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Setting The Record Straight!!!

I just want to set the record straight. Rony Denis is not a biblical holiness preacher at all. He is a false preacher of his ever changing, flip flopping, hypocritical, and double standard opinions. Here is one case: Jewelry. Let’s look at it.
Rony Denis says Jewelry is wrong except if it serves a purpose. He says that a wedding ring is permissible. He would say that a watch is permissible. These all have a purpose. So according to Rony Denis, all Jewelry outside of what he has allowed to be permissible are wrong. I was in a fellowship meeting service in Greensboro, NC where people from another church came to the service. Some of the women were wearing small chain necklaces. Rony Denis was preaching and said to them that you’re not a dog, you’re not suppose to wear a chain around your neck. That might be good for Rony Denis but what say the scripture?

Daniel 5:29
Then commanded Belshazzar, and they clothed Daniel with scarlet, and put a chain of gold about his neck, and made a proclamation concerning him, that he should be the third ruler in the kingdom.

According to Rony Denis, Daniel must be a dog. I didn’t read where Daniel took this gold chain off because it offended God. Do you? We do read of Daniel taking a distinct stand for God when needed but not here.

Ezekiel 16:11
I decked thee also with ornaments, and I put bracelets upon thy hands, and a chain on thy neck.

These words are not Ezekiel’s words but God’s words to Israel. So, Rony Denis would have to say according to his belief that God is making Israel a dog and that God is a “compromiser” in Rony’s eyes. I wonder if he had a Facebook picture of what God was talking about if he would show it around to indict God Almighty? And say look at this ungodly jewelry God put on this lady Israel.

Also Luke 15:22; The prodigal’s father,a representation of God, in Rony Denis’ eyes must be a compromised devil, for he put a ring on his son’s hand. Maybe Rony would call him gay.

Does the New Testament really teach against jewelry?

I Timothy 2:8-10
I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. In like manner the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But ( which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.

I Peter 3:3-4
Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

Is God through Paul and Peter forbidding the wearing of Jewelry? If so, I don’t read anything about a wedding ring being permissible. The fact is that if you take a scripture out of context you can make it say what you want. But if you keep with the context you will find the truth. If you are honest and without bias, can you not see that it is the extravagance of these things and not the abstinence of these things that the Bible is teaching?
If it is true that the wearing of gold is prohibited by God according to this scripture, then to be consistent would you not also have to condemn the putting on of apparel and getting your hair done?

Rony Denis keeps his cult very ignorant of biblical truth. These scriptures teach that godly women need to be more concerned with their Christian character and faithfulness to God over their outward adorning. To be modest and to avoid the flashy extravagant showy adorning. Hello Rony and Marjorie! Oh, and Phoebe Ruth Denis aka Julie Boles. That’s you!

Rony shows Facebook pictures of people who have escaped his cult who don’t follow his rules anymore. Big deal, his rules are not the Bible. I have no problem with someone’s personal standards but if you judge me because I don’t follow your standards then you are wrong. If I am living out of accordance to the Bible then I am wrong. We have a Judge who is God, not you or me. We are to judge however what is right or wrong by the scripture. And Rony has no scripture to support his condemnation of others because of jewelry. But I can say lying is wrong and Rony Denis has done this profusely, especially concerning us since we left his cult.

If I grow a beard am I wrong Rony? If I watch moving pictures am I wrong Rony? Hugh Virgo was a pastor at the time in Tacoma, WA and he told me that he was watching some soldier fire fighting on the computer. There are people in Hopcc doing all kinds of things against Rony’s law including Rony himself. My wife has seen “Sis. Denis” (Marjorie) wearing make-up in Ntcc. Rony says make-up is wrong though. “Sis. Denis” obviously dyes her hair. Rony told me nothing was wrong with dying your hair as long as you are not trying to change yourself. Clinton Daniels, a former Bible College teacher in Fayetteville, NC taught that dying your hair was wrong. Rony says you can paint your hair put not anything else I quess. The problem is when you push your personal convictions on everyone you get a bunch of mess. And that is what hopcc is, a bunch of mess! I thank God we escaped all that mess.

If you are still confused read Romans 14. It will explain Christians getting along who have different convictions. Some are weak in the faith. People like Rony Denis who are used of the devil exploit these people to make them two fold the child of the devil. Pray, consider the scriptures, and live for God! God Bless You!

Bro. Ray Yorke

PS: This was an old comment that we thought good to make it into a post to help expose Rony Denis and to help liberate the oppressed!

“I have more humility and love than anyone in this room” – Rony Denis (Jimmy)

This a quote from the “Rev.” Rony Denis at the last meeting in his house we attended before we escaped his cult. The very statement itself exemplifies the pride that truly works in Denis‘ heart.

Did you know that false humility is one of the characteristics of a narcissist?

Even in Jimmy’s sham day school “Jimmy’s Heritage Cult Academy”, there is no Honor Roll or Graduation because according to Denis the students will get proud. But, doesn’t the Bible say to give Honor to whom Honor is due?

Have you ever wondered why Denis always stressed that everyone had to be humble and respond a certain way, but he himself could react in any carnal way he chose, especially anger?

Does his life really display humility or does it display false humility?

Have you ever heard Denis exalt himself?

It sounds as if this “humble” man has the “I” problem. What do you think?  Can you imagine this “humble” man performing a foot washing?

He actually spoke about this at the beginning of Hopcc, but it was all rhetoric because he was saying all the “right things” to deceive the masses.

Believe it or not, exposing your feet in Hopcc is a no no. Denis is certainly against the feet being exposed. He has made comments about the “compromise” of the NTCC women not wearing stockings. I have been in baptisms where the socks are kept on. Denis made a big deal about Adam Boles viewing the toes of RW Davis. The women in Hopcc stay away from open toed shoes. One woman from Hopcc said that her husband told her that open toed shoes were wrong because men have a “feet fetish.”

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. By the way are you lusting at the foot in the foot washing picture above? If so you must be in Hopcc. I fully agree with modesty and covering yourself and not having a lascivious spirit, but toes?

Doesn’t this expose the spirit behind Rony Denis and Hopcc? A bunch of hypocrisy and religious activity.

Jimmy would do good if he practiced this.



The Bible is ALWAYS RIGHT!


Victory Report of Another Who Escaped Denis’s Cult: Sis. NICOLE ILDEFONSO


I would like to start off by thanking all those courageous individuals who escape hopcc.. also for this web site. everything is making sense now.. this is the reason denis wants the church sheltered and no communication whatsoever with the public or there families.. so they will not find out the truth..
I have no clue where to start… I love God I never would have imagined me loving something or someone as much as I love God and Christianity.. I am appalled to know all I know about jimmy. In the first few days of me finding out all the information about jimmy it was a lot to bear but I’m glade that life goes on and life can go on without hopcc. There are so many sincere souls in hopcc. when I think of all the many people I grew to love and care for, sometimes I have to force myself to stop thinking of them. My wounds are healing slowly. It was mind blowing to hear all the information about what really goes on and how disgusting Denise really is. He is of his father the DEVIL. It is humorous to see how they think their the only church going to heaven. I was blinded as they call it. I give God all the glory for helping me through out the 12 years I did attend. I had many lonely night without my husband in the 12 years.. (lonely meaning as a companion) I really thought the things that I was being taught by man were right but they weren’t… one thing they would always say is ” pray and read your bible” HALLELUJAH because that’s exactly what I would do.. am I perfect NO, Can I give God more YES.. I use to turn a blinded eye while being in hopcc to the things that were being taught and foolish doctrine. Im glade it’s not a sin to have board games or for boys to touch a ball. thanks be to God that when the time came God opened my eyes… now I do see the wrong that they do and teach… and see how denis perverts the gospel the living word of God. While his daughter has a room full of games and toys let’s not forget that iPod and how she takes lavish trips to one of the riches place city’s in Florida While the rest of the children sit and rot .. by the way he made all the children get rid of there iPods. I bet rotten denis really can’t trust anyone anymore oh well for him.. more people will leave, God will deliver them from the bondage they are in..
He makes an entire congregation change there phone numbers Because let me guess WE KNOW THE TRUTH FINALLY. All those years I thought I was getting Godly counsel.. “Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Matt 19:6. I should have left with my husband when he got those orders. “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” Genesis 2:18 .. my husband was trying to serve God but he couldn’t take any more with the way man worshiped jimmy and the things he witnessed in the church. my husband left hopcc bc he didn’t get any good counsel when the time came for him to leave schmidtke gave him good counsel all right he told him all he had to do was go tell the army he was crazy so he can stay at ft Bragg collect the VA and get 100%. I new in my heart that was wrong “CRAZY” maybe crazy for not serving God at the time, and also bc schmidtke had told him that God reveled to jimmy when our lord Jesus will be coming back.. “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.” Mark‬ ‭13:32‬
I let my husband leave ALONE. I wanted to come for the last year of his assignment it had been in my heart but I didn’t dare tell anyone that’s including my friend Liz.. I new what would be done and said of me had I told my former pastor, so I did what I new to do “I PRAYED”. whether u denis or any one in hopcc believes it God answered and bore witness in my kitchen That I should come and for the record it was before my friend told me she was leaving and all the information I found out about you. Like others when we were leaving hopcc we planed it we had too especially after hearing the others testimony about how they had to call the police.. the church in Fayetteville had the members come and sneak around my neighborhood taking pictures of us and following us around.
God speaks in many ways to those who seek him with a pure heart…there’s so much I can but I won’t not worth it I’m out and that’s what matters. Though my husband or maybe some of the survivors won’t agree God was with the true worshippers and sincere souls in that place tho it may have seem that jimmy was the man of God (a nut if u ask me). But the truth has come out. there were times when I new things that were being taught and preached were wrong but I couldn’t speak I would just take it to God in prayer. with all this said life goes on.. My husband puts it like this we all have PTSD who escapes hopcc.. I believe it but God is a healer.. I hope and pray that God in his grace and mercy helps others to escape..



The cult members of Rony Denis’ HOPCC are under a STONG DELUSION!

Why are people so blinded in the CULT called House of Prayer?


Denis himself knows that it is a cult. There are so many inconsistencies with the Bible that goes on within the cult and Denis‘ character that you have to do mental gymnastics to justify the legitimacy of such a group. These people are willingly blinded, blind folding themselves from the truth.

We are warned multiple times in the Bible to not be deceived. The people at Berea were considered more noble than others because they actually researched what Paul said instead of just taking his word for truth. Rony Denis has said that if you confess your sins to him that he can take them to God and “clear you” of your sins. Rony Denis has said that he has the power to change the Bible. Rony Denis has also said that he has power to divorce you. Has anyone inside of HOPCC searched the scriptures to find out if Denis‘ claims are true like the Bereans did to Paul. If they did they would find out that Denis is a LIAR.

Denis knows where he is going and he is trying to take as many as he can with him. Denis has mastered his choice of operation within his “church”, witchcraft.  This is nothing new, it has been going on since the Garden of Eden.

This dark red eyed snake is still speaking today!

There is a way out!

Assembly of Prayer Christian Church -Greensboro, NC (This Church is a CULT)

“Give me that Old Testament religion.” Look what they dragged out of the old shed. Too cheap to buy the right sign, the cult has to patch up the old wine skins to get going a little.

This place is CRAZY! Look at what they put on their church building:

They used to have this put they removed it, I wonder why?


Assembly of Prayer Christian Church is a cult!


Listen to how the “pastor” talks to his members:

The harsh talking man you hear in the audio is Pastor Randy Bercini, the new pastor of the Greensboro Assembly of Prayer Christian Church. You can hear more of this at:



Notice how Pastor Bercini tells the brother that the rapture is about to happen soon.  This was during the time that the false prophet Rony Denis, who Bercini references as a man of God, was spreading false propaganda about him knowing when the rapture would happen.


Now that he has been called out, the false prophet says that the rapture is everyday. What a joke! Are you serious!

This is the head Pastor that Pastor Bercini answers to: Please keep your family away from this cult!

This is Pastor Bercini:

Don’t let those cute ears fool you! This place is a vicious cult! (Apparently Bercini just left to go back to Augusta, GA)

This is what we left them when we all left their cult.

While the cult master, Rony Denis, lives large off the millions he stole look at the junky signs he has for his Greensboro cult:

Church Open?

I wonder if Randy Bercini knows that Jimmy said that there NEVER should have been a church in Greensboro. He then said that there wasn’t going to be a church in Greensboro. I quess the false prophet changed his mind again or maybe he just needed some useful cult members to pay for the bills.


Looks like they have the children making the signs now.

The cheapskate cult leader finally spent a little to get a new sign.

Look how crooked this sign is:

It’s been like that for awhile. This guys don’t care. Let’s see how long it takes for word to get to them from their Hinesville headquarters.

Jimmy’s Doctrine!!!

Rony Denis, affectionately known as Jimmy, has proclaimed to his sect that the Bible doesn’t say anything about having “FUN.” As far as he is concerned there is no room in the Christian life to have fun. It is an utter waste of time. We are supposed to redeem our time that we have wasted in sin. That’s why children are a big threat to Jimmy’s interpretation of the Christian life, parents might get tempted to have “fun” with their children. Also marriages must be controlled so that husbands and wives won’t take “pleasure” in each other.

Jimmy has also called money evil. He said money was not in the Garden of Eden. He says that it is man made and has caused so many problems, so it is evil. This is why you must give it all to him so that he can rid you of this evil.

Check out what they are handing out to people:

So, pleasure is a sin. Jimmy (Rony Denis) has said that only he can handle going down to Florida to his beach house and live it up and stay “righteous.” Oh, yeah along with someone else’s wife too.

Denis has been a longtime believer in asceticism for everyone else but him.

Denis even taught that sex was just like using the restroom! No wonder many of the marriages in the cult are in the toilet. (Pun intended)

It seems as if Denis has more of a mystical approach to the Bible rather than a spiritual one.

Is James really telling us what Rony is telling us? If you read the whole passage you will find that he is actually talking about people like Rony Denis! Rich men who have done people wrong. Verse 4 states how people like Denis have cheated people out of their money by fraud. And verse 6 speaks of how people like Denis have condemned the just. There were people who could not defend themselves and Denis just crushed them. And with all of this wickedness Denis fulfills verse 5 by living in pleasure or luxury and has been wanton, satisfying his every whim, a Rolls Royce here, a Bentley there, and a extra woman over here and so on. I think someone needs to give this card back to Jimmy don’t you?

They got worse: Old Card was Better

Now Denis is the answer! Or at least he thinks he is.

The Paranoid Prophet

Rony Denis, the debunked prophet of the House of Prayer Cult, has converted his house in Hinesville, GA into a fortress.  Jim Benton bragged about how he tested Denis’ shatter proof windows with a sledge hammer. John Rodriguez talked about how there are so many locks and coded entries throughout Denis’ house that one time he got trapped inside and had to call someone to come and let him out! There are also cameras galore all over his property. One time Denis was on the phone talking to Oloans about a vehicle that they picked up on the surveillance cameras and was thinking it was the local NTCC pastor showing someone his house. At one time he had a huge dog chain out on display with a dog bowl and a recording of a dog barking. He didn’t own a dog but heard that this was a good method of security.

Why is the prophet, Denis, so paranoid? Could it be that he has a guilty conscience of all the wickedness in the name of religion that he has done toward other people. Could it be that this prophet is actually a false prophet? Security is one thing but paranoia is another.

Maybe this explains his red eyes. It’s hard to get good sweet sleep when you are paranoid.

Take a look ? at what Denis is doing now: A new shipment of probably more security measures to keep the prophet safe.

Is the prophet a scaredy cat?

Save Our Servicemen and Women!!!

 The Good

William Gaylord, better known as “Pop Gaylord”, is the man who had a true burden to reach the military personnel with the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing a wholesome environment in what was called a Servicemen’s  Home. Having been a serviceman himself he had desired to give what God gave him to them. He presented this idea to NTCC.

The Bad

Rony Denis, better known as “Jimmy”, rose to prominence in New Testament Christian Church (NTCC). He claimed that when he preached as a student in the ST. Louis Seminary that everyone praised him saying that he preached like Richard Blumenthal, a highly respected minister at the time. Denis began his “ministry” work in New Orleans, LA. After a visit from the Kekels, Denis says that they influenced him to go into the Servicemen’s Home Ministry. Once in the Servicemen’s Home Work Denis rose to prominence developing ways to increase “numbers and money ” for the church. Being promoted from Hinesville,GA to Woodbrook, WA Denis began to train other ministers for Servicemen’s work. Denis bragged that while in Woodbrook he sent millions to the Graham,WA church- headquarters for NTCC. Maybe this is why reports of his abuse toward the people fell on death ears. A board member position was created for Denis called the Servicemen’s Director. Denis left the Woodbrook church to join the General Board and travel to supervise the NTCC Servicemen homes. The “numbers” dropped after Denis left the Woodbrook church. One person who was there said that many of the “converts” went into gross sin right after Denis left.

 The Ugly

As the simple law of gravity teaches us: what goes up must come down. Denis’ pride caused him to collapse when he realized that RW Davis, the late founder of NTCC, decided to choose his Son-in-law, Michael Kekel, over him to lead the organization. Denis’ pride actually caused him to think Davis would appoint him over NTCC. Denis then devised a scheme he claims God gave him to split from NTCC and start his own organization called “House of Prayer Christian Christian.” Denis over the years of his newly formed church devised ways to abuse the veterans. He has made the statement that soldiers are easier to control, as opposed to civilians. From staged Dity Moves to makeshift schools for VA Educational Benifts money Denis has developed an elaborate scheme to where he appears to own the city of Hinesville,GA. Fortunately Pop Gaylord passed away before he could see the ugliness of what was intended to be “The Good” has become. There you have in a condensed nutshell:

Rony Denis/Hopcc/Facebook Stalkers Caught Red Handed!!!

The following is an example of Rony Denis and his ministers stalking people who have escaped from their cult on Facebook. They find out what you may follow and attach whatever lewd pictures that they can concoct and then past them to your Facebook page and circulate it around the cult and tell the members that you must be wrong and on your way to hell because look what you are involved in. So, the people who don’t know the game believe the lies and are afraid to leave the oppressive cult thinking that they will go headlong into sin and eventually hell.

“Bible Man” is a fake Hopcc Facebook page set by Rony Denis designed stalk former members of the Hopcc cult located at 2540 Airport Rd. Hinesville, GA- Now masquerading as “The Place of Help“.

Notice this “Bible Man” has no profile picture, photos to show, or friends to show. Why is he on Facebook? Only Facebook stalkers ? behave this way. They have Facebook only to stalk others normally without interaction. This one decided to make a comment.

The stalker, Bible Man, is seen here posting his comment on a former members post which spoke of being a classy lady. Something Hopcc despises. Here are some responses to “Bible Man’s” / Hopcc’s comment.


So, the Pharisees masquerading as a “Bible Man” got shut down, even to the point where they deleted their comment. This type of NARCISSISTIC personality disorder causes an individual to not learn their lesson, so they tried again, this time on Messenger. Let’s take a look:

John Henry? Are you serious???? Here is the response to “Mr. John Henry”:


And we have the very revealing comments of “Mr. John Henry.”


What a joke! So, his name isn’t “John Henry.” Really!!?? Rev. Yorke does not purport himself to be the Saviour like Rony Denis does! If this man is legitimate, which he obviously is not, getting kicked out will actually help him. If you want to find Jesus, just call upon Him. You don’t need Jimmy or any other preacher to do that. A novel idea that to simple for the Hopcc ministers to grasp!


Fake “Ultra Holiness” Standards

The man you hear in the recording is the man pictured in the photo. His name is Rony Denis, the Haitian born leader of the House of Prayer Christian Churches of America Inc. He is seen here making faces at the people who are protesting his church’s conference at 2540 Airport Rd. Hinesville, GA. The church in Hinesville has just changed it’s name to, “The Place of Help”, because of the heavy exposure of the alleged corruption within the church. The other sister churches located in Savannah, GA, Augusta, GA, Fayetville, NC, Greensboro, NC, ( Minus all the church members, Barely 2″ off the ground starting with an illegal church building) Killeen, TX, Clarksville, TN, ST. Louis, MO, San Diego, CA, and Tacoma, WA are all known as House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) or Assembly of Prayer Christian Church (AOPCC).

In the recording Denis claims that “His holiness” is no, no, no! No make and so on when everyone knows that his wife, Marjorie, wears makeup and dyes her hair. Having such an ultra perverted hypocritical view of Christianity has caused Denis and his followers to be hypersensitive to any type of sexuality. For example, Arlen Bradeen, the former longtime pastor of the Hinesville church and a man that has been in the ministry for over 30 years was preaching about it being hard to pay the cashier at Walmart because her breast being noticeable. Instead of just not looking, Bradeen spoke of how difficult it would be to hand the lady the money because of her breast.

Rony Denis himself is also hypersensitive about everyone’s backside, especially men’s backsides and was goes in them.Listen for yourself to this perversion of the national apostle for Hopcc.

known as Hopcc’s national apostle, Denis has taught his followers that according to                 I Corinthians 5:3 – “For I verily, as absent in body, but present in spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, concerning him that hath so done this deed”, he is there with them in “the spirit” even in their bedrooms.  The members of his church are ruled by fear actually thinking that Rony Denis is a spirit! If they have a bad thought about Denis and his obvious contradictory lifestyle with the Bible they will be in grave fear to share it with anyone else least the “spirit”, Denis, get ahold of you. It sounds silly but when you study cults you will find that people went against common sense and reason to fulfill the desires of the cult leader.

Rony Denis rose to prominence in another “holiness” church organization called New Testament Christian Church in which abuse by him was reported but nothing was done because as Denis described, he was a cash cow for the organization. Denis has proudly proclaimed himself the “Michael Jordan” of  the New Testament Christian Christian (NTCC). A church group who had once claimed to be the only “holiness” organization in existence. Rony Denis has copied this and has declared himself the “Man of God” for the entire world! And that his church is the only one that is right with God, that there is no other church like his, especially with all of the “holiness” enforced standards such as going to the store with someone and not yourself in order to “Avoid the appearance of evil.” There is even a “Buddy System” in place for going to the library just in case the “demons” from the computer jump on you!

Rony Denis played humble at the beginning of his religious movement but now must be amongst the proudest people on earth. Rony Denis got exceptionally angry when heard that his arch rival from NTCC, Michael Kekel, called Denis’ movement a “Bowel movement.”

Have you ever heard of a preacher talk about himself this way? Maybe Jim Jones, Daddy Grace, Father Divine, other cult leaders. Not just hearsay but in his own words!

The Ultimate Church/Cult Pimp, Rony Denis, The Spirit Man, The Mystic Myth, And The Loser Legend!!!


Rony Denis has said that women are like dumb children. All they need to do is be a flower, look pretty and smell nice. All they are to him is an accessory. The pimp daddy, Rony Denis, has mastered the art silencing the women in his cult.

It is done by meeting their price. Denis feels that everyone has a price. (Listen to the recordings, he admitted to buying people) These women think that Denis loves them because he bought them some Louis Vuitton purses ?. What they don’t understand is that, that isn’t love.

The only person Jimmy loves is the almighty dollar bill. Denis is all about the money. He has bragged about how many millions he has.

He drives his Rolls Royce and Bentley in Florida. A true church/cult pimp from head to toe.

Some people don’t mind being pimped by Denis. The devil will find your price. Hopefully one day this pimp will turn into a pimple. And the pimped will turn into Christians who are not for sale.

Is It WRONG For Christians To Call Out Rony Denis For His Atrocities???

It is completely understandable how some well meaning, mild mannered, and Christian people may come across some of the comments and posts on this site and be completely appalled by how Rony Denis and his version of legalism have been characterized.

I certainly understand that name calling and sinking to the base level of another who is calling you names is not the stellar or high road approach to life that we should aspire to achieve.

The high road is best and bitterness is the worst. I would certainly advise all to rid yourselves of bitterness for it will hurt you more than anyone else. If someone is fuming in bitterness, that is a matter that they must rectify with God and the individual(s) if possible. Now concerning “calling someone out” for their abuse of authority, (namely Rony Denis) can it be done without bitterness and hatred?

Well, for the Christian, the Bible is a good source of information to answer this question. We look to Jesus as our example in holy living. In the life of Jesus we see Him confronting a group of religious elitist known as the Pharisees.

 The gospel accounts give a good record of these religious men. Especially in Matthew 23. Jesus, who loved these men, had shared some loving words of truth with these very nice religious men. In John’s gospel account Jesus is also recorded sharing some wonderful peaceful words in chapter 8 verse 44.

Even the apostle Paul who received great revelations from Christ had something to say about religious false teachers as well. In Philippians 3:2 you will read of how the apostle describes or “name calls” these dangerous false teachers. In Galatians 5:12 the apostle continues to show his love for the truth. So, we see loving words portrayed to us in the scriptures a little different than what we may have thought before concerning the dealings with false teachers.

The bottom line is that Rony Denis is not a brother. He is described to us in II Corinthians 11:14. People have been deceived because he offers a little truth to bait you in and then you end up getting trapped in a web of deception and false teaching. I wonder if anyone has questioned Mr. Rony Denis about his lovely rhetoric concerning the people who escaped his cult? Let’s see, the prophet has pronounced DEATH on people that have left and even their children! He has called everyone GAY, a huge insult in evangelical holiness ranks. Denis has also unbiblically caused couples to divorce and remarry those he has approved of in his cult and has stated that they are the ONLY church that is right with God and if you leave you are going to HELL!

I think it’s time someone says something about this, don’t you?

Not everyone is called or has the burden laid upon them to expose false prophets like Rony Denis in this way, but thank God for those who do!

Even for those who stick it back to bullies like Rony Denis!

Why Is Rony Denis (Jimmy) Always So ANGRY ?!!!


Anyone that knows Rony, Jimmy Jones, Denis knows that he fails this scripture in every translation. Why does this man have an anger problem?

Have you ever talked to Denis on the phone? Instead of road rage this guy has phone rage!

I was in a meeting of Hopcc ministers where Rony lazily phoned in his foolishness citing that the reason he couldn’t personally be in the meeting was because he was so angry that he couldn’t look at the preacher’s faces like Alexander Schmidtke, Arlen Bradeen, and Gerard Robertson. Yes, these spineless preachers are still over there after receiving such abuse from their tormentor. These “men” have batterd wife syndrome. Rony Denis is a literal hothead!

A guy like this can’t get sweet sleep. He must go to bed angry every night. I believe his anger is more than human emotions. There must be something else going on within Rony Denis. Arlen Bradeen once said that Denis had an angry spirit. That sounds demonic to me.

Rony Denis has opened all of these doors! Also being a narcissist doesn’t help.

Demonic activity and sexual perversion go hand in hand. This describes Denis’ grotesque interest in the private affairs of the bedrooms of the members of his cult.

He calls himself a spirit and it ain’t the Holy Spirit!

Trust me this guy is not normal!

Bait and Switch!!!

Puppet Master, Rony Denis, is at it again! Denis had Gerard Roberston driving a brand new QX80:

But now since Robertson has proven himself to be a huge disappointment to Denis, he has punished him by taking away his QX80 and has given him a Ford Focus:


Look at old man Robertson and his down grade to an old Focus. This is the game that Rony Denis plays with these “ministers.”  They are rewarded or punished based on material things.  What a sad life to live.

To Rony Denis the “ministers” are like his children. Any of you that are parents know that children love rewards, and rewards keeps the child motivated to continue pleasing their  parents.

Well since the “ministers” in HOPCC have not done like I Corinthians 13 tells us to do, put away childish things, they are 40 and 50 yr old children trying to please there daddy, Rony Denis. If they succeed in deceiving as many people as they can, Rony rewards them with a Infiniti QX80, now note this reward is different  because this one does not actually belong to you and can be taken away at moments notice.

If Rony Denis feels the need to punish his adult children for either  not being humble enough or if he has caught them in a grave sin, like not brown nosing him enough, or he feels you are costing the church too much money, he gladly steps up and takes the keys away! And throws them in someone else’s hands and they are the new owners of your vehicle! But remember this was not really your gift or reward because it didn’t have your name on it.

So as you can see, Robertson has been demoted more than likely for those reasons above or one of the reasons here: too proud, disrespect to their daddy Rony Denis,  they were caught in a sin that he himself set up, he showed too much compassion to the people who escaped from the cult, or they are made to be humble to so call save the church money while their father Rony Denis drives happily in his Rolls Royce or Bentley on Vacations and in his Infiniti QX80 for church in order to keep deceiving and fleecing the flock.

How Does This Happen?


Calling all cars! Nut job on the loose!


Do you remember this wack job? This is the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002. His name is Brian David Mitchell. He was a religious nut job of the Mormon persuasion who claimed to be God’s “special” prophet. Sound familiar? He called himself Emanuel (God with us). He obviously had a combination of evil and mental illness working within him.

Thank God Elizabeth was finally rescued but can you imagine the mental abuse and brainwashing she endured? The self proclaimed false prophet,Rony Denis, is holding your children, family, and friends the  same way in plain sight before the world!

Birds of a Feather


Al Capone and Rony Denis have more in common than you think. The FBI has investigated Denis and his criminal enterprise before and he got away! Everyone knows he is guilty just like everyone knew Capone was guilty. Al Capone had people on his payroll to help him get away with what he got away with, it’s the same way with Rony Denis.

Election fraud, real estate fraud, and banking fraud etc. and nothing happens. The local sheriffs are in his back pocket along with local city officials and lawyers. Denis says that money rules the world. I guess that may me true in this fallen world. Money can be used for good and we all know that it can be used for evil.

Is there anyone in the law enforcement community that is untouchable? Who can resist bribes and corruption? Denis said he gave “Papa” Reip a hundred thousand dollars and that he was going to stop buying people. We all know that he hasn’t stopped buying people. Who isn’t on Denis’ payroll. One person in Hinesville said that his money runs deep and international.

In this corrupt world hopefully someone will muster up the fortitude to take this evil crime boss down who cloaks himself in religion. In Al Capone’s day there was Eliot Ness among others who took it to Capone.

I am pretty sure there are at least a few good men and women left who could take people like Denis down.

Listen to a real Fraud!

Rony Denis, the biggest fraud of the 21st century, is talking about loving your brother and all of a sudden he threatens the judgment of God on you if you cross him. (Interpretation-if you don’t worship him)


This fake preacher knows nothing about brotherly love. All he wants to do is ruin and run your life! He wants to judge you to hell.

One of Denis’ favorite sayings is, “God’s gonna judge you!” Doesn’t this clown know that God will judge all of us including him?

God doesn’t want to condemn us to hell like Denis, He wants to save us and take us to heaven no matter what Denis says!


Listen to this fraud!

Exclusive!!! Inside Revelation of The Rony Denis Cult Control Mind Manipulation Service

Matthew 13:24-30 

24 Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:

25 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

26 But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

27 So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?

28 He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?

29 But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.

30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

Rony Denis who is the biggest tare, noxious weed, of them all thinks he has the authority to expose all of the past sins of the people, real or imagined.  The Cross of Jesus was not good enough.  He is a master of mixing truth with lies.  He tells the congregation in a cultic way to plead the blood of Jesus but then when former members tell him that the blood of Jesus has cleansed them from their sins Rony Denis has said that the blood of Jesus is not good enough.

In this recording you will hear Rony Denis, cult leader of the House of Prayer Church/The Place of Help.  He will be speaking on a device he uses called the polycom.  He is at his home locally in Hinesville, GA or at his beach house residence in Florida.

Here is the false prophet (profit) Rony acting a fool in his truck and here is an example of the polycom devices he uses to lazily phone in his mind control messages. Below are images of the Denis’ church outside and inside, 2540 Airport Road, Hinesville, GA 31313. Now called The Place of Help.


One amazing thing you will hear is how the “Smart Phone” has been the enemy of holding back revival for the “only holiness church” that is right with God on the planet! One Reverend said that the advertisements on his phone were too much pornography for him so break every chain or cell phone in this case. This is what happens when the blood of Jesus is not good enough and Rony Denis replaces the Holy Spirit in your life.



A full version or perversion can be heard in the audio files, sound cloud section of this site.

FatCat Rony Denis Illegal Church Real Estate Slum Lord


By now you all should know that Rony Denis is and has always been about money.   You will hear the behind the scenes working of this mastermind greedy of filthy lucre preacher scheming to get more money through his crooked rental property business.

The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil.  I have heard Rony Denis spin that verse and say money is the root of all evil and how he prayed against money.  I believe he said this to trick people out of their money to give it to his Ponzi scheme.  Give all of your money to him so that this fatcat  can roll around in it.

I have heard that this slum lord  has people staying in a home that is rat invested. Please don’t rent from him!

As you will hear they do foreclose  on houses because of their gambling “negotiations” with the mortgage company due to Rony Denis pocketing the money and not paying the mortgage payment.  It sounds like this one was in Precilla Bercini ‘s name Randy Bercini‘s wife.  If this is how they treat their long time pastors then it is not safe for anyone’s credit in this cult.

He actually tells them that they are going to jail and not him because he knows what he is doing is not only ungodly, which he doesn’t care about, but also illegal!

The guilty parties who are in this recording who need to go to jail are Rony Denis Anthony  (Tony) Oloans. 

This fatcat is hungry for filthy lucre!