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If You Need Help!!!

We are here to help you if you need it. Don’t listen to the lies telling you that you can’t make it outside of Hopcc. 

You don’t have to be alone in escaping from the cult. There are people who are willing to help you to make it out!

Others have posted on here and have gotten help. Don’t worry we won’t tell Denis on you.

We all need a helping hand!


Rony Denis (little Jim Jones) would be fuming if he heard people telling him to go home (Haiti). He comes to America and has set up a cult and has destroyed families with his wicked teachings. Is there any difference between him and the dictators he grew up under, Papa and Baby Doc?

Denis is use to dictatorship and runs his church as such.

Please don’t get offended, this is all aimed at exposing Rony Denis.

From Karl Marx to Stalin, and on down the spirits working through Denis are nothing new.


He always spoke about his Dad vaguely. This man was the leader of the infamous Tonton Macoute, a special operations unit in Haiti used to enforce what the dictator wanted. He was arrested and was killed in prison.

Go Home Jimmy, Go Home!!!

Videos of The Hopcc Rapture!!!








More Highlights From The Rapture Rally!!!

Here we have the cult leader’s wife, Marjorie Denis. She sits idly bye while her husband commits wicked atrocities against God’s people. What would you give in exchange for your soul? Louis Vuitton, Prada, and St. John’s?

Next up is the mistress/concubine of Rony Denis, Julie Boles aka Phebe Ruth Denis. I wonder if she will ever get the front seat or will they keep driving Miss Daisy around.

The rapture meeting preacher, Hugh Virgo, walks off after preaching about the wrath of God to come, and how they need to get the sin out of the sinners. This theology explains why they do what they do in Hopcc. Instead of repenting and turning to Jesus for salvation they are busy trying to get their sins out but are actually committing more sins. This man stood up to Kekel, of Ntcc, but bows down to Denis, his brother-in- law. Virgo was one of the ones who knew that Denis claimed that the rapture would take place 1/13/18.

Here we have Johnny Bolger, a longtime trustee of Rony Denis. This man was seen on his knees along with Jeff Derby bowing down to Rony Denis.

This is George Hood. His family refers to him as “ Kit-Kat”. Hood is an example of being placed in an arranged marriage. He got married and his family didn’t even know about it. He is rarely seen with his “wife”, Keisha. They got married so that Keisha and her son could have financial support. Denis doesn’t like the women working on jobs, even if they are single, because he feels that all of the (sinner) men will be talking to them. So, they must be married to someone who may not want to marry them, but as Denis would say, “Do this for God” or “This is God’s will for you”. It is a cult control tactic.

Here is Sal, from San Diego. He and his wife through his former pastor and the pastor’ wife, Bro./ Sis. Figueroa so far under the bus that to the glory of God they left the cult and Sal is still stuck.

Gabe Rodriguez, with brothers like this who needs Satan?

Here we have Nesari and his wife in the white coat.

Please pray for this Sister, Sis. Lane, she thought that she got healed in the same service that Johnny Smithwhite thought he got healed in when Rony Denis prayed over the polycom.

Next we have Arder Chong. As you can see Denis has pawned off his responsibilities of taking care of his mother-in-law by marrying her off to “Papa” Reip. No, that’s not “Papa” Reip’s mother, that is Marjorie’s mother.

Is that Darnell Emanuele hiding behind his Bible? This is what happens when you have a guilty conscience. Please pray for him. Darnell, your mother STILL LOVES YOU!!!

….hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb….Rev.6:16

Jesus said that if you are ashamed of me I will be ashamed of you!

….they gnashed on him with their teeth……Acts 7:54

Proverbs 22:8

I see you

Highlights: Rapture Ready Rally 1/13/18!!!

Well, we finally made it to Rony Denis’ infamous rapture date. We were hoping that he would have been raptured to jail by now, or raptured to the Great White Throne Judgment, but God knows the day and hour.

Rony is not the only one to set a rapture date:

And we add to this list Rony Denis, who claimed that the rapture of God’s church would take place January 13, 2018 ushering in the Tribulation. Rony also claimed that God would take him a day prior to prepare a place for us! How sweet, except it was all a lie.


As the false prophet, Rony Denis, emerges from his vehicle he has his trusted trustee and bodyguard, Veronica Hietzman, guide him to the church. Isn’t she married? Is she trying to be the next Julie Boles? Just asking.

Here “Rev. Downgrade”, Gerard Robertson. Usually he is very vocal at these rallies, but since he has been exposed for sheltering CJ Vargas like a snake 🐍 he has backed off, and CJ is actually spotted with his wife this time. Notice Robertson’s bewildered look on his face as he drives by the brothers and sisters exposing his beloved cult leader.

This is the man that “Pastor” Rony Denis boldly proclaimed would be the pastor of the Hinesville church for life…..and then…..oops…God changed his mind again. CJ’s wife, Sing Sing, waves. (It looks like an S.O.S signal of get me out of this crazy cult!) We must admit that CJ is looking sharp in his lil’ Rony hat 🎩.

Next, we have the always amusing Amy (Jael) or whatever Nostrant. By this time the cult has gone into panic mode by having their panic alarms going off on their vehicles to drown out the conviction, but you can’t drown out the Holy Ghost and Truth. So, our good friend, Amy, who before left because of Denis’ rapture date nonsense, but then came back for some more kool-aid gives us a little show while the panic alarms are going off. Thanks Amy!

Next we have the man, Eric Jenkins, who divorced his wife on Denis’ command, and Athena Smithwhite, the woman whose husband died after Denis proclaimed that his “healing” proved (finally we suppose) that Denis is a man of God. Eric told his wife that he would not divorce her and even expressed to her earlier that it would be unbiblical to do such a thing. His wife’ crime was that she defied Rony Denis. That alone is grounds for divorce in Hopcc. The Bible teaches that Jenkins, who knows better, is living in adultery with Athena Smithwhite! He left his wife who was pleased to dwell with him and filed for divorce and then hopped into the sack with Athena. They are pictured here smiling and were at another time during another rally dancing in front of Jenkins’ wife, a woman Athena was friends with. They were not smiling like this in Greensboro, NC when Bro./Sis. Kings shut them down. The smiling just like the rapture date setting is all a fraud!

Here we have Pamela Robertson driving off her son and Jonathan Hietzman, Veronica Hietzman’s son. As you can see Veronica pushes her children off to spend more time with her beloved cult leader. Bye-bye 👋 little Jonathan we will see you next time.


“Not withstanding I have a few things against thee, because though sufferest that woman Jezebel which calleth herself a prophetes, to teach and seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.” Rev. 2:20 KJV

Here we have the New Testament description of what and who Jezebel really was and is. It was common for the religious leaders in Jesus’ time to misinterpret things from the Old Testament, and thus in Christ’s time on earth he set forth to correct these false interpretations that gave birth to religious groups who strayed from the path such as the Pharisees.

The spirit of the Pharisees still lives today in groups who think they become holy by their garments, observance to law, and having strict judgement on others, and also, by not knowing the scriptures or the power of God.

Rony Denis, is one who is quick, to say that because Jezebel painted her face, that it makes you holy to not wear  makeup. But, Christ sought to correct this very notion in his visit with John after his ascension.   He states that the true spirit of Jezebel is to teach his servants to commit fornication, adultery, and to make matters worse, by claiming the right of a prophet to gain the trust of these little one’s.

Rony Denis has been known to teach certain types of fornication are ok! Anthony Oloans and Tamerah Escudero were told that they were married in the eyes of God, and were free to consummate one month before Gerard Robertson was dispatched to make it all legal to guard against controversy. In the meeting we were in before he proclaimed himself to be deity, he made a statement that God created marriage and Christians did not need to talk to the court. These are the things polygamist groups such as the FLDS (Fundamental Later Day Saints) teach, and once you accept this it makes it easier to have more than one wife if it no longer needs to be legal.

He has also become more bold over the years to split  marriages, and before the divorce becomes legal, he already has the spouse courting their next spouse. Now according to our Lord, outside of certain circumstances divorce becomes fornication if the person remarries. Rony Denis has become more bold to just divorce people because one doesn’t follow his cult teachings. He knows this is not biblical, and this is why he has stated that God has given him the power to divorce. Who should we believe on this matter, Rony Denis or Jesus? To make matters worse, he has a new person in the old spouse’s bed before there is adequate time to change the sheets, and go though a proper divorce.

This is Rony Denis embodying the spirit of a true she devil, painting his face hiding behind a false religious façade. This is the mask he wears. He holds on to the fact that he preaches against makeup, but under the lies and deceit he is the one truly wearing the makeup.

He often would wonder why God doesn’t back him up and judge the people who have sounded the alarm. Well, Rev. 2:21 explains plainly that he is the one God is more interested in judging. He was given a space to repent, but now the judgements have started for this false prophet. He knows he has been exposed and has set forth to destroy as many lives as he can before the final blow from God comes. He knows his time is short, so he will act like his father the devil.

Pray For Bro. Ronald Hughes And His Family: This is what’s going on!!!

This audio  is my sad attempt to but together my already tarnished relationship with my wife.

A little history so you can kind of get a better understanding of the circumstances and what was going on during these clips.

01NOV17 I told my wife I no longer was going to HOPCC and wanted to go to another church, because I came to the conclusion that they were a punch of frauds.

My wife began from that point on to distance herself. But I could tell my arguments stuck to her. However, she continued to go to HOPCC, and it was like what ever was working in her was extinguished. She would come back filled with bitterness and empty accusations.

Finally it got so bad I started staying in a hotel near by, the Motel 6 in Hinesville.  I would show up to try to win her over from time to time. But it always ended in failure. It was like talking to a stone.

They, according to a meeting I had with Jordan and Gladys, were using a bunch of sisters to turn her completely against me. He warned they were good at what they are doing, and that they destroyed many marriages.

The recordings

Alright here’s the first.

Some of the things my wife says are pretty harsh slanders of you or some of the others who are leading the opposition against house of prayer, I apologize to you guys on her behalf. These recordings are the private debate between a husband and a very contentious wife.

Here’s the other one

My sad attempt to reconcile my wife, urge her to tell me if she needed anything, and explain what a true marriage is. In one of the recordings we talk about make up at the time I though it was wrong but I’ve changed my mind about it since speaking to you.

Thanks for your wisdom and prayers

Very Respectfully

Ron Hughes Jr.

Tell Jimmy I’m not coming.

(Brother Hughes was kicked out of Hopcc for questioning the “Man of God”)