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This Man And His Associates Are Liars!!!

What you will hear in these audio clips is once more the revealing of the “Rev.” Rony Denis as a flat out liar.  The man who fancies himself as the greatest and only man of God on the planet and of all time was played by the mother-in-law of Michael Best, a long time member of Denis’ following.  So, she asked him a simple question: “Why did  he [Pastor Yorke] leave?”

Rony Denis knows full well why Rev. Yorke left.  His testimony was already delivered to Denis and whoever cared to read it.  Denis had Tony Oloans submit a complaint citing that the Hopcc emblem that Rev. Yorke used on his original testimony document was copyrighted.  So, he changed it to what it is now. A play on what they have behind their pulpit: Humility Before Honor. (Which they have for propaganda purposes)


He could not legitimately answer the question because it would indict him, so he lied, and he called three others to add to his lies also.  He can not give Best’s mother-in-law the real reason why Rev. Yorke left.  The proud man tells her, “You don’t know who you are talking to.”  He doesn’t know how to answer the question.  That is why there is so much silence after the question is asked as he is scrambling to call some liars on the phone.

He kept pressing her to ask him any question, but all she wanted was to be in contact with her daughter and granddaughter, but Rony Denis said, NO! Not even a phone number.  Rony Denis is not a pastor but a dictator.  God did not call this man to do this.  Can you imagine being the mother or father and this man has the power to separate you from your own child only because you will not bow to him, because he thinks that you are “feisty”?

Still no answer. He then makes a plea deal, “I’ll answer your question, if you answer my question.”  So, he begins to question her religious background.  He asked, “What kind of church did you go to in New York?”  She replied, “A Holiness Church.” He continued by asking, “What kind of Holiness Church?”  What does any of this have to do with Rev. Yorke leaving Denis’ cult?  Absolutely nothing!  Denis is a master manipulator.  He would later go on to trash all of the New York churches.

More hem hawing around.  Rony Denis finally gets to his “answer” on why Rev. Yorke left.  He starts my lifting up himself again by lying about Yorke’s mother saying that he is the reason that she came to church.  He then says that her questions are like a “Soap Opera and he doesn’t do Soap Operas.”  Mind you, he wanted her to ask questions, and she asked a very valid question.  It is painful to hear  a man act like this before a mother who was just wanting to have a relationship with her daughter and granddaughter but have to put up with such nonsense from a mentally deranged man.


Rony Denis’ third and final attempt to answer this woman’s question ends with more foolishness.  Rev. Yorke and his wife NEVER called asking Rony Denis what their kids can or cannot do.  He has put out enough don’ts throughout the years and the Yorkes were smart enough not to ask for more shackles from this cruel taskmaster.  The Greensboro church dayschool played kickball and other things that was prohibited in the other Denis influenced cult churches.  Why would the Yorkes ask Denis for what their children could do?  Denis finishes with a rage of foolish talking being upset at the mother.  He now talks of bringing a sword of division from the Lord since the mother does not want to “do right”.  And, still no answer on why Rev. Yorke left.

I left House Of Prayer, Denis’ cult, because I want to serve God not Rony Denis.  I knew that if I stayed, that there was no way that I could remain a child of God.  I would be forfeiting my salvation by being a straight up liar and defender of what I have found to be the work of Satan.  There is a real possibility of a Christian drawing back on God and going into apostasy, erring from the truth. (James 5:19-20, 1 Timothy 1:19-20, 1 Corinthians 9:27 2 Thessalonians 2, and Hebrews 6:4-8)

I and my wife were not going to be liars for Rony Denis against John and Jennifer Rodriquez who left before us, or anyone else for that matter.  Denis claimed that they were coming back SOON a year ago and they still have not returned.  John and Jennifer’s testimony of the behind the scenes actions of Rony Denis tied up all of the loose ends and confirmed all of the red flags I had about Rony Denis.  Denis himself confirmed them as well by his clear cut lying on the phone about John and Jennifer to me and my wife after John and Jennifer left his cult.

After we left Denis proclaimed that the Greensboro church would never come back and that the people would just fizzle out.  He knew that some people had religion, what he fed them, and not salvation.  By God’s grace some of us had salvation.  According to Roscoe Stanley, he said that Rev. King may be able to come back, but Yorke will NEVER be able to come back.  Denis has trashed my wife and I so much since we have left, and we have proceeded to expose him relentlessly and still promote loyalty to Jesus Christ.  The people of Hopcc may believe his lies about my wife and I and may hold some type of feeling  toward us and don’t want to have any association with us.  That is all fine and well.  We never asked for any association anyway.  We left because we want to continue to serve God.  People leave for different reasons, not everyone who leaves Hopcc leaves because they want to serve God. Some people left because they were being treated bad.  I was being praised by Denis before I left, but by God’s grace I don’t live for the praises of men, but for the glory of God. Some people just don’t want to have anything to do with God, and that is their prerogative.  I will let you know straight out that if you contact us, we are still Christians and will encourage you to serve God and to enjoy His grace and freedom to live in obedience to Him out of Love.  Those who are most appreciative are the family members of Denis’ victims who have reached out to us.  We are not in this thing to make a name for ourselves, but to simply let people know what Denis is doing is not of God but of the devil period.  A devil, believe it or not, can tell you the Word of God.  And if you believe it and call upon Jesus you can be saved.  That is how powerful God’s word is, the thing is what are you going to do after you get saved?  Are you going to follow the Word of God or the devil who starts lying to you now?  Years ago before I became a Christian, a man who had nothing to do with Christianity told me that I was going to hell for what I was doing.  He was 100% correct! This man was not of God but his words that he spoke at that time were true, and the truth is of God.  After I got saved I didn’t follow this man and believe everything he said, I started following what I understood the Bible to say and what God’s Spirit spoke to me about.

I am humbled and grateful that Satan’s man, Rony Denis,  knows who I am, and that I am not ashamed nor afraid to call him out for who he is, and I am honored that he and his associates hate me so much.  I have fellowshipped with and have been around many of the pastors, especially the Ntcc ones in Hopcc, and can say from personal experience that these men are absolutely corrupt to the core.  I am convinced that they know what I know about Denis and much more.  I defended Denis ignorantly when I was over there, but now since I know what I know about him now, I will expose him, so that as a Christian I will right the wrong that I have done.  I do not understand the mind of one who supported this man, but will not speak against his atrocities after they have come to the knowledge of the truth and at the same time claim Christ.  (1 Peter 3:15, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Philippians 1:7, Titus 1:9, and Jude 3)  We all have different ways to contribute, we are not all the same, we all have different gifts and abilities, but there is only one body, one Lord, and one Spirit.  I can’t be silent.  One thing we all can do is pray.  That’s better than just sitting around in anger and having a perpetual pity party.  If you pray it will lead to action.  What we do may rub some of his followers the wrong way, but that’s life.  I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone the wrong way, but the truth is the truth and sometimes it hurts, but if you receive it, it will set you free!  Rony Denis and his associates are liars and all liars shall have their part in the lake that burns with fire.

No Fear or Lie can stand against us because we have JESUS!!!

Ray Yorke

Dissecting The Foolish Teachings of Rony Denis And His Cult House of “Prayer”!!!

Let’ dissect the teachings of Rony Denis & Hopcc by rightly dividing the Word of Truth.


Here we have Rony Denis using Bootzin to give the people an excuse for being exposed, and calling it persecution. The Bible commands us to try the spirits to see if they are of God. Having known Rony Denis for quite some time we have found him to be a very skilled deceiver, and his teachings are extremely faulty in light of the Holy Scriptures.

Those who fled Rony Denis’ cult have been persecuted and maligned by Denis and his group. Christians have taken a stand against his wickedness and he has lied repeatedly in order to destroy their character, but God has caused the Devil’s plans to backfire again!

Peter also speaks of Christians not suffering as evil doers.  This is the real reason why all of these things have befallen Denis and Hopcc. They are suffering because of their wicked ways. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever you sow, you will reap.


Next we have another hobby/dead horse Denis likes to ride. The one that deals with jewelry and makeup on women.

The question is asked, “Why does this bother you?” But, the real question is, why does women wearing jewelry and makeup bother Rony Denis and his cult?

Again, these people have a problem with God and His Word! They would rather hold on to a doctrine of man instead of the Bible. What do they do with this?

So, is God Almighty a sinner? No, I don’t think so. Rony Denis is wrong and the Bible is right! What Peter and Paul was talking about in 1 Peter 3:3-4 &  1 Timothy 2:9-10 is excessive concern about one’s appearance over what was truly important such as godliness of heart and works of love in obedience to God. These verses do not teach that you are sinning if you wear makeup or jewelry. Notice how Rony Deni$ & Company NEVER deal with the scripture concerning the costly array or the expensive clothing. If they were consistent with their false teachings then Rony and Marjorie would be the biggest sinners in Hopcc because their clothing is more expensive than anyone else’s. The fact is what is spoken against is extravagance not the wearing of any of these things. By the way it’s not Rony & Marjorie’s clothes that makes them the biggest sinners in Hopcc, it’s their heart of viscous corruption that does that.


Next we have more propaganda and child manipulation. Why don’t they at least prepare these children before they put them on the air like this?

At least they took heed to our exposing of them and stopped talking about, “Obeying the man of God.”


Last and definitely least is Rony Denis through Markow speaking of the great abominations of the world and idolatry.

It’s the same ole shuck and jive about Facebook, YouTube, and the Internet being the greatest evilness the world has ever known. Never mind the FRAUD, LIES, and ABUSE perpetuated by Rony Denis and his not God’s ministers!

Notice the definition for an idol that Markow gives, it fits their devotion to Denis to a tee!

The Poison ☠️ Of Unforgiveness

I don’t recall Mr. Rony Denis ever teaching/preaching about forgiveness. How can he when he practices UNFORGIVENESS?

Forgiveness is what God has done for the children of God and He has given us through His grace the power to forgive others. We have all been hurt by someone, but have you ever considered the hurt you caused someone else?

Have you ever been in a position where you want someone to forgive you but you will not forgive someone else?

Do you remember this story in the Bible? The servant had received forgiveness but when it was his time to forgive he chose not to.

If anyone should understand the power of forgiveness it should be the child of God. Maybe Mr. Rony Denis and company haven’t ever experienced this with Christ.

An unforgiving spirit leads to many other issues of life that are damaging to you and others around you.

 The lesson to be learned is to just let it go!

The only person you are hurting is yourself and those around you and those you could have helped.

You can have the VICTORY over Unforgiveness through Christ Jesus!

Don’t listen to Rony Denis or the lies of the devil, yo can forgive and move on with your life in peace!

PS: We forgive you Rony Denis for the wicked atrocities you have inflicted on us and humanity. However, it is our God given duty to expose you to help liberate the oppressed!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hopefully your family and friends can come together and be thankful. It’s our second thanksgiving outside the cult and we are grateful that we don’t have to deal with that ole turkey, Rony Denis anymore!

If you’re turkey looks like this, then please leave it alone and get a real one!


Jim “Crow” Denis Must Go!!!

Isn’t it time to claim your freedom in Christ! Whom the Son has set free is free indeed! God’s will for you is not to be in slavery serving a cruel taskmaster, whether it be Rony Denis or anyone else. Denis’ Jim Crow laws are destroying you spiritually, mentally, and physically. Jesus is the Bishop of the Christian’s soul not Rony Denis.

If you are going to be a slave be one unto God, a slave of Christ Jesus, not Rony Denis. Denis leaves deep wounds and emotional scars by his destruction of people’s lives.

Denis has a way of oppressing people and keeping them depressed and down trodden.

For Mike Patterson to not be wearing his suit with his white shirt and tie to service must mean that he must be dwelling in Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Thanks be to God for the Underground Railroad out of the slave plantation of Hopcc!

Escape to freedom in Christ! If He can deliver you from a sinful, selfish lifestyle then He can deliver you from the slave master Ron Denis!

Trust me, I have sat where you sat. It is so much better to be a Christian and not enslaved  to the lust of the flesh. I promise you, life for God is zillions of times better outside of the Hopcc cult! No, they are wrong. God does not love it when His children feel like they are going to hell. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, which is different than being in Hopcc. The truth is God loves it, and heaven rejoices when His children are looking forward to heaven because He has set them free!

EXCLUSIVE!!! What is Denis/Hopcc Teaching Your Children?!? Parents Beware!!!

The Wright family fled from Rony Denis (Pastor Denis) and his cult, Hopcc, and this is what their daughter was being taught by the head of this cult, Rony Denis!

Notice that it says, “When you call Pastor a liar his heart is against you”! This is taught because Rony Denis, the pastor, is a liar 🤥! His fear tactic, especially for children, is that he will turn against you.

Notice again how Rony Denis, the lying pastor, is teaching these children that he KNOWS everything about them! Only God knows everything about us! What is Denis doing to your child’s mind?

Lastly, when he says leave it alone( i.e. the apparent wickedness that he is involved in) then leave it alone. Thank God the Wright family saved their children from this wickedness by leaving Rony Denis/ Hopcc alone!


This audio clip is taken from the Rony Denis/ Hopcc radio propaganda program. It is Bootzin and the little child is Ezra, Arlen Bradeen’s grandson. Please pray for these children and for these parents to wake up!

  “Pastor” Rony Denis- “I am Deity”

Voice Of Redundancy Is At It Again!!!

Just when you think the broken record would be removed and another song would be played, Rony Denis and Hopcc are still whining about the same ole trash!

Listen to Bootzin on a rampage!

Really Bootzin?!? Then why does Denis, your pastor, have his goons all over Facebook stalking everyone printing thousands of pictures wasting all kinds of money?!?


Next, listen to the manipulation of the children and teenagers. The same ones would run for hills if the shackles were taken off!

Have you ever heard of Marjoe Gortner?

The great FAKE child preacher from the past! Remember “Jimmy” Denis  is the master of FRAUD!

Next, we have Joshua Markow, the man Denis is using to “reach” the Jews oddly without Jesus! That’s not how Paul, Apollos, and Peter did it. They preached Jesus to the Jews showing them that the Old Testament pointed to Jesus. So, what is Denis and Markow doing? It’ like the Pharisees preaching to the Jews.

Listen to the self-righteous rant about Facebook again and again and again!

Did you hear him talking about preachers being proud by displaying their pictures? Well, look at this!

Is that Markow in this “dreaded” picture? Is he proud? Is he a hypocrite? Could he possibly be both?

HOPCC solicited JRods help to commit insurance fraud 1 month after he left.

I was going through my old emails today, and you wouldn’t believe what I found. Below you will see a screen shot of an email Oloans sent me over a month after I escaped the cult. I left on Sept. 1st, they trashed me and my family to the entire congregation, threatened me, said I was just a toilet paper runner, and really had a good time proclaiming my worthlessness to them. Then all of a sudden a hurricane was headed to Hinesville, and Rony Jimmy Jones Denis saw dollar signs for insurance claims they can make and pocket after the storm. Only one problem, the deductibles I put in place before I left made it hard for them to pocket money above repairs. I’m sure they were seeing dollar sings go out the window as the storm came closer, so they reached out to me to have me lower the deductibles on all of the properties before the storm hit. Now 1st, if you do this knowing their is a claim pending, that is insurance fraud.  2nd, I was already gone over a month, trashed, and supposedly cursed for leaving. What is the state of mind with this nut to think that he could trash me, then put me back to work, for free again after I had already been gone. To lower the deductible on 120-130 properties would be a full time job, and this is the kind of stuff he made me do all the time. SORRY PHARAOH, MAKE YOUR OWN BRICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice he signed “ASO” which are the initials of Anthony Samrug Oloans. 

What Shall The End Be?!?!

What will the faithful kool-aid drinkers do when the Denis ship sinks?

Whether they want to accept it or not, this evil is going down! They have been lied to about the Denis ship causing them to believe that it is unsinkable, just like the Titanic!

You better worry about the lifeboats and get off the Denis ship because it’s going down. What will happen to those preachers over there who have invested their whole life into a fraud?

Yes, there is still good news for you too! You need to get saved and abandon Denis’ sinking ship. 

You do not have to obey the so-called “man of God” if he is really a devil!

What will older ministers like Bradeen, Robertson, and Virgo do? Will Robertson go back to flipping burgers 🍔 like he did in Arizona? Will Bradeen’s wife finally believe him about Denis? Will Virgo go back to insulating houses? Will they survive the sinking ship?

Whatever happens it won’t be pretty if you wait too long. Maybe Denis will do one of these:

Whatever you do, jump ship and head for the gospel ship that’ headed to heaven! Don’t go down with Denis, it’s not worth losing your soul over!

Rony Denis said that he wanted to turn up the heat in hell for the preachers who were going there!

These people went down with the Jim Jones ship, will you go down with the Rony Denis ship?

The Hypocrisy Of Hopcc And Facebook!!!

Look at “Jael”, can you believe this? Now look at her here:


The happy flower 🌸 is representing Hopcc all the way even to the point of sticking her finger in her mouth 👄, “holiness” style of course.

Notice her comments on her Facebook page:

I was wearing jeans-thank God!”  And “pulled up my pant leg” Ladies and Gentlemen do these people really believe in what they have been peddling for all of these years? Apparently Amy (Jael) Nostrant left the church when Jimmy (Denis) said that he knew when the rapture was to take place, but they eventually conned her into coming back. After all she is the one with the money!

The husband, Dennis Nostrant, the back room bookkeeper for the cult.

The “Evil” Moving Pictures And Rony Denis!!!

One of Rony Denis’ propaganda tools in the beginning of his split was to accuse Ntcc of the unforgivable great sin of compromise, by saying that it is ok to watch the evil moving pictures.  Rony said that in the earlier Bible School Handbook of Ntcc it stated that moving pictures were not to be viewed.  Rony Denis claims that this statement was removed because of the seeds of “compromise”. Many people would agree to the evils of television and media in general as with many things, but Rony Denis and Hopcc has not only restricted its members and ministers from partaking in any from of TV watching they have gone as far as making this a requirement of salvation!

Here are some literature from Rony Denis’ Hopcc on this subject:

If you choose to eliminate television from your life because you find it too time consuming or you are just not interested in what is on it that is great, but can you tell someone that they are on their way to hell if they have one? There are some people who may watch particular DVDs instead of regular television programs, Rony Denis and Hopcc would say that was wrong as well.  There have been people who have  lost good jobs in Hopcc because of being told to not watch mandatory videos pertaining to the job.  One young lady refused to watch the WIC and hospital videos concerning the care of her newborn.  The opportunity for prison ministry was lost because there was a requirement to watch some safety videos, but the Hopcc ministers turned this down because it would “comprise” their standards of “holiness”.

Listen to their radio program on this subject:

The man they interviewed is correct. Notice he said that there was “unholy stuff” on the radio as well! But Rony Denis and Hopcc are on the radio! Should we stop reading the newspapers as well? Is the internet only used for pornography?  Is that why you have Facebook, to look up your old boyfriends or girlfriends?

The fact is if you want wickedness you are going  to go after it no matter what, whether it be entertaining or otherwise. If you want God, the Holy Spirit and God’s Word can guide you without the hypocrisy of Rony Denis/Hopcc and their moving pictures mantra.

Pastor Or Lord Over God’s Heritage???

Which one is it? Hopcc/Rony Denis and company aka Gerard Robertson (Joseph Goebbels) believe that the Pastor is the Lord over God’s heritage!

Adolf Hitler wasn’t satisfied with just being the prime minister, he wanted to be and became the führer. By his side was Joseph Goebbels, his propaganda minister. Rony Denis is not satisfied with being a pastor, he wanted to be and has become a lord or the one and only “man of God” over his following. By his side is Gerard Robertson, his propaganda minister.

Do you see how the Satan operates? Let’s fast forward a little.

The Antichrist will demand worship and the false prophet will aide in getting people to worship him through his lying wonders of propaganda. Rony Denis stormed down the middle aisle of the church during a fellowship meeting shouting, “I AM THAT MAN!”, while Eddy Vasquez was preaching about Elijah the prophet from the Old Testament. Afterwards during fellowship, Gerard Robertson is quoted saying, “ Elijah is here”, referring to Rony Denis. Do you see how Satan works? His tactics do not change. The Bible doesn’t change either, so when Rony Denis says that he has the authority to change the Scriptures, he is lying!

What is a pastor?

Is Rony Denis qualified to be a pastor?

I think we have reached our conclusion with Rony Denis. However, his defense is that he was the “Michael Jordan” of Ntcc because he had a lot of people in church and he had money. The fact is Jim Jones had the same thing. Our standard must be the Bible not smoke and mirrors.

What is being a lord over God’s heritage?

Is Rony loving the people or lording over the people?


“Pastor” Rony Denis