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Word by Word Transcript & Recording of the Money Hungry Cult Leader.

We certainly understand that it can be hard to understand what Denis is saying if you haven’t been around him long enough to know his jargon or even to decipher his strange speech patterns.  It was difficult to understand what he was talking about when we were in the cult, so I know it is terribly difficult to understand his bluster if you haven’t been around him lately.

By request we have provided a transcript to the most revealing audio recording of “Pastor” Rony Denis and some commentary from his former associates.  The commentary will be in red. Hopefully this will be beneficial and give a clearer picture into the mind of Rony Denis and how he operates under the guise of a “Man of God”.



Denis: You are renting?

John: Yes sir.

John Rodriguez is a man who worked close to Rony Denis living right around the corner from Denis.  He would give Denis nightly reports of financial dealings in Denis’ real estate empire that he built on the names of his church members and ministers  in his cult. John has sinced left Denis’ cult and blew the whistle on Denis’ illegal practices and abuse.  Here is his testimony: http://www.hopcc.com/?p=88

Denis: [It’s all] garbage, including you the rent gonna have to go up.

Denis is angry because after reviewing the financial statement from all of his rentals verses paying selected workers, John worked without pay, that he is not clearing enough money.  So, he wants the rent to go up, including on John.

John: Yes sir.

Denis: By the [way] we did it, we’re just not making it at all, with the housing the this and that, that’s what’s been going on. We are paying Benton, it’s going to be really garbage.

Denis uses a lot of filler words like, “this and that”.  It sounds like he is talking in code and he is.  Benton is James or Jim Benton.  He was one of the Ntcc ministers who crossed over.  He gets paid well by Denis. He works now as one of Denis’ main builders.

John: Yes sir.

Denis: So,[with all the people we have] everybody wants cheap rent, even if it’s ugh let’s say a hundred dollars, fifty dollars twenty people that should do it and we should make it out.  I’m looking for another ten to twelve thousand bucks.

John: Yes sir.

Denis: You got that sir? You need to do that, I want a whole list.

John: Yes sir.

Denis: And the people who are renting the other places, let me get Roscoe….ugh

Denis now calls Roscoe Stanley.  Denis operates a lot on the phone through conference calls. Often you may think you are on the phone alone with him but he has someone listening in.  Roscoe was also one of Denis’ rental managers.  He is also no longer a part of Denis’ cult.  Roscoe was a church member in Ntcc Killeen, TX when Denis first met him.  He is from Jacksonville, Florida, so Denis threatens to send him home for correcting him.

Denis: You treat me like you are an equal sir!  You understand! You remember the guy who use to come to Killeen? Remember him?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Roscoe is not the only one Denis has gotten on for treating like an “equal”. In Denis’ world everyone is beneath him.  At the beginning of the split from Ntcc he used rhetoric like there are no big I’s and little You’s here and so-on.  Denis complained that people worshipped RW Davis in a cultish way but he would complain in Hop (House of Prayer – Denis cult) that people didn’t treat him with the same respect that they showed RW Davis.  

Denis: Yes, you better not talk to me like that sir. I’ll shut you down, and you will be going down to Texas, not Texas but Jacksonville [Florida]. Do you understand sir? Don’t you ever talk to me like that sir. When I say something, that’s what you did before on base [Ft. Stewart], that’s how you got me in this trouble. You always try to be….when I say that about those guys….you said…well not really.  You don’t correct me sir, you’re gonna have to be judged for that.  But, I don’t have to say that. God is….that’s the way church members can do me, let them do it….that’s it. That’s baloney, ok. Don’t argue with me.  You run your mouth, Jeff Arnold [a Hinesville lawyer] constantly. But, having said that, when you rent places sir, we need to try to get twenty five dollars increase. Because I just reviewed the payments, by the time Benton [James(Jim) Benton] everybody’s paid every month, it’s just not there. You understand Roscoe?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis’ theology is that God will judge you or punish you because you have disrespected him in someway or another. The Ft. Stewart military base took a strong stance against Denis’ cult proselyting on base so, Hop does more covert “soul winning” on the military installation.  Denis is always quick to correct you for something to keep you in your place but notice that his focus goes right back to money which is the bottom line.   

Denis: That’s the same thing we went through in the past, we went through this in the past, alright. So, Roscoe when you talk to me like that sir it’s not good.  I’m not Rev. Robertson or Rev. Bradeen.  Ok, sir? I’m not….John called me buck teeth, John is going to pay for it. The way I am is, I pick the time and the terrain when I fight my battles. Ok, you got?  Where is Retana? [George Retana] Where’s all these people?  Look [at] the pictures, Angelina….this and that…but these are people that House of Prayer created.  But, I pick the time….you understand? The way I work John is this…I don’t forgive and I don’t forget. You understand?

John: Yes sir.

George Retana is a former member of Denis’ cult  

When Denis speaks about the pictures he is referring primarily to Facebook pictures that he has spent tens of thousands of dollars to make numerous copies of Ntcc former and current members as well as former Hop members such as the one he mentioned, Angelina.  Rev. Robertson and Rev. Bradeen(former Ntcc ministers) who both stay in Hinesville constantly are berated by Denis. He elevates himself far above them and has effectively beat them down mentally to where they are a glutton for his punishment.   Most importantly notice Denis’ comments, “I don’t forgive and I don’t forget.” This says it all.  This man does not operate in the Spirit of God at all. 

Denis: I forgive, but I will…I will….I will come back at you, not in a vengeance way, but I will come back at you. You know me to me like that, right John?

John: I’m sorry, say that last part.

Denis: You know me to be like that, ok. I might be laughing this, this, this, but I don’t forget what people do.

John: Yes sir.

Denis: Ok, you marked!

John: Yes sir.

Denis tries to somewhat cover his tracks saying that he forgives but he then quickly reveals himself by saying he will come back at you foolishly saying, but not in a vengeful way. 

Denis: You could say yes sir all you want, but you called me buck teeth. And Roscoe you can’t treat me like that sir. Even Denise, wrote a big letter have Oloans let you read it, Oloans has that letter how she apologised and said she was wrong, you understand? I like that. I’ll let you read it. Maybe I’ll let you come in tonight Roscoe or later on this evening or later on tonight, I’ll let you read it. Ok, sir?

Roscoe: Yes, sir.

Denise was Roscoe’s wife at the time.  Denis put her out of the church because she wouldn’t tell Denis of all her past life.  Anthony (Tony) Oloans is another minister who came over from Ntcc.  He is as dirty as they come.  He no doubt was the one pretending to be a woman on the phone with the mortgage company that Rev. Fred Irwin testified about concerning Denis’ corruption early on in the Hop cult movement.  http://www.hopcc.com/?p=508

Denis: And [you] will find out how Denise was pleading for mercy and for this and…you just can’t do that. No matter what happens God has to honor His word.  You understand? So, Roscoe twenty-five dollars extra to fifty dollars if you can each property if you can get it.  And no more us paying water bill.  Just as new places come open. So, now the people who just moved in, ugh John from different places, you don’t ask them for more they already moved in, they haven’t been there a year yet.

John: Yes sir.

This back and forth is normal for Denis. He jumps all over the place, but rest assure he’s coming back to the money. He was proud of what he called himself, a “cash cow” for Ntcc.  This is why they liked him over there even though they knew he was corrupt. 

Denis: Normal, when  you been at a place a year you get an increase right?

John: Yes sir.

Denis: Ok, because we have so many freebies, and some were added by garbage.  And I know when I say garbage I want to keep it in…[mumbled]….for all this stuff is garbage and when I know when I say garbage I know what it means. Somewhere by garbage with the people this, this, this.  So, I’m gonna try and make it out.  We had to modify, it was already a bad situation.  Gave a hundred thousand dollars to Pappa Reip, I’m gonna just stop, stop buying people, I promise you,….. stop buying people. [Look at] sister Bradeen, she has nothing to say, you understand, she has nothing to say to me.  And that’s the way that I work.  She side with her man, the way women are when sex is good they don’t call when sex is no good they call. [Do] you understand?  That’s the way they work.  You guys got it?……

John: Yes sir.

Freebies are the people that he was manipulating by his “love-bombing” tactics by allowing them to have free rent for a while.  But, Denis begins to reveal language that sounds strange. He says, “added by garbage” and that he knows what he means by saying garbage.  Well, we know as well.  Denis was and is involved in spiritism. This “garbage” is what he has said before was the 2’9 spirit which comes from Deut. 29:29- The things that are revealed belong to us but the secret things belong to the Lord.  Well, Denis wanted to know the “secret things.”  He delved into Jewish mysticism and numerology and presto he claims that he “knows the secrets of the universe.” Well, not exactly what has happened is that he tapped into being in a demonic trance where some testified that he was a lot nicer being influenced by demons than just being himself.  He gave thousands away. A hundred thousand to Pappa Reip and Anthony Oloans.  Thousands to Jim Benton and others.  That’s also how these “freebies” came about.  He snapped out of his trance and was at this time on a warpath to recoup the money that the spirits helped to give away.  Strange but true.   Notice that he has admitted to buying people. He then strangely attacks Sis. Bradeen, did he give her a lot of money also to buy her from her husband?

Denis: That’s the way they work. So, Roscoe don’t do that to me sir ok, this, this, this, this, this, you can’t do that. And so, you guys…..Roscoe this, this, this, all you know and John this, this, this buck teeth.  I’m not Rev. Bradeen, I’m not Rev. Robertson.  You guys can take pop shots at me.  That’s what you just did Roscoe, you got so over familiar. Over familiar…ok you can make my mouth dry that’s fine.  Roscoe’s not going to make it if he doesn’t change…change my voice…change my. It’s not going to work.  A bunch of garbage. You understand? Buck teeth, buck teeth John I will never forgive you for this?

John: Yes sir.

Why does Denis bring up “buck teeth”? John was accused of calling Denis buck teeth because a church member told one of the ministers whom Denis sent on a witch hunt mission to see if anyone one had said anything amiss of Denis anytime that they have been in Hop.  Sounds crazy but true.  John didn’t even call Denis buck teeth.  The statement was completely taken out of context that John had made concerning Denis but it was too late now.

Denis: The prayers that I pray, do you want me to pray it John?

John: No sir.

Denis: I’ll tell God to make your choice.  That’s what I pray over bread this, this…  Cause when people irritate me too much then ok, that’s the way they gonna do, you [God] make a choice,  you [God] choose them them over me?  You choose [God] whoever you want.  If they more..If Bradeen is more valuable then you choose….ok. So, that’s no good.  You got it Roscoe? So, you took a pop shot at me today.  Right now you’re changing your voice, why you’re changing your voice, tell me?……ugh?

Denis’ prayer to God Almighty is for God to make His choice!  Denis is a Class A Narcissist!  Notice how Denis weirdly talks about someone changing their voice.  Who do you think he is talking to? Roscoe and John knows that  it is not them.  They don’t even answer him concerning this question. He talks about someone making his mouth dry and his voice being changed, what is he talking about?  This is the demon plaguing Denis! This is what happens to him, his mouth gets dry and his voice changes.  He would at times say that God was speaking through him, and that it was God speaking to the people. Later he would confess to certain ones that it was not God making his voice dry but it was the “2’9” People (Spirits he claims he hears talking to him all the time he use to think was God). Now he is in a love hate relationship with them. Sometimes he reverts back to saying they are God, then goes back to saying it was just the spirits. 

Roscoe: I didn’t realize that I was taking a pop shot at you.

Denis: Say what?

Roscoe: I didn’t realize I was taking a pop shot at you. I didn’t realize….

Denis: Yeah, you fighting me, you fought me before Roscoe, didn’t you?  Ugh?……You didn’t feel bad Roscoe when you got off the phone that you were arguing with me?

Roscoe: Yes sir, I did.

Denis: Guess what sir, if I cut you off and don’t talk to you that’s it.  That’s the deal with Rev. Robertson.  And then this is where the garbage, the this and that, and the houses and all this nonsense. [And,] there is so many places..and I’m not going to have meeting with you guys and John…I can’t even stand John right now.  You understand?

John: Yes, sir.

Denis: And when I am talking to you like that John, the Bible says, obey them that have the rule over you because they watch what?

John: For your soul.

A classic religious cult control technique is employed by Denis to control John and Roscoe but Denis was the one actually being fooled unbeknownst to him.

Denis: Ok,…you think because things are going on this, that but anyway John…you have to get the insurance lowered. And this.

John: Yes, sir.

The insurance on the houses were high because Denis would file multiple claims for hail damage and so on. He would pocket the money and send his crew to so called do the work to “fix” the roofs.

Denis: That’s why this thing is reckless. Reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless. Ok….I’ll let you guys go…..I’ll let you go…I’ll let you guys go….I’ll let you go…

John: Yes, sir.

Denis: Ok, I’ll let you guys go……. So, John you know what to do.

John: Yes, sir.

Denis: Not the new people that moved in but the old people and everyone else that has been there, that been there a year or two, maybe you can get there and analyze it and get an increase of  fifty dollars.  You understand?

John: Yes, sir.

Denis: People don’t mind if you ask for fifty bucks.  Let me see Roscoe, oh he hung. Roscoe……Ok, a hundred, people don’t mind if you’re asking for another fifty bucks, people that have been there a year or two if you ask them for a raise something like fifty bucks…ok Roscoe?

Roscoe: Yes, sir.

Denis: Alright, so I have to work with you guys…it’s sad….just like Jesus working with Judas.  A lot of you guys are of bunch of Judas’…you can tell right?

Another cult tactic by Denis, he is the real Judas.

Roscoe: Yes, sir.

Denis: Alright, I’ll let you guys go.


Voice of Hypocrisy Exposed!!!

Listen to highlights from Rony Denis’ House of Prayer/ Assembly of Prayer radio broadcast ,” Voice of Revival”, and determine if it should be called the Voice of Hypocrisy.

In this clip you will hear how Markow is instructed by Denis to tell people that they need to spend time with their family on the air.  He mentions this throughout the broadcast. Now listen to how they really are behind the scenes and off the air concerning your family.


In this next clip” Bishop” Denis has Markow speak against the money hungry and fame hungry preachers and rabbis.

He is preaching about Rony Deins?

Listen to this:

The money making schemes of “Pastor” Rony Denis are numerous.  He compares his “fame” to that of basketball hall of famer, Michael Jordan.  So, was Josh Markow “preaching” to Denis?


In this next clip we are told that VACATIONS are no of God!

Folks you can’t make this stuff up!

Did you know that the “Bishop”, Rony Denis goes on VACATION in Florida?

In this next clip we have one of the biggest statements of HYPOCRISY of all.  Listen to Markow tell us that we don’t need Facebook.

Now look at the Facebook pages that the House of Prayer has who tells you that you don’t need to have Facebook.

You rabbis and preachers and Christians and Jews don’t need that Facebook garbage!

Nevermind that we have it!

You don’t need that twitter! Nevermind us though!

Here is a stalker profile that they have used!

Is it possible that the “H” in HOPCC stands for:

Please don’t drink this kool-aid!

“Rabbi Joseph” Rony Denis is trying to serve his kool-aid to the Jews and Christians. Notice how his little soft hands are outstretched for “Mo Money”. ?

Can You Believe He Said That!?

This is a recording that you have heard before If you are familiar with this site. It is a BOMBSHELL recording of  Pastor Rony Denis of the House of Prayer (The Place of Help) and Assembly of Prayer churches. Headquartered in Hinesville, GA.

In this recording Pastor Rony Denis reveals his true character. He admits to buying people. He gives at least one name here which is “Papa” Reip, the father of David Reip and husband of Arta Chong (Denis’ wife’s mother). He sold his soul for a hundred thousand dollars!

You will also hear the Head Pastor of House of Prayer/ Assembly of Prayer (The Come Pray with me church), Rony Denis say that he doesn’t forgive or forget!

If you pay close attention you can hear him interacting with voices in his head. He speaks of them changing his voice and their voice and making his mouth dry. This is the “2’9 spirit” that Denis talked about that he was under the influence of. The Bible calls it a familiar spirit.

You will hear the greed and lust for money and the narcissistic personality disorder in full operation.


Rony Denis’ “24/7” Prayer Request Line Gets Shut Down to us!!!

Rony Denis has blocked us from his debunked prayer request line.

The so-called Prayer Request Line is out of service for us!

No Smartphones Please!

Listen for yourself:

This is one reason Denis had to shut it down because they don’t really  pray with you and you better not ask any questions. Listen for yourself:

Poor Shantè, Christine Bradeen really socks it to her when she says that she has some questions about the Voice of Foolishness radio broadcast.  Notice, Arlen Bradeen is not allowed to pray with the opposite sex, neither is his wife.  I guess the older couple needs to do this in order to keep the LUST BATTLES from raging.  No doubt, Jimmy told them to do this.  Pathetic!

Listen to how Christine Bradeen’s pastor,Rony Denis, thinks of her and ALL WOMEN!

Ladies and Gentlemen, you can’t make this stuff up!

“That’s the way they [women] work.” – Rony Denis

“You understand?”

The so-called only “man of God” for the entire planet earth. He sounds like he has the same Spirit  as the apostle Paul, right?

The Psychology of Rony Denis and his “House of Prayer”

Is Denis suffering from a “man of God” complex?

Denis is a master manipulator of the mind.

What is on with the mental make up of those who actually believe in the Denis “House of Prayer” philosophy? Denis is a proven liar yet these people are faithfully following him as if he is the Messiah who could do no wrong.

This is the image of God that Denis has instilled in the minds of his sect.

There must be a piece of the mental puzzle missing from the mind. There must be a spirit of blindness hovering over Denis’ “House of Prayer.” With a little critical thinking one must easily recognize that Rony Denis has revealed himself as he really is a 100% bona fide fraud.

Are they questioning the weird and quacky things Denis is talking about? Do they read and study the Bible anymore? Is there anything in there?

Once you escape from a cult like Denis’ “House of Prayer” God can restore your mind if you allow Him, he did mine.


Jimmy Doubles Down on “Voice Of Hopelessness” Broadcast ?

Rony Denis doubles down on his, “Voice of Revival“, radio broadcast where Josh Markow is just the puppet being controlled by the puppet master Rony Denis. Why doesn’t Denis get on the radio himself? He says no one would receive him because of his accent. Maybe it’s because he needs to blame someone when it doesn’t go right. Listen for yourself:

Right from the beginning Denis has Markow slam the women for immodesty and jewelry. Have you ever noticed how these kind of groups love to read to you from Isaiah 3:16-26 where they believe jewelry is condemned by God but they never read to you about Isaiah 61:10 where it says:

Or what about this one:

So, this is what the Lord God said. So, what is Denis talking about? Denis and Hopcc love to present a lopsided gospel based on Old Testament scriptures.

Denis talks about modesty but is he modest?

Is this a picture of Rony Denis or is it the opposite? What about this:

1Timothy 2:9

Have you ever heard Denis or Hopcc talk about costly array? God does want His children adorned in modest apparel but why didn’t Denis ever finish the whole verse?

When Markow says God loves judgment, why is he twisting the scriptures to make it sound like God loves punishing people? One of Denis’ favorite sayings is, “God’ gonna judge you” meaning He will punish you for my sake.  Here is what the Amplified Bible (the one Bradeen liked to use) says:

So, God doesn’t love judging you, He loves justice and hates how Rony Denis is robbing the people.

Have you noticed that Markow again decided or was ordered not to pray in Jesus’ name again? The demons don’t like that name. Thank God, Peter and John didn’t listen to the Pharisees of their day who told them not to minister in the name of Jesus. And thank God, for those today who have decided to no longer listen to the chief Pharisee, Rony Denis.

Why Won’t They Answer The Question???

The Hopcc Prayer Request Line is a joke. Listen to the “Reverend” Dennis Nostrant “help” this poor woman in her time of need.

The reason why they hang up on you when you ask about rapture date setting and unbiblical divorces is because their pastor Rony Denis is GUILTY of being involved in these practices and is too PROUD to admit that he is WRONG! He taught that it is not wrong to be wrong but to stay wrong.  It seems as if the whole HOPCC wants to STAY WRONG!

“Divorce is not good, my Lord” – Dennis Nostrant

Unbelievable “Voice of Hopelessness” Airs on SiriusXM Family Talk 131!!!

Rony Denis has boldly doubled down on his foolishness by setting Joshua Markow, the “Jewish Christian”, up for failure! The so-called Voice of Revival sounds more like the voice of doom and gloom. NOT EVEN ONE MENTION OF JESUS, WHO IS THE REVIVAL!!!

Did you hear him say how roller skates are wrong? Are the so-called Jewish brothers and sisters buying this nonsense? Did you hear Markow speak about lying? Has Markow ever met Rony Denis?

Now he attacks Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, and Elmo. These guys really are from a hundred years ago! Notice how he slips a dig in for those “wicked men” who wear purple shirts.



These guys LOVE to talk a lot about pornography. I wonder why? Did you hear him contradicting himself saying that prayer doesn’t change anything and then he says we need to pray to have strength to change? That came from the pseudo wisdom of Rony Denis‘ mind.

Please Pray For These Children!!!!

Sarah Derby and Delcina are watching these girls from Denis’ house. They are going on a walk in the neighborhood. Denis uses these girls as human toys for his daughter.

Here are the children of Denis’ inner circle playing with water with Jody (Daniels) Emanuel. One of the girls have recently escaped from the cult.

Here are some FLDS girls who are allowed to play in the water. This is forbidden by Rony Denis in Hopcc. They are very similar as you can see but there are some differences.

It looks like Ringling Brothers are still in business. They moved to Denis’ backyard.

 The main attraction is: Jimmy the Clown Denis ?

Exclusive: Fraudulent Prayer Request Line Exposed!!!

Listen to how they treat you on the so-called prayer request line for asking a genuine question:

I Peter 3:15

I believe that was a serious question that the person asked on the phone but all he got was:

Please forgive the laughter, for the caller was utterly amazed by how the holier than thou “righteous maranatha” people handled the situation that laughter had to be made in order to cope with the disappointment of being rejected an answer to a legitimate question.

1-866-414-pray & hang up on you prayer request line? Voice of Revival?

Denis said that you can find who you are in the Bible. Well, we found you!

We have found the seven sons of Sceva! They have been hiding in Hopcc all along!


The 1st of the 7 sons of Sceva is G. Robertson. Powerless against the lies of Rony Denis. He claimed that he stood for righteousness, but when Denis exalted himself Robertson fell down to worship him.

The 2nd son of Sceva is the screamer, D. Huff, Denis’ longtime follower.  The former Amway salesmen was a Ntcc favorite. He had a knack for bringing people to church and then screaming at them, but his screams went silent when daddy Denis started screaming back.

The 3rd son of Sceva is the onetime bold H. Virgo.  He is the brother in-law of Denis.  Denis has reduced him to admitting that he would disagree with God Almighty in favor of Denis!

The 4th son of Sceva is A. Bradeen.  He stood up to Denis at onetime, but his brothers didn’t come to his aid, now his own family will carry his head on a platter to Denis.

The 5th son, A. Schmidtke, is one of the biggest cowards the world has ever known.  One minister spotted him playing hot potato with his phone with Denis was calling him.

The 6th son is W. Pilkington.  This one has got to be biggest cheezer the world has ever known.  He has claimed that Denis has moved the moon around and that the birds of the air rest  on the steeple of the Hinesville church while Denis is in the inside teaching.  Pilkington is a hardcore disciple of Denis all the way to the last drop of kool-aid.

Last but not least is R. Bercini, the ultimate kiss up to Denis. Denis has given Bercini a suicide mission to take over the abandoned and doomed Greensboro church building and Merritt Dr. house.

They said that they wanted to be like the book of Acts! So, here they are!

The Dirty Divorce Tricks of Rony Denis and HOPCC/ Assembly of Prayer

There was a sister who just recently escaped the abuse of Rony Denis’ cult, House of Prayer/ Assembly of Prayer ( The Place of Help- Hinesville). She had to leave when her husband, Adrian Martinez, who was in Greensboro, NC at the time fooling around with the illegal living quarters at 3717 Sunnycreast Ave, the mold infested church building that was left behind when the Greensboro church left.

The sister escaped with her children and called Adrian to explain but he hung up the phone on her and then promptly changed his phone number, a standard HOPCC practice by order of Rony Denis.

The dirty trick that Denis plays is to get the spouse under his control to file for divorce and to run it in the local newspaper knowing that you have moved away. If you are still in Hinesville they will run the divorce add in another nearby city so that you will not see it and not know what is going on. This is done so that the other spouse has no say so in the divorce. They don’t want the wife who hasn’t been working to contend for ALIMONY. It’s all about the money! Money ? ? ?!

But Rony Denis and Hopcc apparently LOVES it! Please keep sister Liz and her family in prayer.