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Happy New Year 2018!!!

It is a tremendous blessing to start another year in Christ Jesus, and outside of Rony Denis’ cult, House of Prayer. We are still here (do thyself no harm) praying for those trapped inside of what Denis calls the place of help, to receive God’s grace to make it out.

The start of a new year carries with it the sense of a fresh start. A desire to begin afresh and anew, leaving the past behind and moving forward in the right direction as we are looking to Jesus. Every New Year brings in for the child of God the acceptable Year of the Lord!

One year closer to the Lord’s return! It is always exciting when the New Year rolls around. Out with the old (Hopcc spirit-self righteous hypocrisy) and in with the new (the true Holy Spirit spreading God’s love in our heart)! Deliverance in JESUS NAME!

May God bless you in this New Year, and keep praying for your loved ones being held hostage in Denis’ cult, start or continue to thank and worship God for their deliverance. This could be the year that they are set free!

Jesus Warned Us!!!

Matthew 15:1-9

A perfect description of Rony Denis and his house of prayer organization. The scribes and the Pharisees questioned Jesus why His disciples transgressed the tradition of the elders, but Jesus asked them why do they trangress the commandment of God by their tradition?

Rony Denis disregards the Word of God when it comes to his traditions or what he would call holiness. This “holiness” has become his righteousness, more accurately, his self-righteousness.

Salvation in Denis’ eyes is for you to give to all kinds of functions he has devised for his organization i.e. world missions, building funds, love offerings, lawyer offerings, Sunday night budget offerings, radio program offerings, Bible School offerings, and even using your name and credit score offerings for the “work of the Lord”, the Bible does speak about giving but Denis takes it to the extreme to where he has developed a church Ponzi scheme. His program for what you are giving for would be ended but he has you still giving to it without telling you that the program has ended. His greediness has turned criminal.  As you give to all of his gimmicks, in return he teaches you his brand of Christianity which is not true Christianity, but Pharisaism, the doctrines and practices of the Pharisees.

Another ingredient of Denis’ recipe for salvation is the dress code. You must conform to the culture of his house of prayer by confirming to his dress code. They even refer to their clothing as being “holy”, even though the Bible doesn’t refer to our clothing being holy but for us to be holy. If wearing a suit is holy then all of our politicians are holy. We are made holy by God’s Spirit and His Word, not our clothing.  The Bible does speak about the attire of a harlot and modest clothing, but again Denis takes his traditions to the extreme with his dress code religion. You can be modest without being legalistic. The scribes, who were normally with the Pharisees,  also liked to where long clothing as well. They liked to make their prayers long, and liked to sit in the chief seats or in other words wanted to be recognized. Just like Rony Denis, Mark 12:38-40. In Matthew 26:5-7, Jesus also speaks about the Pharisees enlarging the boarders of their garments to be seen of men and how they love to be recognized and called Rabbi, Rabbi. Normally Christians could refer to each other as Brother or Sister. In Denis’ house of prayer, it would be highly disrespectful to call Denis Brother Denis.

Interestingly in Matthew 15 it speaks also about the Pharisees blatant disregard for God’s Word concerning the parents. Jesus said that the Pharisees made the commandment of God concerning honoring your parents of none effect by their tradition. Just like Rony Denis and his house of prayer.

Christianity is truly from the heart. Denis and his group has made it From from their mouths and lips. In vain do they worship God, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men instead of the commandments of God, which is to love God and your neighbor.

In Matthew 23 Jesus acknowledged that the scribes and Pharisees at the time sat in Moses’ seat, so he instructed his followers to observe what they said but not to do as they did because they were hypocrites. The law came by Moses but Grace and Truth came by Jesus. Thanks be to God for the proper balance of Scripture and Christianity.

Denis’ extreme views has led him and his followers into a ditch. His mind is so deranged now that he has people bowing down to him! The danger of the spirit of error leads to such cult worship.

On the other side of the spectrum you have those who have no standards or convictions, biblical or otherwise, yet claim Christ as savior. One extremist preacher who is opposite of Denis’ extremist views, says that there is no hell and that everyone is going to heaven. These give strength to Denis’ false claims that all are living “worldly and ungodly” except his organization.

The truth is, Christianity is a personal relationship between you and God through Jesus Christ. And remember Jesus did warn us.

“Have you ever lusted after anyone in the church, or had strong feelings for anyone in the church?”

This is the question that Rony Denis asked a minister’s wife who was in Hopcc. At the time Denis had this minister’s wife on the phone with other people listening in to the conversation without letting her know that others were listening in on this very personal conversation. The ministers wife answered “no”, and later realized that it was another one of Denis’ traps of wickedness. The sister never came to Denis for any issue with her marriage or so-called lust problems. So, why did Denis ask such a question with people on the phone? The sister was on the phone with Denis again, this time Denis called a brother while the sister remained quiet on the phone. Denis began to ask the brother if he had lusted after the sister. Why did Denis ask this question with the sister on the phone?

Denis is a master mind manipulator. He has gotten the Hopcc ministers to confess that they are either gay, lusting after their own daughters, lusting after the women of the church, and even lusting after Denis’ own wife. Once he accomplishes this confusion he acts as if he swoops in like some super hero preacher to save the day. Never mind that he caused it. The wiles Of the Devil 101!

Spiritual Wickedness In High Places!!!

There is truly a spiritual realm where demonic spirits are working to destroy humanity. God wants us to seek Him for help not these demonic spirits.

Here is Aliester Crowley:

This man carried the title of the most wickedest man in the world! He was an occultist.

Here is Rony Denis:

Arguably, Rony Denis could be considered more wicked than Aliester Crowley. Crowley was not hiding his wickedness, but Denis is pretending to be a good Christian minister, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and deceiving people in the name of the Lord.

This is how the Bible describes Denis:

Aliester Crowley was involved in occultic rituals and exercises which produced an encounter with a demon, which he drew a picture of:

Now let’s look at John Rodriguez’ testimony of Rony Denis:

“The climax of all this spiritism had to be when he called several ministers and there wives over to his house instead of going to church. of those present were Rev. Robertson, Rev. Bradeen, Rev. Pilkington,Rev. Schmidtke, Roscoe, and his last wife. (If anyone wants to fact check this, ask her, she was there) my own son was there also. This meeting actually turned into a se-ance. He came and sat down in the center of the living room, and would be telling us the things that were taking place. his eyes would shift back and forth and he would be saying things he was told to say. Many crazy things went on, but to name a few, he proclaimed himself to be Deity. (He actually said “I AM DEITY”) and he also claimed to be the savior of the world, said that God told him he is above everyone in the bible, and that God marveled at how smart he was, not understanding how God created him, yet he can finish Gods statements when he talks to the trinity about taking care of world events. He also said that he had spoken to Rev. Davis, and that he went to heaven, later, he would change that and say that he went to Hell. (Speaking to the dead is forbidden by the Bible, and is Witchcraft).”

That was a excerpt from Rodriguez’ testimony found on this site. Rodriguez was a minister working inside Denis’ inner circle who blew the whistle on Rony Denis’ wicked schemes. Denis would later say that Rodriguez was just a “toilet paper runner” at an attempt to discredit him.

There was a time that Denis locked himself away in a room he had constructed in his house. He fasted and cut himself off from the outside world during this time. He was performing some occultic exercises much like Crowley and encountered demonic spirits which continue to plague him to this day.

Pray for those who want out but feel trapped under Denis’ influence. There is power in the name of JESUS!!!

Matthew 10:1

Is Jimmy Really Going To Jerusalem???

Cult leader, Rony Denis aka Jimmy, has been speaking of going to Jerusalem to “prepare” the Jews for the return of Jesus. He has stated that God has specifically chosen him for turning the Jews to Jesus. He has even launched a radio program to help legitimize his claims to his adherents that he is the chosen “apostle” to return the Jews to Jesus. Plus, it’s good revenue for the Church. When Denis canceled his first radio program he kept it quiet so that people would keep giving to it, just like he did when he had the churches give monthly “offerings” for a special lawyer he claimed to be retaining for the church.

Here is Denis’ radio program designed to reach the Jews for Jesus but oddly never mentions Jesus: 

At the beginning of Denis’ house of prayer movement, which he claimed was called a “bowel movement” by a top ranking official in the Ntcc organization that he split from and was accused of stealing money from, Denis claimed to be going to Africa, but stated that the Devil hindered him from going. Denis has stated that he is a missionary at heart, but oddly enough his has not traveled outside of the U.S. since he has been in Hopcc.

He claimed that he was looking to purchase property in Jerusalem and have different ones from the cult to visit and “pray” with him. One young man who had just returned from one of Denis’ church conferences spoke of having a “rapture party” in Jerusalem a day before the coming of the Lord for His church. Denis had made a prediction that Jesus will take His church, which Denis claims his is the only one,  out of this world to heaven on January 13, 2018.

Will Israel allow Denis to go to Jerusalem? Will Denis even go himself or will he send a delegation? Whatever happens please don’t drink the kool-aid!

By the way, Denis claimed that he was Muslim because he liked the radical’s brand of strict asceticism. So, here’ one for you Jimmy:

Jimmy will most likely be traveling to Florida and back to Georgia. Remember he is a BIG LIAR!

So, what kind of “movement” is this anyway?

We’ll let you decide!

The Board Members Of Hopcc!!!

Now let’s look at the lie that “pastor” Rony Denis, the chairman of the board fed all of us.

Do they look to the Trinity for leadership or Rony Denis? If they looked to the Trinity they would find out that the Trinity is not in that place.

Rony will say that the chairman of the board stuff is just for paperwork sake, but if that is so, why is he the chairman?

This is one board that might require that you sell your soul to you know who. I’m glad I’m not  on that one.

So, Bradeen finally got his CEO status, but it looks like he was bumped by Robertson, and Virgo got his CFO status and Bercini the secretary. Good job guys! Now Denis can blame you when it all goes down. As a board you could have stopped him but chose not to.

The Great Sin of Gift Exchange and Rony Denis’ Hopcc!!!

Listen to the ultra crazy doctrine of Rony Denis presented by Bootzin introducing “God’s heritage children ministers.”


Yes, ladies and gentlemen you heard correctly! These children have not been given Jesus and the “twelve dudes”, whatever that is, and they haven’t been given “Christmas trees and gift exchange.” Why does Denis hate Christmas and “gift exchange” so much?

I understand the arguments that people make about the pagan origins of Christmas, but there are many things that have pagan origins like Sunday, but we call it the Lord’s day and traditionally go to church on that “pagan” day.

Don’t let the Rony the Grinch Denis steal your Christmas! 

Did you know that these guys didn’t like Christmas either?

Fred Phelps, from the hateful Westboro Baptist Church who also did military veterans wrong.

Herbert W. Armstrong, the longtime leader of the World Wide Church of God.


Charles Taze Russel, the Jehovah’s Witness.


For unto the cult members was baby Jimmy born!

Mind Games! Mind Control! The Rony Denis Way!

There was a time when Rony Denis had sent a troubled couple to the church. The couple was troubled because he was the author of it. Both were divorces but one was trying to work things out with their spouse before Denis stepped in and convinced them to divorce from the spouse they were trying to work things out with and to marry the person they were at this time married to. (This was confessed to me as a reason why one of the parties felt that the marriage was doomed from the start) Rony Denis told me to tell this couple something which didn’t go well, he then called me back stating that he wanted to catch me before I told them what he told me because “I messed up”. The thought in my mind was, I just did what you told me to do. But, Denis knows how to flip it and make it appear that you did the wrong and he has come and fix it even though he’s the author of. 

This is how Denis operates across the board. In one recording he says, “You guys are going to jail, not me!” He says this because he blames them for all of the illegal activities that Hopcc is involved in even though he is the author of it all. 

The people in his inner circle have seen him act crazy. Denis deceives them by causing them to think that God has given them amnesty or a blank card meaning that he can do anything and God would still back him up because he is God’s man. He has taught the people that he can say, “fried chicken” and God will move for him! 

Some very ignorant and brainwashed church members will be shocked when Denis goes down but those in his inner circle will be those who actually know what’s going on and would take the fall for Denis if they could.

If you know someone wrapped up in this cult especially a family member, do what you can to reach out to them before it is too late!

Don’t be one of those people!

What Happened To Honoring Your Parents???

How come Rony Denis teaches his followers to disobey the Word of God?

Where in the Bible does it say that we are not to honor our parents and to downright disrespect and disregard our parents if they don’t attend Hopcc and especially if they express anything negative towards Rony Denis?

It seems clear that God wants us to honor our parents.

What did Jesus say about it?

Here is some good advice for Denis’ followers.

The Psychosis Of Rony Denis.

Psychosis is:

Mental illness is real. All of us may suffer from one degree or another with some form of mental illness.  Many are living in denial like Rony Denis appears to be of his apparent mental illness. Mental illness has unfortunately been negatively stigmatized in our culture. So, people live in denial and don’t seek an obvious need of help.

At least one of the disorders Rony Denis appears to be suffering from is the Narcissist Personality Disorder.

Another one he appears to have is this one:

The Narcissist plays many games designed to throw you off of their trail of tears that they have caused to so many.

This is one reason why Rony Denis lies unbelievably about the people who have left his cult and are actively opposing him.


Mixed with religion this mental illness can hurt and influence many people. A real wolf in sheep’s clothing deceiving people. It can happen to anyone if you are not being vigilant!

Rony Denis, the Narcissistic, has people helping him in the ways, some directly and others indirectly. People like Gerard Robertson and the other Hopcc ministers are helping Denis directly, and those who have the power to fully expose and put Denis away but refuse to act while he continues to abuse people including children are helping him indirectly.

One thing is for sure, God sees everything!  And He is a just And holy God.

Lies, Lust, Facebook, Football, Rony Clause, and Hopcc!!!

Let’s dissect the latest and certainly not the greatest from the radio ministry of Rony Denis’ House of Prayer Cult.

Here Bootzin is speaking of television as an idol.  Any common sense person knows that spending an inordinate time before the television is not beneficial.  Any common sense person knows that there are a lot of things on television that are not promoting any type of Christian virtues.  There are people who don’t even espouse Christianity who have certain standards of when and how long they allow their children to watch television so that it doesn’t take away from their studies.  I personally don’t regret not owning a T.V. for years, however for Rony Denis and Hopcc to teach that it is sinful for a Christian to have a television is an illogical fallacy.  Anything can be an idol.  In my Ntcc days it used to said that the GIs were waxing their idols, speaking of their cars.  As the man in the clip says, televisions and cars can be idols.  Having said that these people don’t preach about not owning a car or driving a car, but the car can be an idol.  The truth is anything can be an idol.  Just like Rony Denis is an idol for those in Hopcc.  If a person becomes a Christian God begins to clean up their heart.  If they want to get rid of their television great, if they don’t but can control what they watch and how often great.  Christianity is a relationship between the person and God through Jesus Christ, not Rony Denis or some other self proclaimed man of God.  Not everyone watches the pornography Rony Denis always talks about, that is what is going on in Hopcc.  That is why they have services where they have grown men jumping up and down on their cell phones.  The phone is not the problem, the television is not the problem, and the car is not the problem, the problem is the heart of man.  It needs to be converted.

Listen to Bootzin, under the direction of Rony Denis, waste more time speaking on foolishness while exposing the overly sexulized mind of Rony Denis and Hopcc.  These guys see sexual perversion in in everything. Titus 1:15 tells us this about Rony Denis and his cult:


This is a perfect description of the spirit that is working in Rony Denis’ cult.  They “look holy” on the outside but the inside is filled with so much perversion that it staggers the mind.  Even when some people leave the legalism of Denis’ cult the bottled up contents of their heart begins to erupt to form the true person.  The only remedy for a sinful heart is the blood of Jesus not a bunch of rules, rituals, and false standards.  I have seen people in Hopcc espouse the most ridiculous “standards” only to leave and abandon everything including the Bible!  Jesus saves! Not your foolish standards!

Here we have Josh Markow, the man called of Rony Denis to reach the Jews without Jesus.  Here he continually deflects the accusations of Rony Denis’ lies by saying everyone else lies as to promote a great stand against lying even though they specialize in it.  Markow asks the man, “what does repent mean to you?” Markow doesn’t tell the man or us what repent means on his satellite radio program.  Repent biblically means to change your mind.  After a person comes to the knowledge of the truth they can change their mind or their thinking toward God.  Another word used for repent in the Bible means to change your emotions or the things that you take care for.  The reason people do the things that they do is the because of the way that they think.  If you repent or change your thinking toward God you will do things differently.  What lies at the heart of repentance is change.  In Rony Denis’ Hopcc the teaching is more of a covering up and hiding your sin instead of repenting or changing.  When we repent by coming to Jesus and accepting what He did for us, for we can’t save ourselves, He saves us, cleanses us, and sanctifies us.  This is a lifelong process.

Doesn’t it sound like he is describing Rony Denis to the tee?


Again, all common sense people know that Facebook is something that people can be addicted to and that people can act fake on Facebook. That is why you have things like this:

There is a lot that can be said of how people act on Facebook, but everyone is not the same.  You cannot throw a blanket over everyone because people act a certain way with Facebook.  The matter again goes to the heart of the individual and God.  The corruption in an individual’s heart will come out no matter what you do.  The answer is to be born again and allow God to help you, repent.  To say that everyone that has Facebook is a sinner again is an illogical fallacy.  Some people use it for different reasons other than what Denis is saying.

In Hopcc parents lie to their kids saying that Rony Denis is the man of God.  In Hopcc children learn to dishonor their parents from Rony Denis.  I wouldn’t want my children talking to these guys either.  The teenager saying that he is from another planet should have caused Markow to realize that he needed to leave the kid alone and that the teenager could see right through his insincere garbage.  As far as Santa Clause is concerned, what about Rony Clause?



Highlights From The House Of Confusion Fellowship Meeting!!!

Here we have the oppressive leader of the cult movement, Rony Denis. He was sitting in his vehicle for a while listening to the sisters exposing his lies and atrocities. (Thank God somebody is calling this man out!) As you can see he is sitting there starring at them probably praying for God’s hand of blessings to be upon him. (probably not) Denis said that he had “power” in his eyes 👀 and that when he starred at you, he was doing something. (probably undressing you) He says that God has given him power to make people sick 😷 🤒. I don’t remember that being one of the gifts of the Spirit. It might be one of the gifts of the Devil.

Now we have Denis’ women making their way out of the vehicle. Yes, we said women! No powerful man can only have one, he deserves another as well. In the above picture you have Gilda Schmidtke’s mom and step-dad greating Marjorie, but they better be careful because Marge is not allowed to fellowship with the commoners.

Next we have Linda Rodriguez. This is the other Sis. Rodriguez who left the cult, but then came back. Her husband, who is not pictured, is the other Rev. Rodriguez who left the cult for worldly fleshy sin, but also made it back for religious hypocritical sin. Pray for this family!

Here we have William Pilkington, the pastor of the Hinesville church. He did an effective job of throwing his wife’s parents, the Bradeens,  under the dump truck. One person who left said that they saw Arlen Bradeen in tears.  He no doubt has had many nights like Esau of old who sought to change the issue with his birthright with tears but could not.  Pilkington is a master at working the crowd, as you see him here, in deceiving the people including the youth! Pilkington told a brother once to look at the bird 🦅 on the church steeple, this was to signify a sign that God was with Ron Denis. (Yes, these people are nuts 🥜)

This is Mike and Janice Patterson. She is the one who kept yelling “NEVER, NEVER”, about her husband’s infidelities, at the Town Hall meeting. (talk about denial)  They are seen here paying close attention to the protesters. 🤔 this looks like what Janice is doing, thinking 🤔, that would be a miracle!

Have you ever noticed how Gerard Robertson is always with CJ Vargas? Denis must have assigned Robertson to him for fear that CJ may bolt from the cult. You hardly see these guys with their wives. CJ is a lot smarter than Robertson and Denis, but the deception of the Devil is powerful against the natural mind, it takes the blood of Jesus and the mind of Christ to overcome the Devil’s lies.

As Robertson and CJ are walking off something the Sisters said gets under Robertson’s skin and he has to confront them. He is also showing young CJ how to disrespect and not show any honor to his mom who loves Jesus and her deceived son CJ.  Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, Robertson is a real snake 🐍!

Pray for this family. Denis trashed this Sister because her eyes were opening up to Denis’ lies and she actually questioned him on his false claims! Pray for her husband! These are good people in a bad place!

People are paying attention! Notice the little guy laughing 😂 he knows that Hopcc is a fraud!

Pray for Darnell Emanuele, his mother really loves him and needs him to contact her but he will not, and Denis says Hopcc is a family church! 😢

Bye 👋 Robertson, we’ll see you next time! 😀Please pray for these people!



The Lord Is Answering Prayers!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

We have raised the amount of $2,885.00 since the beginning of May 2017. All of this will go directly to our cause of ending the Evil we know as House of Prayer Christian Church. Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc. (FACT) is one-of-a-kind non-profit organization which needs funding now to expand upon their mission for 2017. Sadly, the number of victim support requests they receive continues to increase each year (especially involving exploited and abused children), and due to budget constraints FACT has been unable to keep up with the demand for help.

With your generous support, they will be able to accept more requests to help victims escape destructive abusive groups, prevent suicides and reunite broken families, in addition to:

Working with the support of investigators, relevant authorities and legal entities to put destructive groups out of business
Educating students in schools about active destructive groups, including the warning signs of recruitment
Monitoring and reporting of cult group activities to the media to generate awareness and educate the public
Providing support to families in need who suffer the loss of loved ones to controlling cultic groups
Unfortunately, most people do not understand the prevalence or the threat of high control, high demand destructive cult groups in our society today. Experts estimate there are currently more than 5000 destructive groups operating in the U.S. alone with over 6 million members. Moreover, young adults and children are most at risk for recruitment and abuse. A study, which randomly surveyed 1,000 San Francisco Bay Area high school students, found that 54% of students reported at least one contact with a cult recruiter, and another study shows “over half of all new members are in the adult transitional years — between 18 and 24 years old.” Moreover, the FBI Counter Terrorism Unit released a statement that in 2015 terrorist cult groups are “recruiting Americans as young as 15 years old online.” Experts in the field are calling it one of the worst hidden epidemics plaguing society today and FACT is the only non-profit of it’s kind working to combat this serious issue head on.

I’m asking you to please consider donating to this important cause and perhaps even starting a FACT fundraising page of your own under my page. Creating a fundraiser is easy to do and only takes about 5 minutes to set up.

Please know that 100% of every donation goes towards FACT’s mission and is also entirely tax deductible. In addition, FACT has a platinum rating from Guidestar.com, the highest rating possible, for its transparency and accountability, meaning it’s an organization you can trust.

On behalf of FACT, cult victims and their families, I cannot thank you enough for your generous support!


Concerned Friends and Family Members



As Long As I’ve Got King Jimmy……

🎶“As long as I’ve got king Jimmy I don’t need nobody else….even Jesus!” 🎶. This the unfortunate theme song of Hopcc.

Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords!  We are to go the way of Jesus, anyone else giving you another way is a “burger king” telling you that you can have it your way.

No thanks, I’ rather follow the Bible. That means no king Jimmy!  Pharaoh would be proud!