important to repair this
broken relationship now?
-Have you exhausted all efforts on your own to reach the other person?
We want to hear your story!
If you or someone you know wants to break an estrangement
in your family please send your name, contact information and story to
realstories@lucky8.tv .


This may be a chance to reconnect with your loved ones who are trapped in Rony Denis’ web of deception!

Has Jimmy, Bootzin, or anyone in Hop Ever Read Luke Chapter 18???

Please pray for this 18 year old child.  She has grown up in Jimmy’s (Rony Denis) cult and this is what they have taught her.

What are they doing to this child? Technology is a sin? What? Marjorie Denis, the cult leader’s wife, had an iPhone before we escaped! Mariah Denis, the cult leader’s daughter, enjoys the modern day technology as well!

What does this 18 year old not owning a computer mean?

You can discipline yourself by jumping up and down on your smartphone because of “lust” and still have lust running rampant in the so-called “safe place”, The Place Of Help Hinesville Church!

Have you ever wondered why so much wickedness of everyone lusting after everything in Hop goes on when everyone is wearing “holy apparel”? 

A fitting description of some people who claim to be the only ones right with God on the planet!

The Greatest Showman!!!

Ladies and gentlemen! Brothers and sisters! We present to you the greatest showman of the church, RONY DENIS!!!!

Along with his band of performers, the ministers!!!

You will surely be entertained!!!

Each show/church service there will always be some drama, scandal, spouse swapping, fraud, or anything to fool you!!!

Now playing at a House of Prayer, Assembly of Prayer, and The Place of Help near you!!!

Striking Similarities!!!

Both Rony Denis and David Koresh drew the attention of local media. Both had more than one wife living with them simultaneously!

Both claimed to be Divinity!

David Koresh has a different name: Vernon Wayne Howell

Rony Denis has a different name: Ernande Jean???

Both had people worshiping them.

Rony says to confess your sins to him so that he can “clear” you.

Nationwide Radio Disaster!!!

Please continue to pray against to continual brainwashing and abuse of the children in Rony Denis’ cult. Just listen for yourself from this portion of their Family Talk satellite radio program.

For God so loved this “nasty” world? And always remember to give  props to “the man of god”, aka Rony Denis.


Now let’ listen to the theology of Rony Denis concerning how to be saved and make it to heaven.

Thank God for the Bible!